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  • Big C
    Big C

    I kaeps sdrawkclab

  • Sean Johnstone
    Sean Johnstone


  • Sw33g3r

    Fun fact: James is voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch and Mitch is voiced by Robbie Daymond who both played in Sailor Moon Viz Dub as Artemis and Tuxedo Mask/Mamoru and Melissa Hutchison the voice of Clementine played Star Fighter/ Seiya

  • Alfred Valdez
    Alfred Valdez

    12:45, This is when he realized that he can actually hear him THROUGH THE DAMN MIC HE SCREAMS AT.

  • Pizza Party
    Pizza Party

    "mr tickles no"

  • Ian Zane Gutierrez
    Ian Zane Gutierrez

    4:38 why does lily have 6 fingers on her left hand?

  • Kip

    You should definatley continue to learn it, and maybe you can teach evelynn aswell. Lookin forward to seeing if you do.

  • Ricois

    Jackseptickeye is FLUENT in English as well

  • Kaellan Zeke Torzar
    Kaellan Zeke Torzar

    3:39-3:47 that poor man

  • Zachasuno

    5:20 lmao holy crap first time I've ever predicted what Sean was going to say, love me some Hot Fuzz😂😂😁!

  • TMD Live
    TMD Live

    Next gen 6 years ago lol edit: ooh i got the ps4

  • Outerdust Sans [an Unstoppable Force]
    Outerdust Sans [an Unstoppable Force]


  • louie armeza
    louie armeza

    Many of korean fanatics here call you oppasepticeye👏🏻😁

  • Kaiden Memez
    Kaiden Memez

    In Tories house the renovation room in Asgores in new home (asgores house) The renovation room was tories so maybe they went to both the houses

  • Windy Wolfie 2010
    Windy Wolfie 2010

    Impossible! My little brother and I found the end portal too! But....why Jack didn't enter the portal?

  • Sean Johnstone
    Sean Johnstone

    Is it just me or does Erwin have Jotaro's voice...

  • Xavier young
    Xavier young

    BEST SVnameR EVER!!!!!!!! Like if you agree Subscribe to his channel if you strongly agree

  • KAsiA Szmidt
    KAsiA Szmidt

    I think that you are the tall man and that little you is your nightmare And on the boat in first part of the game where six was i think that you created all monsters cuz six left you end the tall man wants six to die because of the reason what he did to you And by the ending when you see six letting you to fall in this all wierd thing this is your nightmare

  • Mayra

    As a fellow korean: I love this

  • Kiera Barry
    Kiera Barry

    sean please teach us more korean

  • Brock Stebbing
    Brock Stebbing

    Seems kinda sus my dude.. actually study and stop relying on polite individuals

  • Sammy Vivash
    Sammy Vivash

    It’s got 1.6 million views already and it’s the 2nd day •>•

  • Chelsi Beastly
    Chelsi Beastly

    Chimp bot made it seem like she was the human talking to jack bot

  • Endlessness Down
    Endlessness Down

    8:55 No, we don't use that language a lot.

  • Nicole Colvin
    Nicole Colvin

    I can’t see it it’s because I need my glasses on oof

  • Katsumi Skytower
    Katsumi Skytower

    Jack: im talking to babies me: a 31 year old..... -_-

  • Artimidorus

    So... he learned Korean to impress a girl? CinamaSins has a ding for that. :p Still pretty impressive though.


    2021 any1?

  • A real Human
    A real Human

    Damn I missed this song...

  • F1nl3y

    At 0:16 he sounds a Bit like baldur from god of war 4

  • SneakerNerd

    ❤️. It's alright Jack, he's in a calm place. He's proud of what of a community you've built. And fuck the people who made the memes about you're loss. Don't jump back to videos, grapple yourself and don't upload for a while. We will wait for you ❤️.

  • Chloe Rollason
    Chloe Rollason

    Why is youtube suddenly recommending this to me

  • the soy-sorcerer
    the soy-sorcerer

    Im calling the new one Razbuten

  • Anil Ragoonanan
    Anil Ragoonanan

    I speak English fluently anyone else?

  • a g
    a g

    12:38 after Evelyn drinks Ranch Soda Evelyn: "Not as bad as you made it seem." Seán and a few of us: **"WHAT?!"**

  • Louise J
    Louise J

    Alternate Title. Twisted Twins. I think 2 is a prequel for six. But for box he time traveled a few times and turned the world damnated.

  • BoniThe ChubbyPotato
    BoniThe ChubbyPotato

    How, how did you do this

  • promontorium

    Him having forgotten the entire first game and not brushing up on it, is actually more annoying than I'd expect. But then again, neither of these games explain anything or make any sense, and then this is obviously a prequel just to eliminate even continuity or memory.

  • the tsitsa
    the tsitsa

    The first one was a nice sketch

  • the_real_insTinct

    I find it so funny that the game ends with a yellow midget edge-walking...

  • Creative Void
    Creative Void

    3:07 memories

  • bobtheduck

    I was doing duolingo at the same time as this video was playing, and right when he read "streamers react to Jacksepticeye speaking FLUENT Korean" it played the fanfare at the end of the lesson.

  • NerutaGP

    Why not use concrete to build a house?

  • Yunus Ağır
    Yunus Ağır

    All the way

  • sᴡᴇᴇᴛ_.ᴄᴏᴏᴋɪᴇ

    i miss GTA...

  • Yes Hai Am OwO
    Yes Hai Am OwO

    The way Jack pronounces "anime" is so annoying

  • Michael Callan
    Michael Callan

    I got the chance to learn a little bit of Korean about 5 years ago while I was working for LG in their Hauseys division. All of our big bosses and several of the floor supervisors were Korean and 5hey taught me a little. I wish I had kept up with it after I left, don't remember one bit if it now.

  • MBL Gaming
    MBL Gaming

    Yo whats up u 4 cool beans, im a tiny youtuber and i want to know if u wanna play some nostalgia of playing some dead by daylight it would be cool thxs. BTW find out who the other 3 people are.

  • Solei

    If you think about it, both Mono and Six became what they fought against. At the end of little nightmares 1, she ate the white lady and even gained her powers. The game had a theme of hunger and gluttony, and throughout she fell deeper and deeper into her own hunger vices. She became the soul sucker like the white lady. And Mono, literally became the king man from tv, maybe continuing his cycle by trying to stop six or his younger self. Also:hurt people hurt people. It’s a cycle that is difficult to break

  • Banj

    Ah yes, the classic #6 trending for gaming. Great work SVname.

  • Max Rodriguez
    Max Rodriguez

    What in he heck is this is amazing yet also shocking my smooth brain cannot fathom this Irish mans big brain Essence

  • vinnie the stick man
    vinnie the stick man

    Hi there Jack I’m sorry about your loss for your dad I’m pretty sure he was such a good man and I know people meaning about it but I don’t I just wanna say one thing the reason why I started making a SVname channel because I saw your videos and you are my childhood so that’s why I have came up to be a SVnamer so I just wanna say thank you Jack

  • ev4i20

    I'm literally crying bc of how accurate this is to how i feel

  • kiri_games

    you destroy stuff with your poo

  • Julian Walker
    Julian Walker

    Why would people make memes about this

  • Swampyy

    jack you should play carrion its a reverse horror game where you get to play as the monster. its a short game but its really fun and i would love to watch you play it. Also could you replay no mans sky? its had alot of updates and is way better than it was at launch.

  • // Ginpachi //
    // Ginpachi //

    I've just noticed this, Jack has really long teeth..

  • dreazy

    Sèan pls learn korean and make a whole vid of something with the language

  • Blake Gilbert
    Blake Gilbert

    You should play SCP containment breach or do a poll on if you should play it or not

  • crisp lad
    crisp lad

    Fwi luigis surname actually is mario

  • Aneesh Kandrakota
    Aneesh Kandrakota

    jealous gabe noises

  • Mr.Jancok

    I cant even speak my own native language correctly

  • Bowl of Beans
    Bowl of Beans

    Im curious of what’s inside the toy duck tho

  • Panda Apocalypta
    Panda Apocalypta

    I can’t imagine the kind of standards you’d need to meet in Japan to make advertisements.

  • Ebba Larsen
    Ebba Larsen

    I am doing four languages Korean Dutch Irish and Japanese and it’s all because of you and Evelien 감사합니다 😃

  • F3ÃR


  • Theo Mahfoud
    Theo Mahfoud

    I love how Sean stole Gabe headphones

  • Lewis Kim
    Lewis Kim


  • promontorium

    Clickbait title.

  • Withney Claire
    Withney Claire

    Incredible 👏🏾🤣

  • Zayd Entity
    Zayd Entity


  • ivory_angel

    jack: "this guy can get 4 MILLION views in a month-" also jack: **gets 1.6 mil in less than 24 hrs**

  • Xominus

    Thank you for the spoiler in the thumbnail, Sean. I got the notification and saw it.

  • Fleatcher

    4:01, through the ring of fire Gets decapatated


    hell yeah kimchi is amazing thats all my grandma would make me

  • Ryancooper65

    Jack you gonna play vr soon

  • Mysty Gamer
    Mysty Gamer

    anyone else speaks *netherland* ?

  • JerCal playz
    JerCal playz

    Speaking Korean? I'm unsubscribing because too many people are obsessed with Koreans and its just ridiculous. Can we just do Japanese too?

    • DIRTYDELICIOUSaz World of tanks legend
      DIRTYDELICIOUSaz World of tanks legend


  • Ӌմҟì Rօʂҽէէą
    Ӌմҟì Rօʂҽէէą

    나는 당신을 사랑합니다 Jacksepticeye!!!


    jack: ima just 5:37 -screams like the thief-