Top of the mornin’ to ya, laddies! Welcome to my channel, my name is jacksepticeye. I am a very energetic let's player with a big heart who just wants to have fun and make people happy. Subscribe if you are into daily gameplay videos as well as live action and sketch comedy videos.


  • Ken kaneki
    Ken kaneki

    "TOP OF THE MORNING TO YA LADDIES" Man the nostilgia

  • Xander Willingham
    Xander Willingham

    Please bring back Dead by Daylight

  • amihr •
    amihr •

    14:21 you can, I did it last week.

  • Monique Polk
    Monique Polk

    Im very sorry loss and he must be proud

  • i am a stegosaurus
    i am a stegosaurus

    jack you smell that me oh sorry i had taco beno

  • David Vallee
    David Vallee

    hey my comment may be noticed

  • bean

    Me starting this video: i do what i want- OH GOD KILL IT UGH

  • Neonturtle

    I get change is good and the fact that he want doing the intro didn't bother me too much but now that it's making a comeback it makes me very happy.

  • Daniel Hollow
    Daniel Hollow

    I love the return to the old intro. It makes me happy every time you do it

  • Killer Bee
    Killer Bee

    ew fuck you jack

  • ZeroKaos

    Sorry Jack, I want to watch your video but I saw the thumbnail and the title....I'm sure it is great.

  • Audrey M
    Audrey M

    That intro was sick👌👌

  • Kai Turner
    Kai Turner

    A month ago, I order new Switch controllers and they got stolen

  • Derpy Bluberry
    Derpy Bluberry

    1:08:22. Anti shenanigans right there

  • lls bigchilly
    lls bigchilly

    Me just chillin as an aussie with spiders crawling on me like ants when i sleep

  • Turner0305

    That is what i did to a kide

  • Joedde G
    Joedde G

    at first I really thought this was the return of the antisepticeye

  • Vibes

    Yessssss the intro 😋😝😌😌😌😌

  • ian Scoggin
    ian Scoggin

    I’ve never been so happy! Sean is using his intro again!!!!

  • GamingKid 6578
    GamingKid 6578

    0:15 when a theorist is looking for a new fnaf lore

  • TheFunnyguy9000


  • Killer Bee
    Killer Bee

    saying fuck is not fun or gunna get you more subs u know

  • Reapers


  • Anthony- 2001
    Anthony- 2001

    Love to see jack do his old intro make me happy 😊 I

  • Bazookabam 850
    Bazookabam 850

    As soon as my dad walks by 25:15

  • ????

    Omg the intro its so nostalgic i've been with jack since 2014 and i loved all of his content ever since also i feel like J.Jonah Jameson would love this game

  • Ethan Arthur
    Ethan Arthur

    The guy who didn't wear a mask really woke up and said "Arrested speedrun any% glitchless wr"

  • gmunsam

    play friday night funkin when the update comes out seán

  • Jackson W
    Jackson W

    I’m scared...

  • CrumbTheModerator

    Ash Barbecue Sauce

  • Just a Fellow drawer
    Just a Fellow drawer

    Finally aboard spider game. And hay do I keep seeing this OWO guy everywhere.

  • Garroth Hogonokami
    Garroth Hogonokami

    0:55 I love how both mr and jack were thinking it was just gonna be millions of spiders coming out XDD.. prob bc of that one broom video where they tried to kill a spider with a broom and the broom spilled mini spiders.

  • Rlveric

    This is all Lizzie coming at Jaiden

  • baroc garza
    baroc garza

    ah yes, hello neighbor what a wonderful game to watch

  • Z4CK 0512
    Z4CK 0512

    41k likes 169 dislikes...i'm disappointed

  • Jerin

    Kratos: We don't have to fight it, it does not concern us. Atreus: Don't you care? Kratos: No. *5 minutes later* Atreus : We don't need to fight it right. Kratos:Nope we're fighting it. Atreus: Why? Didn't you say we don't need to fight it. Kratos: Cause you're a pussy about it.

  • Eren Jeager
    Eren Jeager

    Wrong anime, sorry ill go.😅

  • Diarmuid Crowley
    Diarmuid Crowley

    Okay I’m from cork and can understand the cork swimmers or whatever, but the sheep guy is something else. I have an uncle John in the country outside bandon, and he’s absolutely unintelligible. The vocal coach hurt me soul

  • Seth ONBS
    Seth ONBS

    The category says hello neighbor hahahahahaha

  • dog boi
    dog boi


  • Dynamosaurus Imperious
    Dynamosaurus Imperious

    Good vid bro

  • CurliBoi

    Im going to the bathroom watching this.. wish me luck


    The old intro made me so happy

  • Nikochu

    This video was almost as good as the fried chicken I ate while watching it.

  • Lynnrae

    7:42 Sean as music producer, i can tell you first hand its the most annoying thing ever.

  • DankAppleSauce

    Jacksepticeye: don't click this video if you hate spiders Me an arachnophobe: *that sign can't stop me cause I can't read*

  • jacob miller
    jacob miller

    Hey Jack for the next game they made a remaster of destroy all humans in 2020

  • DarkSpartan 300
    DarkSpartan 300

    Karma never made sense to me. Wouldn't the universe just give you shit to balance the good you do and vice versa?

  • Megan Holman
    Megan Holman

    Nope I hope

  • Mayonnaise’s Buddernuggs64
    Mayonnaise’s Buddernuggs64

    My older sister is named karma

  • Gavin Lopez
    Gavin Lopez

    The way he entered the room 🤣

  • William Vonweller
    William Vonweller

    14:27 SPEDICY

  • Orlando Galindo
    Orlando Galindo

    I love that intro lol, also low-key jack can act crazy really well...to well...: like me :3

  • Natalie Keeler
    Natalie Keeler


  • Your Fangirl
    Your Fangirl

    21:55 Jack, I am worried for your ears

  • Hayden Miller
    Hayden Miller

    Game: kill it with fire. nuclear bomb. shotgun. spiders. crazy man killing spiders. fire. SVname: H E L L O N E I G H B O R

  • GameFam

    I like the new mods. They're super funny! . "I AM LARGE MAN" haha

  • Eddie Champ
    Eddie Champ

    I'm scared of spiders and I still watched this 😎😎

  • Bomber blast
    Bomber blast

    Me: *reads the title* Oh! Another kill it with fire video, nice *Reads the description seeing hello neighbor* what does that have to do with spiders Video: *is actually kill it with fire*

  • Bobbie Swearingen
    Bobbie Swearingen

    Jack 2019: god of war has the best music in a game Jack 2021: BLOOD BORN MUSIC BEST MUSIC SO EPIC POG CHAMP PEPE CLAPS!

  • Anvarynn

    Wait hold on He's wearing a MCMAP belt, green skivvy shirt, and tigerstripe camo utilities? *_TIHI_*

  • Outland 28
    Outland 28

    Me: OH THE SPIDER GAME AGAIN yt: no it is hello neighbor me: no it isnt yt: yes it is me: ok :')

  • Phantom_Angel

    See I actually own a boom speaker 😂😂😂. And I kid you not, it works. Not amazing but it does work well

  • The Gabe
    The Gabe

    with the edp445 thing that happened this week I just wanted to thank you Jack/Sean for not being a pedophile.

  • buff glitchtrap
    buff glitchtrap

    Trade offer for all spiders: We receive nothing You receive death

  • Ben Watson
    Ben Watson

    I actually love spiders. Fight me

  • Magellan

    Alternative title "Don't watch this if you love spiders"

  • Thanos Shoe
    Thanos Shoe

    Jack: Kill it with fire SVname: Understandable. Hello neighbor

  • Lily Russell
    Lily Russell

    Didnt Jack buy a robo-twist to collab with Felix didnt jack become peter pan in it or am I tripping

  • bloons B
    bloons B

    Life is fun Go watch life is fun

  • Angelina Perez
    Angelina Perez

    Who laughed at the guy that hit by a car

  • Yes Go
    Yes Go

    Yayyyyyyyyyyy its back

  • EzekieLyca The Derg
    EzekieLyca The Derg

    This is labeled as hello neighbor... SVname needs to put a thing to where the uploader can advertise which game they're actually playing cuz this is getting ridiculous

  • Steven Brooks
    Steven Brooks

    Idk what I'll do if he dies tbh he can't tho bc he's a god

  • Nester Terense Bondoc
    Nester Terense Bondoc

    He did the thing

  • Sylvia Wynnhoffe
    Sylvia Wynnhoffe

    Soup McLaughman?

  • Nova Dark
    Nova Dark

    when i was in 5th grade, we went to Chicago and the sears tower, one of the biggest skyscrapers, has glass rooms that hang off the side of the highest level. like to point out we were on like the 100th floor. well I'm not scared of heights at all. my friends convinced me to sit on the glass and take a picture with them. now again, I am not scared of heights in the slightest but for SOME REASON my legs would not work when it was time to get up and i had to CRAWL OUT OF THE GLASS ROOM. I guess my brain was like "oh hey the slightest shift of weight is going to shatter this 100% secure as hell glass floor. On a side note, if I'm on an upper floor of anything or when i just get out of an elevator, I feel like the floor is tilting so it was super weird to be up that high anyways.

  • FailedFairytales22

    The part where she asked what was happening to her and he said hormones- I couldn’t stop laughing. 1, the “homo.” 2, the 3-5 days? I’m sorry my shortest is a week, I want a refund. 3, the life thing was 👌🏽

    • FailedFairytales22

      Also who hits puberty at 8??

  • horrorkesh

    nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope