2020 Almost Made Me Quit Youtube
2020 sucked for everyone. Here's my experience with it
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  • A Damn Slice Of Cake
    A Damn Slice Of Cake

    I really needed to hear this. Thank you so much Séan. I've been having a lot of bad health issues too for the past 10 months (doctors think it could be Gastroparesis, which there are treatments for but no definitive cure). It's been very hard to deal with at points and many points where I've been very scared for my future. I'm trying to become a video game writer and I absolutely understand how being physically ill can have an effect on creativity and mental health. Thankfully I've been able to continue writing and have now written 16 games that I'm going to try and pitch to studios (I have a goal of 19 all together), but I have had to take things slower at times than I used to. I've also had to learn to live more in the moment and not worry so much about the future (still struggling with that though unfortunately). You've been a huge inspiration to me and without you and many of your SVnamer friends (of whom are also some of my favorites) I would not have been introduced to some of my favorite video games of all time. No matter what happens, I'll always have you to thank for many aspects of how I live my life and the person I am. Thank you for everything lifesize Mr. Potato Head. 👍

  • Fr0sty Gamez
    Fr0sty Gamez


  • Ntxhee Yee Thao
    Ntxhee Yee Thao

    I'm not much of a gamer but I appreciate video games as form of art and entertainment. I also found myself watching some of your videos and I genuinely enjoy it. Most of all I enjoy the moments I feel like I can relate to you and I feel you come across as genuine and honest. If you ask me that's more than enough for why people would follow and like your content bc decent work is made by a decent person. At the end of the day, as long as you're satisfied with the work you put into the video then the people will notice ^^ No one is perfect. We're flawed whether it's in our control but at least we're not alone especially during 2020 and so on. Thank you for this video and take care ^^

  • Gabriel Lup
    Gabriel Lup

    Don't do it you're great !

  • PauloEsco

    So you saying how is life for SVname creators if they actually had a job

  • Christina Morreira
    Christina Morreira

    I love watching your videos and I'm seeing this late. I'm curious about the fundraiser you were talking about for BLM. Was it done for this organization or the cause? The organization is crap and they are the ones that caused all the damage and distraction over the summer beating people, burning businesses and so much more. Was that money for people that lost their businesses and loved ones that had family members in the hospital for being beat? You are an amazing person and I started watching you recently. I can see the emotion you express when you reach out to people.

    • SuperSupraRacer

      Sure, Jan.

  • LucaXtagVtag

    I'm not uploading until 21 march 2022.

  • Kiki Wolf
    Kiki Wolf

    Welp i tried to get a bit populair this year but it didn’t work so this year sucks for all of us but its all cause COVID

  • callum Coughlan
    callum Coughlan


  • callum Coughlan
    callum Coughlan

    I’m so so so so so so so happy you didn’t quit ♥️

  • Jessica

    Real Talk: MRIs are terrifying for a lot of different reasons & you’ve got all my sympathy.

  • Izipunn

    That culture you are talking about is American Culture Jack, SVname is American, so they do what American businesses do. Everything has to be the "best"

  • RocknLove09

    You are really brave to open up about this, thank you for sharing your story! I can really relate to how you have been feeling too. I've had unusual medical issues and have lost my energy too. I'm sorry you have been feeling this way, I hope you are doing well now!

  • Bentley Norris
    Bentley Norris

    When i saw the title I was like oh n god no not jack

  • Rundy Law
    Rundy Law

    I relate to that asthma bit, haven't had it since a young teen and it started back up in June after feeling slightly sick (Too mild for me to think it COVID but who knows). It comes and goes throughout the day but it's anxiety inducing having your heartrate rise whilst it's harder to breathe. Honestly I forgot the feeling, I can manage it now but I wonder if that's why I got so many panic attacks as a kid. Hope you're doing well man, you're one of the last OGs we got left on SVname. 12:00 Almost had the exact same feeling while I was chilling with some friends when I first realized something's wrong. For me it's moreso in my esophagus/around the trachea though. 16:21 Same deal, it's why I've not gotten treatment yet

  • Josh gamer and more
    Josh gamer and more

    2020 didn’t suck for me, I know about covid but if you look on the bright side people graduated and we learned from covid and we got a new president too. It’s our fault for covid and not 2020’s. But now we can be better from what we learned from covid and George Floyd. For me now I’m more great full that I have family and friends. And George Floyd dying brought us together + the next time we see a double - double digit year will be in a hundred years.

  • Worried Fiber
    Worried Fiber

    Dude, this is the best type of stuff right here. It's so nice to see that even your heros have to deal with some shit that you yourself have to deal with sometimes as well.

  • Sleepy Doctor
    Sleepy Doctor

    "this has been the wrost year ever" world war 2? 911? the black death? basically any time before antibiotics were made?

  • Ravvy

    So I am a bit late to this video, but I wanted to express something. Very possibly, the way you are feeling could be due to the autoimmune factor the disease has caused. There has been speculation about it causing autoimmune issues. And a lot of the symptoms are very relatable. I have multiple autoimmune diseases and they like to travel in pairs or more. And it's draining almost on a daily basis. I can sleep 8-12 hours and still be exhausted. What happens is some of your immune system cells start attacking healthy cells. They get confused and instead of fighting what they are supposed to, they are internally at war with your own body. It takes a lot of energy to fight off a cold and sickness. Now imagine your body doing that almost daily, except you don't have a cold or flu. Instead, it goes after things like your skin, your brain, your lungs, your pancreas, etc. If you could do a charity live stream sometime, I would love to see something that can help the research, discoverability and treatment for autoimmune be a focus. It's more of an epidemic than Covid is in truth.

  • Nadeem Khan
    Nadeem Khan

    no you make me happy and we love you

  • Evade Dark_
    Evade Dark_

    Jack/seán bro this is so unlikely and don’t listen to this video at the end but you jinxed the hell out of this year for yourself hope your doing well my dood

  • Caroline Park
    Caroline Park

    Isn’t it so hard when you have a physical problem yet tests show nothing wrong? It’s relieving but also terrible. It’s affects the mental health as well because you’re being told “your tests are normal, there is nothing physically wrong with you” but you’re still in pain or uncomfortable. Fact is, yes someone cares. Apparently a lot of people. But my point being if you have to take time off from work to take care of yourself and finding out what is wrong. I know this is awful, but maybe look into finding a doctor who says “well let’s find the problem” rather than “your tests are normal” because they actually care that you’re going through something awful. Anyway, not that anyone read this far, but I 100% like you more for this. I already liked you the most I could but this made it... real?

  • Scoring

    Bro really I let people have opinions but really I don't know if you know that there is trump supporters who watch you you got to understand that not evreybody agrees with that have a good day bye


    Jack next nostalgia week plz play farcry 3

  • Jaysaster

    You could just pull an ExplodingTNT, and just vanish for a few more months, take a break to enjoy life. You you don't have to quit. You'll feel fresh

  • Jaysaster

    Hi Jack Spedicy, hope you stay on SVname, but I understand how hard life can be.

  • Debbie Bonner
    Debbie Bonner

    Thanks for all the years and the new ones to come

  • Debbie Bonner
    Debbie Bonner

    Pop boop beep soup uooop cooop nooop looop wooop

  • The Pit
    The Pit

    Your vids are always so moving Séan! I love your content and always will!

  • Dean Stacey
    Dean Stacey

    they talk about this on top 10 central. i had to come and watch this

  • Finn Emmerson
    Finn Emmerson

    I thought this video was sad then I see Jack's newest video named loss and I hope Jack can get through all the bad stuff going on right now

  • S G
    S G

    Get up early in the morning n Do meditation n yoga daily. N since u hav asthma do light exercises which dont leav u out of breath. And after a year post how these things have helped. I m waiting for next video on your health next year. Follow religiously this schedule of yoga n compulsory meditation. God bless. Tc

  • Davy Willis
    Davy Willis


  • Evil Eye989
    Evil Eye989

    Jack I'm just sorry that 2020 is the worse it had taken a beating from me but know your not alone we will soon get through this

  • Nyla 9
    Nyla 9

    Sean, probably this message will never reach you, but - just in case - for your problem about tinnitus it could be related to your dental occlusion and the Invisalign treatment. You could have a check with a specialist for temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) problems. It happens quite often when your dental occlusion is not balanced. The proximity of the joint with nerves and arteries of the ear might cause this problem. It is good you checked for any possible bigger issue, but if they exclude those you could check this and you might find a solution for your problem. If you ever read this I hope I could be a little helpful for you. Thanks for all your great content and I was very sorry to hear about your recent loss in the family. Take your time, we the fans will be here whenever and if you will decide to be back.

  • Mikael Andersson
    Mikael Andersson

    Seems like your plan for 2021 is the biggest so far. To say fuck it all and do what you feel like is a big step and i think it will do very good for you both mentally and physically.

  • Xtraordinary Unknown
    Xtraordinary Unknown

    Good luck sean.

  • Apexersss

    This comment section is beautiful

  • Dylan popets
    Dylan popets

    Love your videos and take your time fans will wait they dont mind if you dont upload every day or even every week you have built more than a fanbase you built a community you give us amazing content for years and we haven't taken it for granted we don't mind you taking time off and in soo sorry for your loss I've watched you for over 6 years and you mad it easier to get through hard times and we all wish we can do the same and help if that is giving money to charity or liking your videos and sharing them I hope the rest of this year goes better for you physically and mentally then 2020 love you videos keep up the good work.

    • Dylan popets
      Dylan popets

      And we do care about you and what you where going through I'm sure any of the 26 million+ people wouldn't mind helping that's why it's more that a fanbase we all care about each other you carreabout your fans giving content and streaming and we care about you through by trying our best to help you and defend even tho your not going to see this I still take time from my day to try and make your day better like you have for the past few years and your videos mean so much to me and 26 million other people that's almost half the population of England that have enjoyed your videos and who know how many with out yt accounts you have so many people who carr about you and your health and we all dont mind if you want to take a month off at anytime and while you take time off as it isn't easy to lose such a close family member we will wait until you feel your ready and hopefully you come back stronger than ever

  • Jayson

    Head MRIs are so weird.

  • Itz_Izzy

    "I don't know if anybody cares" of course we care! You're physical and mental health is more important than you constantly uploading videos all the time. Whatever you decided to do I wouldn't mind. Yes, of course we'd miss you but YOU are more important than how much you upload. You're honestly such a tough guy stay strong ❤️

  • Serra20 the Hug Collector
    Serra20 the Hug Collector

    This is late, but...2020, for me, was truly the year of reflection and just waking up. Due to health problems (spent the Christmas holidays hospitalised due to sudden appendicitis) and the overall COVID situation this has made me realise how fragile everything is; how easy it is to lose yourself or your loved ones if you're not careful enough. And also how I've taken everything for granted: my own health, getting to see my friends, just walking around the town without any restrictions...I swear, funny as it is, a few weeks ago I finally got to take a simple public bus to the city centre after months of not getting to do that and I nearly cried :D It's like...All of this routine, these simple things can be so easily taken away, and I felt like I haven't treasured them enough. So yes, going into 2021 with very little to ask for - for everyone to stay safe and take care of your own health, as well as of those important to you. And maybe, very slowly, things will pick up, and we can go back...no, not back: hoping we can go forward with the lessons we've learned. Thanks so much for sharing, Sean. These things are important to talk about, and your community will always be with you. Hoping with all of my heart that this year is much kinder on you.

  • ꧁JakeTheMiner꧂ 202
    ꧁JakeTheMiner꧂ 202

    I feel you bro, 2020 is making things horrible

  • Tito Odierna
    Tito Odierna

    The only year worse than this for me was the year my Mother died, 2013.

  • Таира Прибойска
    Таира Прибойска

    2020 was very hard and i support you in every way im glad youre taking care of yourself of your physical and mental health thats really important and im glad youre hlding on, love

  • Goat Garbage
    Goat Garbage

    Watching this just makes me depressed jack has changed and sound depressed. My childhood hero bro

  • Harry G13
    Harry G13

    You made me happy threw dark times bro keep your head up

  • DeadlyDanDaMan

    I was around on this channel back before Sean had even 100,000 subs. I remember how stoked he was just to reach that point. Now look at him. Granted, I don't watch anywhere near as much as I used to, because the channel has changed DRASTICALLY, and not in a way that I really find appealing anymore. I don't know what it is, but when SVnamer's reach a certain level of notoriety and finally get rich, they change. A lot. And Sean isn't any different. And I don't mean they change in necessarily a bad way, but they for sure lose touch with "common people", which is what his channel was before and what I liked about it. He was just a regular guy, and now he's not anymore. He's all about the money just like the rest of them...

  • BarryDennen12

    I just think you guys tend to be a bit spoiled. You won the lottery. Some of us have to get day jobs and kiss this video stuff goodbye.

  • Boltzy _Stan
    Boltzy _Stan


  • Depex

    Thank god you didn’t quit your such a great youtuber and I feel so sorry for you with your father I hope you feel better and stay strong mate

  • Mini Ram
    Mini Ram

    Has anyone realised he’s just sat there talking about 2020

  • Susu Qanrilaq
    Susu Qanrilaq

    Its gonna be a kinda sad year for you because you father. You're father will be proud of you tho sorry for your loss o hope you will feel better soon

  • jacob bultsma
    jacob bultsma

    Im glad you are putting in time for yourself and I hope you do great and get through this Jack I've been watching you from when I was 4 years old and we will allways be here for you

  • Tempest Gambit
    Tempest Gambit


  • mox

    We care

  • Doireann McCartin
    Doireann McCartin


  • tempodan

    Sounds like a covid long hauler situation, same for me, digestive stuff too. Not a lot that can be done about it, other than hope the research catches up for possible treatments

  • Biotek Digital
    Biotek Digital

    Jack's getting old. I hope you have a great retirement. And I hope jack or Sean lives happily. Sean your this channel. I don't know what to say. Man you were my childhood. Not really. But you've gotten to me to tough times. And I that's why I'm not much affected by this. Because you SVname creators are here. That's keep me thinking that everything will be okay

  • A Guy Who Likes Music And Video Games
    A Guy Who Likes Music And Video Games

    It’s better but still not good (as of February)

  • Biotek Digital
    Biotek Digital

    Ehh I use to be alone. But it's a terrible year. Atleast we've got vaccines. But I don't trust it. Sorry I'm just rambling

  • Venex

    Just remember we care so much more about your health and happiness than we ever could about uploads :)

  • unrelatable content
    unrelatable content

    I made a promise to myself if if I ever figure out I'm trans. I'm changing my name to Sean

  • BeinZilex

    last years positive was i learned how to pirate ps2 games

  • Rynbow99

    Me: *reads title* EXCUSE ME?! NO I WILL NOT ACCEPT

  • Liam Gray
    Liam Gray

    When u are Irish and u find out a famous youtuber is Irish so u subscribe to him

  • Clarisse Francesca Barretto
    Clarisse Francesca Barretto

    i feel validated because i've always hated the advice always do your best and reasoned that is my mindset sometimes why i did some actions but it felt like i'm the odd one for not pushing myself

  • Cleo Cat
    Cleo Cat

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I think it's a really, beautifully human thing to be able to share your thoughts and feelings--the good and the bad--in a way that invites others to share as well. Share in comfort, share in encouragement, share in support. It's really special thing and I think that you illustrated just how important it is to do after such a batshit crazy year. Thank you so much for that, and I hope for nothing but good vibes to be heading your way in 2021, even though I know it's had a bit of a rough start already. Much love from the Midwest.

  • SW Ee
    SW Ee

    8:30 Some SVnamers including Martenson and Dr. Campbell tried to warn people back in January 2020. Unfortunately, their videos didn't get recommended to a lot of the people.

  • Elias Pohl
    Elias Pohl

    i can't wach this now, i can see that he has no idea what will happen to him in the near future. he is so pure and kind.

  • ESparda A.K.A.悪魔の死神
    ESparda A.K.A.悪魔の死神

    2020 almost made me felt like quitting life but I didn't watching you for a long time has inspired me so much and am just glad you are still going on YT my favourite youtuber

  • Rey Mysterio
    Rey Mysterio

    Kerbal Space Program

  • Bweaugan

    Bro i was walking to school wearing a mask and a dude drove up to me and was asking why i was wearing it because "its fake", i laughed at him and walked away.

    • Elias Pohl
      Elias Pohl

      dude you have no idea what people are like, it gets way worse here

  • fishtailsushi

    I found you through other peoples streams and I relate so much to what you are talking about this video. Thank you so much for doing what you do and I hope that your health problems resolve and your family is able to grieve over your fathers passing. Stay positive

  • wildhorses runfree
    wildhorses runfree

    SVnamers are people too. Your true fans will understand and support you.

  • Ola T
    Ola T

    This video is probably my favourite on your channel, Seán. I honestly feel better after watching a video of yours a day but this one made me extremely emotional, it's really catharctic. I don't know how I didn't notice that something is wrong with a person I've been watching everyday (even though I don't really know you) and it made me think more about the people I've lost contact with during the pandemic. We're all scared and the virus just destroyed evebybody's plans, but caring about yourself and your closest friends/relatives is still the most important thing to do. Also, thank you for adressing the problem of lack of trust towards the medical workers at the end - watching people's behaviour really drained me of the energy this year and it's really important to encourage people to educate themselves. Thank you for being here, Seán. Take care.

  • shepert TWT
    shepert TWT

    Me when I saw the vid My brain said.........NO SHIT

  • Kayden Abbott-Hilliard
    Kayden Abbott-Hilliard

    it made me happy to hear you say you’d be happy without youtube:) you’ve touched a lot of people, have helped many people through shitty times... you deserve to be at ease when you want to be

  • James Frye
    James Frye

    I created a playlist called Toss Boy with 57 of your videos on it.

  • Bob Đukić
    Bob Đukić

    A month late but the orange one is flixotide

  • ThatTwistedKitten

    "What are you doing next?" Getting a cup of coffee with cream and two sugars, then playing something to unwind... This is the time to do you and chill. Big plans are great but take too much with everything going on. Be smart, be safe, and do what makes you happy within being safe and smart. 💜

  • tck gaming the crazy killer
    tck gaming the crazy killer

    Plz play Minecraft again.

  • T-Man James
    T-Man James

    Tinnitus is caused by all of your stress and built up

  • BanthaBread

    I'm really sorry for your loss cant imagine what your going through. Stay Strong Sean

  • Melanie Horowitz
    Melanie Horowitz


  • XerxesTexasToast

    "My asthma came back" Oh, that was ABSOLUTELY the 'rona. Happy to hear you're recovering, but JEEZ. Stay safe dude!

  • James Frye
    James Frye

    Honestly this made me tear up. You are my favorite youtuber and brought me up from a bad time in my life and I thank you for that. Also could you do more HAPPY WHEELS!! Videos please. Also do you like world of war craft because I have some cool videos on that and could you consider subscribing to me? I love you jack, and I was wondering if Pink Lightnin will ever come back.

  • HappyLilCamGirl

    Thanks for being a good parasocial Internet-friend :)

  • HappyLilCamGirl

    Hey buddy thank you for sharing what’s been going on with your health, I’m sorry all that’s going on. Makes me feel less alone with my set of issues.

  • Tara Exell
    Tara Exell

    I’m glad you uploaded this video summarising your 2020. I’ve only just discovered your channel, I’m loving the content even though I’m not a big gamer. Sorry to hear your recent sad news, stay strong, your SVname followers will be here for when you are ready.

  • Tyler Whitmire
    Tyler Whitmire

    This man deserves the world

  • TheHistoryAndBookNerd 89
    TheHistoryAndBookNerd 89

    We love you Jack - you take a breather and recharge - we’ll always be here for you mate

  • NitedevilDarkwatch

    2020 was the shittiest, fucked up year of my life. I lost my father in July and going into 2021 is not looking good either. My 71 year old mother had a bad fall in October and she's been at the hospital ever since. Now she has unfortunately degenerated very fast and doesn't even recognise us anymore, forcing me to sign her up into an elderly home because she needs constant professional care. I feel so depressed honestly. I'm so fortunate and thankful that I have such a loving husband.

    • Itz_Izzy

      @AmW Yeah 2021 sucks and we're not even 3 months in yet

    • AmW

      2021 so far is even more fucked up than 2020

    • Itz_Izzy

      I'm so sorry that happened to you. We're here for you!

  • Amanda Prentice
    Amanda Prentice

    so wise

  • Pd Broken
    Pd Broken

    sad to see our favorite SVnamers getting older and going away

  • Sasquatch PJs
    Sasquatch PJs

    It's easy to say you don't care about money when you are already set for life.

  • Jen Bishop
    Jen Bishop

    Positive to take form this is your still here. yes the year was abit crap and things didn't nessiceraly go the way we wanted but we are still here and creating and still trying to do things that we can. Ive not been able to do any of the shoots or most of the creative stuff i wanted to do. I havent been able to go for motorbike rides as much or at all compared to what i want to. But the positive it i still have my motorbike, im still here to be able to do thoes creative things when we are able to and it has meant that ive been able to focuse more on me and my mental health.

  • Nathan drake
    Nathan drake

    Stay safe jack we love you 💕💕💕💕

  • Dr. Peppers Geronimo
    Dr. Peppers Geronimo

    I’m about a month late, but thanks jack. I’m gonna focus on school and my friends more. I’m gonna avoid watching SVname and using Instagram for as long as I can now, the disconnect is healthy I think. I know that many people can agree with this, and I also know that we all thank you. Kind of ironic that I’m commenting this tbh lol

  • Isaac Reser
    Isaac Reser

    I just hope you make at least one more scp video.