Are you smart enough to solve these 7 second riddles?
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  • jacksepticeye

    Huge wrinkle brain's only can like this video

    • Daiwik Poojary
      Daiwik Poojary


    • Matthew VanZandt
      Matthew VanZandt


    • Geth K. Gelior
      Geth K. Gelior

      'Tis humongous brain time

    • domi6430 domi6430
      domi6430 domi6430

      biggggggggggggggggggg boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bbbbbrrrrrrraaaaaiiiiiiinnnnnsssssss toooooooo allllllllllllllll

    • Ethan86


  • Digital Afton
    Digital Afton

    SeAn:I even have GLASSES🕶️ Me:I do to bestie Also me:*puts on my purple glasses 💜*

  • Derpy Dashie
    Derpy Dashie

    As a person who travels and flies frequently I never have my toothbrush in my suitcase and always have it in a carryon with a spare change of clothes

  • Oskar Lopez
    Oskar Lopez

    You've never failed a riddle that's cap stop the cap

  • Caitlin’s Vlogs
    Caitlin’s Vlogs

    “Red skirt, white shirt and an envelope in her hand” Me:”that’s a purse-“

  • Sushi Playz
    Sushi Playz

    4:44 Edward Cullen 😂😂 I just finished watching Twilight for the 4th time

  • Bark X Gaming
    Bark X Gaming


  • Yashvardhan Thapa
    Yashvardhan Thapa

    Yeah it's big brain time

  • the kitten family
    the kitten family

    the real question is why jims wife did it?

  • ¤《J3rkyM3rkyDaPanda》¤

    I also have glasses

  • Emilia

    Maybe for the riddle where Jim died maybe the cleaning lady made the tea before the lights went out and just drank it when they went off because it didn't say she made it when the lights went off it just said she was drinking tea when it came off

  • Harris Mollart
    Harris Mollart

    my diner bell just ringed and then jack ringed his bell

  • William Doel
    William Doel

    The plants would have died in 1000 years

  • John Eastman
    John Eastman

    I got all of them right!!!!!!! 😎😎😎😎

  • Darkwave Gaming
    Darkwave Gaming

    " ya go to bed fine and then you wake up in the morning dead" Jacksepticeye 2020

  • Furry that desires clorox Yes
    Furry that desires clorox Yes


  • Vo kè
    Vo kè

    Lemme 1 up ya there jack...I HAVE 2 PAIRS OF GLASSES

  • Ciaran Johnston
    Ciaran Johnston

    I have glasses and big wrinkle brain

  • Ïţš_ Błůė
    Ïţš_ Błůė

    The video: and he told her just one word ... An ad that just pops up: DUOLINGO

  • Mochi_TeaPup


  • Scp-049

    My brain has single wrinkle but it big and goes all around the brain, I am the smartest dumb person you know

  • FTWGaming

    How the fuck did they get the corn on the cob.

  • Connor Fries
    Connor Fries

    Corn cob lady has ligma

  • T H
    T H are such a loveable dork 🥰

  • Le English Muffin
    Le English Muffin

    Who killed Jim? Why, that's an odd question, normally it's who did Jim kill...

  • Matthew Kuhn
    Matthew Kuhn

    I have smooth brain :D


    Hey you! Your brain is stinky small! *This post was made by big brain gang*

  • Sjoerd Tubee
    Sjoerd Tubee

    Plot twist: red haired people can't have blonde children

  • Pahu Gamez
    Pahu Gamez

    Haha you fool i also got glasses

    • Pahu Gamez
      Pahu Gamez


    • T H
      T H

      ...what the hell are you supposed to be on your profile picture?

  • Madonna Otago
    Madonna Otago

    Hmmmm I'd like some popcorn with a hint of BOOM

  • I_am0human

    No one jack i have a big wrinkled brain also him THE LONG LONG AGO

  • Blazing Wings
    Blazing Wings

    Have you heard of a flash lite

  • Pearl S
    Pearl S

    CC makes it so much funnier.... "And how did she pour the body of Arthur into the cup?" "Three, never trust anyone who can make tea in the dark... and for sure fake immigrant."

  • OddyOddster

    15:45 That’s how you live in Ukraine:)

  • Alfus _Cren
    Alfus _Cren

    Number C

  • Tye-Reece Tumicz
    Tye-Reece Tumicz

    Why is true that toothpaste What is toothpaste when never check the drugs

  • Мирјана Адамовић
    Мирјана Адамовић

    7:20 ah yeah proveing that you love your wife by committing suicide

  • Мирјана Адамовић
    Мирјана Адамовић

    Thumnail : who killed jim? Me: me

  • Modern Sonic
    Modern Sonic

    Sean: It's secret dad number C Me: I did not notice he said that

  • M Murdock
    M Murdock

    The answer is to who killed Jim WAS Seam Jim

  • SaruCharmed

    Blonde hair is recessive. So two blonde haired parents can't make a dark haired child but a blonde child could have one or both dark haired parents.

  • 420Unomaster69

    13:39 he said then you wake up dead

  • XO_Connor_Sea

    16:35 it would be the guy in the coat with the hood on. Everyone else had their coats off, so he may be hiding a bomb under his coat. 🤯

  • Nathan Hale
    Nathan Hale

    C O R N L A D Y

  • ERIN Bailey
    ERIN Bailey

    My brain. Your brain Smooth. Gross wrinkles no wrinkles Ugly Can’t think =no sad Think=sad

  • Nitro_ Clarity
    Nitro_ Clarity

    No wonder why you have a huge head

  • L Taylor
    L Taylor

    jack:i have big wrinkle brain i even have glasses me:me whos been wearing glasses since preschool

  • gamerfactory jones
    gamerfactory jones

    15:31 Walter white

    • gamerfactory jones
      gamerfactory jones

      16:13 Walter white

  • Almighty Nugget
    Almighty Nugget

    Maybe the guy just likes an explosive kick to his popcorn his popcorn

  • Jakey

    Jack, the cleaning lady was HAVING tea not MAKING it

  • 3693

    Why does jack look like a better Steve Jobs?

  • lilith


  • Yuntong Li
    Yuntong Li

    push so show girl he do it but she no want he die so they love

  • Zanthia Avery
    Zanthia Avery

    What's faster then the ocean but can be stopped by a wall it comes to us but it can always fall Answer: Sound

  • ukiyo _
    ukiyo _

    “next minute, you wake up dead!” ABAKWHQHF

  • Justin Bland
    Justin Bland

    Ahhh yes secret number C

  • Tj cool
    Tj cool

    The man said one word that made the girl love him what was it? Jack: APPLES!

  • _The_Manipulator_

    8:01 take care of the child agent 47

  • The weird kid next door
    The weird kid next door

    Jack: No one without a relationship cleans! Me: Wondering who I’m in a relationship with.

  • Friend

    Jack with glasses hits different


    omg not the glases lol

  • Finlay Foster
    Finlay Foster

    9:19 to 9:45 I'm legit dying of laughter rn

  • The WIERD Gamer
    The WIERD Gamer

    Nah man it has to the power of editing

  • Raquel Venegas
    Raquel Venegas

    😭😭😭😭😪😪😪😥😥😥😢😢😢😢😢😢😟😟😟😟 f YOU!

  • jacob wilson
    jacob wilson

    Corn laddie

  • Lilian Phan
    Lilian Phan

    Jack: I even have glasses Me, wearing glasses since forever: well I’m bad at math but I guess I’m smart

  • Death Killer123
    Death Killer123

    Smart, but ugly and here’s why: She can create a machine to turn herself into a pretty girl, then again I’m going with what Jack said.

  • Donovan Dizon
    Donovan Dizon

    Are you sure Cause your head looks small to me

    • Donovan Dizon
      Donovan Dizon

      Does his head look small to you?

  • Rylee Crawford
    Rylee Crawford

    "The door closes, and you are *tarpped*"

  • Rylee Crawford
    Rylee Crawford

    They probably have smooth brain they dont have massive wrinkle

  • Deasy Maths
    Deasy Maths

    They are all true

  • Deasy Maths
    Deasy Maths

    Witch came first the chicken or the eeg

  • Jamie-lee Wright
    Jamie-lee Wright

    😂im dying😂 with your sense of humor you should really do more of these😂😂

  • Crezna

    xD wow Séan must be the next elon musk. I built a power generator in 2nd grade

  • Tracey Newsome
    Tracey Newsome

    The cleaning lady made ice tea using something called a tea bag.

  • the worst singer
    the worst singer

    Ahh yes, he WOKE UP DEAD

  • fikri fadlillah
    fikri fadlillah

    Jack when you have glass it doesn't mean you're smart 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Squallycellar 25
    Squallycellar 25

    Everyone thinks glasses make you smart but you have to fail a test to get them


    The pop corn on the guys head had wasted all that it could of been given to me

  • ItzDark

    7:38 “Secret dad number C!” The wrinkliest brain Jack. 😂

  • KarlChance

    i also have glasses CHECKMATE LAD

  • Ender -
    Ender -

    Bright side has better

  • juliette annand
    juliette annand

    How to make tier PK fire

  • IDKsoThing

    6:15 ‘he told her just one word’ Jack:APPLES

  • Gavin R
    Gavin R

    yeah i have glasses

  • Sabrina West
    Sabrina West

    "One second you're lying alone in a hospital bed, next minute you wake up dead" The words of a true genius

  • Abigale DaSilva
    Abigale DaSilva

    Here's a riddle that I'm also asking others. IF YOU CANNOT ANSWER THIS, YOU ARE SMOOTH BRAIN Sally's mother has four children. The first is April, the second is May, and the third is June. What is the name of the fourth child?

  • Tails 322
    Tails 322

    Did no one else notice that the cheating reflection man was wearing a tank top but his arm in the beginning was wearing a suit?

  • Junior JJ99
    Junior JJ99

    Jacksepticeye:my brain so wrinkle. 5 seconds brain hasn’t worked in my entire life

  • cassie bell
    cassie bell

    "Corn cob lady''


    That’s racist

  • Md. Niamul Ahad Chowdhury
    Md. Niamul Ahad Chowdhury

    "You wake up dead." - Jacksepticeye 2020

  • Daiwik Poojary
    Daiwik Poojary


  • Uenoyama


  • Theron Fordham
    Theron Fordham

    Look at her face her face is like 😈 I’ll blow them up a popcorn

  • Theron Fordham
    Theron Fordham


  • Theron Fordham
    Theron Fordham

    The theater one on the bottom left near that guy is a hat and a bag on his right that’s sus but I thought it was billy who had a popcorn bucket on his head

  • Veddevqwe Yt
    Veddevqwe Yt

    Jokes on u I have glasses aswell

  • •R Â V Ë N•
    •R Â V Ë N•

    Sean: you're brain stinky small!! I even have glasses- Me: Mhm right *also has glasses*

  • Ian S
    Ian S

    lady in red with hood and black hair there is dynamite in popcorn