Cringe.... cringe everywhere
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  • adam ames
    adam ames

    his head looks kinda big

  • fakhrul gamecoin
    fakhrul gamecoin

    i thought this is older video

  • Emily Farrell
    Emily Farrell

    4:17 callmecarson that you?

  • abbie wells
    abbie wells

    You wanna know what's sad for me? I can actualy feel people's emotions so when I see this I literaly so ewwwww

  • Phoenix

    i cringed at sean cringing at people being cringe on cringe tube CRINGE CEPTION

  • Nickoloden55 D
    Nickoloden55 D

    I most of the time didn’t cringe because I have heard my voice on video

  • Sunset-mosaic

    hair bad, man bun back ples

  • Tilak Amin
    Tilak Amin

    My sister was watching blank check the other day and she doesn't know how Jack is. When I saw it I picked up the controller and threw it at the TV before the kissing scene started. It's to bad for children's eyes.

    • Tilak Amin
      Tilak Amin

      *who (I can't spell lmaooo)

  • •sɪᴍᴘʟʏ ᴛᴇᴅᴅʏ•
    •sɪᴍᴘʟʏ ᴛᴇᴅᴅʏ•

    "The kids don't care if its fake or not" Me: Okay...Its litrelly all we care about-

  • •sɪᴍᴘʟʏ ᴛᴇᴅᴅʏ•
    •sɪᴍᴘʟʏ ᴛᴇᴅᴅʏ•

    "The word cringe is cringe itself" -Jack 2021

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper

    When kids see a spider: 2:35

  • Captain leon
    Captain leon

    i cringe alot alot alot alot these days

  • Evan Canez
    Evan Canez

    The JWittz? Ok what is going on here do they look the same? Twins? I cant understand. (just if you don't understand what I am talking about watch the video from 5:57 to 7:45 then watch the JWittz)

    • Evan Canez
      Evan Canez

      Ok so I looked it up he was on a show called "King of the Nerds". That is hilarious I got to say did not know. So case solved.

  • Sithtrooper_TOR- _
    Sithtrooper_TOR- _

    aye its metatron

    • Sithtrooper_TOR- _
      Sithtrooper_TOR- _

      well not metatron but the same actor i mean

  • Ghost Goober
    Ghost Goober

    I was physically disgusted with the nerd one

  • Pvt. Prinny
    Pvt. Prinny

    The opening was just 👌

  • Carson aka riversong1218
    Carson aka riversong1218

    Am I somehow out of touch with what's popular on the Internet? Says the man with nearly 30 million subscribers on SVname

  • The Pringles Man
    The Pringles Man

    Tik Tok: 1% comedy 99% cringe

  • Wonder Woman
    Wonder Woman

    I don’t know why but when jack said go get yourself some beans at the end of the video I laughed sooooo hard

  • Owen Seaver
    Owen Seaver

    At 12:38 when jack explodes there is a frame where at the bottom is a binary code that gives you a link to a special video that jack made on another account. Nice Easter egg!

  • Matthew Webb
    Matthew Webb

    6:47 dude looks like a 30 something year old steve smith from American dad"

  • YourDeadDog


  • Dewey Decibel
    Dewey Decibel

    That last one, way to prove yourself to be a complete douchecanoe

  • •Twisted Søul•
    •Twisted Søul•

    Dude my ad beside the video was a webtoon 90's state romance lmao ACCURATEEEEE KUDOS TO THE ADVERTISERS ON THE VIDEO HAHA but dude you're amazing like no joke man

  • Laurissa Adelhardt
    Laurissa Adelhardt

    Thank you Jack for making me feel better

  • Noix

    I dont like how they put FNF music in that tongue thingy clip


    wth! " i felt it go down my spine into my A*S!!!"" new agers are damn weird!!!!

  • Andrew Baker
    Andrew Baker

    I’ll subscribe even if I don’t cringe!

  • Ooga Booga
    Ooga Booga

    I didn’t cringe I sat confused

  • drawing_with_mussy

    The fucking Easter egg at 12:37 is so good. Incredible job editor I hate it 😂

    • Jakov Matić
      Jakov Matić

      @drawing_with_mussy lmao

    • drawing_with_mussy

      @Jakov Matić haha it’s a rickroll

    • Jakov Matić
      Jakov Matić

      @drawing_with_mussy why were u mad bro?

    • drawing_with_mussy

      @Jakov Matić yeah lol I was actually slightly mad when I typed this, I get like that 😂

    • Jakov Matić
      Jakov Matić


  • Sanguine Kaiser
    Sanguine Kaiser

    I folded in on myself from the cringe

    • Jakov Matić
      Jakov Matić

      Sweet home Alabama

  • Tabita Sekar Melati
    Tabita Sekar Melati

    Thanks. I hate it :"

  • Artisan Noteworthy
    Artisan Noteworthy

    "So I summoned a storm accidentally while working on my energy skills." Totally *NOT* green screen, %100 real, guys. The cropping around me is an effect from the energy I radiate.

  • I cringed soooooooooooo

  • Incognito Mode
    Incognito Mode

    I got a McDonald's ad and then I hear CRINGE!

  • Sad -
    Sad -

    4:20 I hope he’s better. That’s so sad having no motivation

  • WorthyHype

    Some of the parts he cut out were probably cringe.

  • Alina Supryaga
    Alina Supryaga

    epic pupper

  • shadowstep gaming
    shadowstep gaming

    I love how jack has kept the same intro this whole time

  • Bryson Burns
    Bryson Burns

    I feel bad for that drunk cousin because he will never be able to live that down

  • Deathbeast K
    Deathbeast K

    2:26 ok there, a little too much acting- ah whatever just leave it. His reaction reminds me of every 5 minute craft video to exist. 2:34 I think I just died.

  • jj boi
    jj boi

    I asked my mirror how cringy Sean is and mirror said “YES”

  • MacKenzie Gibson
    MacKenzie Gibson

    The last one didn’t make me cringe. It made me angry extremely angry. Maybe I’m hyper sensitive about consent but I just think that man more than inappropriately invaded that woman’s boundaries. It’s disgusting. I don’t know why it’s so hard to just leave people alone unless you have consent to not do so. But I could go on and on about consent and humanity being fucked up

  • Ryder Sharp
    Ryder Sharp

    "That's much more than cringe, THAT'S CRIME"

  • GreatRandomGamer

    Americans have a really fucked up sense of justice is, as proven by Chris Hanson

  • Jireh Dela tonga
    Jireh Dela tonga

    I cringed a bit, though most of the emotions were confusion and anger (especially from the guy who ruined the wedding)

  • Dhanya Pappu
    Dhanya Pappu

    3:15 that is an Bollywood actress named adha sharma

  • ramoncitomedina

    I have seen Chris Griffin on the thumbnail

  • Jacob Fudge
    Jacob Fudge

    yo at 12:37 there's a secret binary which sends you to a free code on his merch store gonna use mine now

  • Fancy Hit man
    Fancy Hit man

    6:46 what show is this

  • alexandre beriault
    alexandre beriault

    6:04 Wait.... that's Jwittz, isn't it?!



  • BDCS

    7:37 knew the kid who was being a freak over pokemon acted the exact same way in school and when he got back he went up to a jock talking about how he's be the next bill gates and how the jock would clean his toilets or something afterwards the jock punched him and broke his nose

  • HADES 666
    HADES 666

    I cringed at two and laughed at the rest

  • John

    Just go to Facebook

  • John


  • Pokeimmortal


  • Henri Romine
    Henri Romine

    Is this avatar how can you control the wind

  • Kan

    Honestly I miss the hair but every Jack is fookin gorgeous in my eyes

  • EggotheFreggo


  • TJ Strickler
    TJ Strickler

    Alright, I know this is probably gonna make me sound dumb... but who is the girl at 3:37?

  • Kristy Singer
    Kristy Singer

    Nobody can take a joke or learn to laugh.. someday it'll be illegal to joke.. 🙄

  • Blubby Productions
    Blubby Productions

    9:58 *C R I N G E*

  • Izzless

    I would've kicked the last guy in the face

  • magnet and fridge
    magnet and fridge

    Is it just me or do y’all laugh at the most simplest things ever

  • Gabriel Lujan
    Gabriel Lujan

    I didn’t cringe cause i was not paying w

  • thenewkid :/
    thenewkid :/

    i watched so many aphmau show that im imune to cringe (sry aph)

  • Alex Baker
    Alex Baker

    Stepping on nails is my worst cringe

  • Cole Ash
    Cole Ash

    i hope she didn't get pink eye from those hundreds ohh and epic pupper.

  • jydeosaure

    That last clip was the worst bcuz it was embarrasing for the girl too, what was that guy thinking?? "Oh EveRyoNe lOveS FIZZY STICKY ALCOHOL SHOT UP THEIR ASS"

  • Wranderous

    12:24 Unexpected enima

  • Josey _
    Josey _

    Oh god, blank check! What a hellish movie, i thought i was the only kid that saw it!

  • Raphy jang
    Raphy jang

    jack reminds me of MORGAN from CHUCK series😂

  • du lappen
    du lappen

    last clip made me hind behind my hands

  • Grace Gavin
    Grace Gavin

    i did not cringe because i do not no what cringe is. Or who.

  • Yoshida Aimi
    Yoshida Aimi

    Watching this video made me realize I apparently have very high tolerance to cringe, I don't know how maybe it's just because I look at myself everyday in the mirror and I just developed anf immunity to cringe

  • Digital Lurantis
    Digital Lurantis

    6:54 But can you name all of them sir?

  • kenzie rae
    kenzie rae

    The wind energy thing was on my fyp lol

  • Bon-Bon Puppet
    Bon-Bon Puppet

    Why does jacksepticeye look like a love child between a leprechaun a hippie and a gargoyle?

  • Crossovertime

    Too late jack! Already subscribed! Can’t make me do nothin!

  • Russ M
    Russ M

    Jack, starting streaming myself and just ask for some wisdom or some help

  • Reuben Oglesby
    Reuben Oglesby

    But I'm already subscribed......

  • The Phantom Time Lord
    The Phantom Time Lord

    It's not completely true that the royal guards can't react to stuff you do.

  • Glenn Thompson
    Glenn Thompson

    anybody see the binary in the fire

  • TheGamingFerox


  • mr.clown yeti
    mr.clown yeti

    The man bun is gone...thank you Sean

  • Some_rando_in_your_closet

    Everybody in the comments: *talking about karens* Me: "yes yes we know, they're a waste of fucking space on this earth"

  • Some_rando_in_your_closet

    That intro is me at 3 am when my brain bombards me with shit I did before

  • l8gv


  • Konniptionz

    We do have abilities that are untapped, but they're stuff like being able to sense people through vibrations, much like how Native Americans could legitimately track buffalo herds by feeling of the Earth with their fingers splayed in four directions and they would then follow whichever finger felt the most vibrations. It's neat. When I had nothing else to do in the hospital while on chemo, I got to where I could feel changes in the air when someone else was about to enter my room. ( My room was a quarantine room because I was at risk of dying to any possible diseases brought in because I was immuno-compromised by the chemo I was on. ) basically I would look over at my dad and be like " Two coming. One coming. Nurse coming. Doctor coming. " etc. I actually was getting it right, too. Didn't know how I was calling it, too because they didn't have a specific set schedule to come visit me, plus obviously something could happen during the day that would delay their time to come check me, so... that we quickly removed from the equation. ( Plus I hadn't thought about times up until we had left the hospital. ) but it's weird how being deprived of a bunch of your items and entertainment / boredom can lead to you developing new talents and abilities to entertain yourself. Can still sense people through thin walls because my arm hairs will stand on end if someone is in the next room. I can put my arm up to a wall and be like " Eh, they slowly stood on end. One person. Okay, it stood faster. Possibly two. Okay, stood almost immediately. There's three or more. " I honestly think it might just be something we all can do, though. We just hardly notice it in our day to day. Know that sixth sense that helps you feel like you're being watched? That's what it is, I think, because it's that exact same gut feeling and hairs standing up deal that happens when you feel watched by someone or something. Leftover " danger " senses from when we were hunters, apparently.

  • Christopher Hopkins
    Christopher Hopkins

    my GF just cringed at me laughing uncontrollably at the last clip and jack's nope explode... You just won the internet King.

  • Christopher Hopkins
    Christopher Hopkins

    I remember being 11 in the theater watching blank check and thinking "yeah... that's really weird" lol 😂

  • Emperor Potato
    Emperor Potato

    1:48 don't come *up* here. This is my seat.

  • Flaming Taco
    Flaming Taco

    I'm cringing at 30 seconds in you just keep sayn cringe 😅

  • multifandom bish
    multifandom bish

    The 3rd clip at 3:07 is an Indian Actress


    And a Clever "FUCK-UP", you are, Lad! *BUSTED*,😪 And already, setting up your "DEFENSE", without Missing a Beat!😭


    Sorry Jack! But Apparently, it's "MAGIC-MIRROR, ON THE WALL!", Now! Have you watched Snow-White, Lately!??? Thanks, M.E.!

  • Hailey Pygman
    Hailey Pygman

    I hate that I kinda relate to all of these

  • the everything
    the everything

    thats sad he didnt pull out real hundreds when kylie jenner's tease her. i thought sean was

  • river the cat Snyder
    river the cat Snyder

    I just realized you can see his sweaty armpits, and I can't unsee this.