Hunting for PRISON GHOSTS | Phasmophobia
Don't look behind you... I'm serious! Don't do it
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  • jacksepticeye

    you feel that tingle up your spine?...

    • Yssie

      I feel that tingle up my as-

    • bug beast
      bug beast

      what am i? playing terraria?

    • Gabby Mora
      Gabby Mora

      Mat Lobos

    • Mr. Slyfoxx
      Mr. Slyfoxx

      Hey jack ever heard of hello puppets.....u should really try it

    • Liam Bergeron
      Liam Bergeron


  • Gunner11000

    Jack using the "Cable guy" Jim Carrey reference was not lost on me. Good one Jack!

  • Lukas Verduzco
    Lukas Verduzco

    Thank you for making this in my little brother’s birthday!


    geez that face on that ghost when Sean is dead when he gets close is so freaking creepy

  • Ari kiss
    Ari kiss

    Why is Jack so adorable ?🤣

  • Link

    Me who’s watched ghost adventures for years: haha. Amateurs

  • Derek Longoria
    Derek Longoria

    Poor Jack just quietly crying alone as he's ignored..

  • Logan Brookes
    Logan Brookes

    The start sounded like Swedish corpse

  • Krijly

    So i was playing War Thunder and they talk through walkie talkie and then when jack was talking about doughnuts i thought the person in the plane was telling me about doughnuts

  • Kerik Clarke
    Kerik Clarke

    Awesome improv in this episode. I hope Jack feels better soon.

  • pancaketownn

    5:32 Bro he just screams and everyone else is like 😐😏😳

  • Huntermek's adventures
    Huntermek's adventures

    watching this at 3:00 in the morning

  • Periwinkleboy

    Yall surprised by the single serving Donut Boxes in a Prison or an Asylum ? bro..

  • 0HHiR3NNY

    "Go get your donut, *bitch* " LMFAO

  • Minimum Wage Demon
    Minimum Wage Demon


  • JB Studios
    JB Studios

    Just noticed the colors in his room are the same as the bi flag

  • Xx Shadez Innit xX
    Xx Shadez Innit xX

    This is the first time I think he’s made a video and not say, “TOP OF THE MORNING!” It’s weird having my ears still in tact for one of his videos 💚

  • Fullmetal Maine
    Fullmetal Maine

    Is Wade bald?

  • Brittani Adele Blanchard
    Brittani Adele Blanchard

    There’s a new grudge ghost

  • Daniel Ke
    Daniel Ke

    Go get your donut bitch is my favorite thing ever omg

  • Payton Everett
    Payton Everett

    I love watching scary videos at 12:30am and hearing my dog wail like a ghost for no reason 😱

  • Peppermint Mangle
    Peppermint Mangle

    0:19 bruh I live in a haunted house already

  • Scarlet Animations
    Scarlet Animations

    my pet rat loves these videos lol

  • Cammerade TheKidd
    Cammerade TheKidd

    Were the words on Jack's communicator real or were they just extremely well edited? (I honestly have no idea what the name of the thing is called, so to me it's a ghost radio) Also, can we get more back shots like the intro?


    When he picked up the radio it said "I am very spooky"

  • A ; - ;
    A ; - ;


  • Madmanmatt 966
    Madmanmatt 966

    I work at a prison so that in fact WAS a desk you saw in that cell.

    • Madmanmatt 966
      Madmanmatt 966

      I’m surprised at how accurate it was on how a prison looks

  • Cre4myInDaHood ッ
    Cre4myInDaHood ッ


  • Rokko

    No one The ghost on the device “I am spooky” 1:00

  • Lolxnoob

    The beginning of the video be like: MY EYES

  • The Odd man
    The Odd man


  • Noa

    “it’s just a tiny little girls” you think a tiny little girl can’t kill people? as a former tiny little girl and a babysitter of tiny little girls they definitely fucking can

  • Noa

    phasmophobia with bob and wade *no one else* just bob and wade

  • angelica aquino
    angelica aquino

    whats good about watching other ppl play phas is the videos arent the same unlike other multiplayer games, the different perspectives

  • Mrbunkbunk225


  • I'm Sarcastic
    I'm Sarcastic

    "Maybe they wanted a doughnut on the go... A go-nut as it were" I live for puns 🤣❤

  • Icez army
    Icez army

    Who noticed the words with the spirt box at start

  • Cory M
    Cory M

    Can dead investigators speak through the spirit box?

  • Bethanie Newport
    Bethanie Newport

    what would a little child have to do to get into jail? i men, like maybe she was visiting when a breakout happened?

  • Fina1Verse

    Come on Jack, I've always believed in you but it's been like 5 episodes... You should know the basic mechanics by now man. Flashlight blinking = Ghost Hunt. When ghost hunts, the doors to the outside are locked for the duration and comms are down. When ghost hunts, you run from the spawn room and you hide.

  • Andres Vazquez
    Andres Vazquez

    Ha ha ghost Virgin

  • Fina1Verse

    2:56 a non American...

  • The American YouTuber
    The American YouTuber


  • Kaynne Harrington
    Kaynne Harrington

    "Wade, move that dump truck of an ass of yours!" and "Go get your donut, bitch!" had me rolling XD

  • Connor Prince
    Connor Prince

    Poor Sean. I kinda felt for you especially in the end there😢

  • Dark Fang12
    Dark Fang12

    7:40 anyone else notice he spelt virgin wrong

  • Rian Paddy
    Rian Paddy

    Did y’all see That the ghost said bobs?

  • Brittany Taylor
    Brittany Taylor

    Jack expertly pulling a CORPSE by hiding 13:17 😂😂

  • bts lover
    bts lover

    I just found handcuffs it's about to get kink Me: WHO NEEDS HOLY WATER

  • Veronica Olsson
    Veronica Olsson

    Want more.🤣

  • Sanana Sanana the skenana
    Sanana Sanana the skenana

    Tropucaol woapa

  • Iwouldshipyou butno
    Iwouldshipyou butno

    That thing at 5:53 is a wall mount for those box TVs.

  • Adilene Aguilera
    Adilene Aguilera

    Lowkey Maria looks like the type to be as a titan

  • Just Some Guy Playing VRツ
    Just Some Guy Playing VRツ

    Give this 69 likes or your gay

  • Caolan Mc Grath
    Caolan Mc Grath

    Intro sounds like Tommy Tiernan stand up

  • Billy John
    Billy John

    At 7:44 the spirit box said virgin

  • House of Cards
    House of Cards

    7:43 anyone else notice it says VIRIGN instead of VIRGIN

  • Noah Tremble
    Noah Tremble

    ngl this game is 10x less scarier watching with jacksepticeye is it just me or did he just make the dang game lighter lol

  • Fluffy Bunny
    Fluffy Bunny

    Why would I want to watch you from behind? your hair is already in a ponytail. You know, when you drop the soap and the lights go out, a hole is a hole

  • Eren Yeager
    Eren Yeager

    It might be 1am I might have school But- its Seán- I gotta watch. •◡•

    • Drudaqueen


  • Potts

    P.S. I also ran out of potato

  • Leticia Ambriz
    Leticia Ambriz


  • HCGosling

    Great FNAF gameplay

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay

    I hope you play more of this

  • Jesse Dinkins
    Jesse Dinkins

    You should play more. please.

  • kill al kill
    kill al kill

    Anybody here to find the clip in meme time

  • Alex Gulino
    Alex Gulino

    If someone says pull my finger and you grab it and push inward instead, does it make them mouth fart? And no, I don't mean burp.

  • chroma EJm
    chroma EJm

    why does the game say its five nights at freddys?

  • That One Cat Guy
    That One Cat Guy

    Is anybody going to mention how fresh those donuts look? Has the ghost been ordering donuts or was the place recently and swiftly evacuated?

  • cat pico
    cat pico

    Jeez jack how rich are you-?

  • Creepypasta nerd
    Creepypasta nerd

    Me: it’s not that scary Also me: hell naw! Fuck youu Dorothy! FUCK IM DEAD!! GOD DAMMIT! FUCKKK NAWW! HELP!!

  • Seth BT
    Seth BT

    7:44 lol

  • dirk strider
    dirk strider

    why does the description say he's playing fnaf wtf????

  • Avery dunn
    Avery dunn

    Why is the game labeled as five nights at Freddy's 💀💀

  • Lucas Gronowicz
    Lucas Gronowicz

    I think I heard something like a mewer that's a cell door jack

  • Totsukabladez 369
    Totsukabladez 369

    If I ever die I’ll just be like “it is what it is” and just be the most chill ghost ever. Except for maybe SVname’s algorithm. That stuff can go in the trash and get replaced, cause a LOT of you tubers have no freedom anymore

  • Tamika Clark
    Tamika Clark

    The game mutes you when ghost

  • Tamika Clark
    Tamika Clark

    No one can hear you when your ghosts

  • Aknightmare 907
    Aknightmare 907

    I like how they don’t look at the board for more details and how they just play around and not do the things but when they find the ghost they start messing with the ghost

  • Game in [Progress]
    Game in [Progress]

    1:22 the literal thing my best friend calls me lol

  • Mini Swirl
    Mini Swirl

    Did anyone else see the Emp thing at the the beginning say “1am , very , spooky.” Just me?

  • no no
    no no

    who misses TOP OF THE MORNING TO YA

  • The Cucumber Of Fate
    The Cucumber Of Fate


  • Vincent Herrera
    Vincent Herrera

    the back of your chair looks lit my guy

  • Stolen Galaxy
    Stolen Galaxy

    you feel that tingle up your spine?... you realise you're gonna have a bad time

  • Jeepers Weepers
    Jeepers Weepers

    I love how youtube put the game as FNAF

  • HTD 4
    HTD 4

    I feel a very weird tingle up my spine

  • murpleblue

    Hey look another Phasmophobia v- *fnaf*

  • Big_yeet

    the trailer for loki has more dislikes than this video 🤣

  • Stephanie Alberty
    Stephanie Alberty

    Jack: "Ghost, how long has it been since you touch a person" EMF 5: Virgin 😂

  • Caleb Torres
    Caleb Torres

    Me and the start of this vid : ok anti you can cut the crap I know that's not anti I'm just saying it because I miss anti

  • Chxrry

    are we gonna ignore how it responded to how long has it been since you've been touched with "Virgin"? 0-0

  • D0S81

    6:00 i can imagine a prisoner with really long lanky legs, and a really short stubby torso, arms, and head, being the one that lives in that cell......yeesh, that would look creepy AF.

  • Daniel Munson
    Daniel Munson

    Hi how are you

  • Seth Muller
    Seth Muller

    Could not stop laughing thanks Sean for making my day better

  • Jordan Anderson
    Jordan Anderson

    17:14 I'm..I'm Sorry Toss Boy um... You seem to have a serious case of 1990's going on

  • Braydon Jimenez
    Braydon Jimenez

    Can you make another phasmiphobia plz jack

  • Penigs

    why does it say hes playing fnaf in the description

  • I Would Never! 03
    I Would Never! 03

    What the fuck is a virign?

  • Nathan Lehn
    Nathan Lehn

    Ghost toss boy