I Got Cancelled On Twitter
I got cancelled on Twitter over a PS5 joke
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  • Jack Taylor
    Jack Taylor


  • Katie Madden
    Katie Madden

    He actually reminded me I meant to buy hot chocolate the other day so no Sean you aren't annoying you're just reminding those who want to support you but have horrible memories like me lol

  • Katherine Broadway
    Katherine Broadway

    I got triple ambushed by that intro: Crackhead voice New camera angle Meme Time intro At this point, Meme Time doesn't count as being ambushed. So let's make it a double ambush.

  • ajay

    twitter is just a toxic wasteland these days and if you make one joke on the internet people with 0 braincells get offended :/

  • Pjaysforhire _
    Pjaysforhire _

    Y'all lets cancel twitter for allowing all this negativity on the platform lmfao

  • Pjaysforhire _
    Pjaysforhire _

    Cancel Culture is how people bully creators 😂😂

  • Fire Blades
    Fire Blades

    Jack = dumb because youre with the boys and youre allowed to be dumb with the boys :D

  • maria lena
    maria lena

    The ragged gauge marginally bleach because statistic suprisingly close towards a momentous pair. left, maddening chick

  • ali does animations
    ali does animations

    some alt girls really trying to cancel jack? if u cant take a joke just leave his page ;-;

  • MattGamez-MineCraft


    • MattGamez-MineCraft

      And no buffering

  • Rj Marshall
    Rj Marshall

    5:25 "HEY V-sauce Jack here"

  • ghostlyleech

    unrelated but does jacks top of the morning coffee ships to Malaysia??

  • Melvin Abadi
    Melvin Abadi

    Jack: *posts something about not having PS5 on Twitter* Everyone: *cancels him* Someone apart from those: "You don't get the joke."

  • Fem Portagal
    Fem Portagal

    I actually got really interested when he said that they have hot chocolate now

  • Aerofluff

    17:00 pretty much sums up why cancel culture is bad and needs to be stopped... All it takes is one misstep, even one thing taken out of context. At least celebrities and big youtubers get lots of fans and support, littler individuals don't get a chance to correct any bad narrative against them. It's pretty much regression to Salem witch trials.

  • Questionable Entity
    Questionable Entity

    Best intro ever

  • Nevrin

    For people in 2040 LAUGH 👋

  • Derpy Doggo
    Derpy Doggo

    That ps5 tweet had 6.5k comments, I'm scared. (Edit: it is apparently offensive to some people by they small brain so yeah if you didn't get it lol) I'm not funny, this was 2 months ago what am I doing.

  • BloodyVikings

    You gotta do something about that cable mess on your desk. You've got a sweet setup and then that mess, makes me sad.

  • LegoPlayz164

    J-actor-septiceye and Ryan Reynolds

  • Sam Does A Thing
    Sam Does A Thing

    U can raid my home anytime jack

  • Dorintic

    14:45 the internets come to super sensitive people now

  • Daniel Unknown
    Daniel Unknown

    Disliked the vid

  • Annoying Dog
    Annoying Dog

    Someone:donates to charity Twitter:silence Someone:make a joke Twitter:KILL THE BASTURD

  • IDkWhatToNameMyselfSoJustGoWithIt

    Jack calling me out in the first minute of the video

  • 13. Mayurakshi Chatterjee
    13. Mayurakshi Chatterjee

    The only gaming youtuber who has coffee for his merchandise 😂

  • Cerebral TR
    Cerebral TR

    Jack: You know I would never poor shame people Also Jack: HAHA POOR! Obv I’m just joking and it’s good for Seàn to bring it up

  • Boxersteavee

    of course it was on twitter

  • Ankfnuttis LuckyDucky
    Ankfnuttis LuckyDucky

    Bro u have such an cool setup

  • Ghost Gamer21
    Ghost Gamer21

    I had Twitter but I deleted it because I wasent getting any text backs from my favorite youtubers😥

  • Not my Real Name
    Not my Real Name

    Sean bean is actually pronounced “Shawn bawn”

  • IamNinjaDodo

    boy band man

  • Squeebs

    Just watching this now, I have an amazing neighbor who works for the Georgia Coca-Cola factory! My guy, I will beg for her to do something!

  • Random Person
    Random Person

    Imagine having a "business PS5"

  • Amanda Ochampaugh
    Amanda Ochampaugh

    I mean I'm pretty damn poor & I cannot afford a ps5 but I was not offended by your tweet. It's sad that some people want to cancel others over a joke.

  • weeb

    jack could not care about being cancelled

  • Mason Lapointe
    Mason Lapointe

    17:20 - 17:26 think about that if you watch bias media sources. Just saying

  • Foxy Loaf
    Foxy Loaf

    That feeling when you have .5 mg now ;-;

  • Ink Inc
    Ink Inc

    Jack talking about ps5 running out of stock Mr beast who practically bought most of them in almost in every gaming store: 0 0 )_____________________________(

  • Debbie Bonner
    Debbie Bonner


  • Syed Azfar Ali Jalali ACSG8
    Syed Azfar Ali Jalali ACSG8

    So... this video has 2.7K dislikes and I *very* coincidentally, have a debt to davy jones of 2,732 souls.

  • Comic Games
    Comic Games

    jack sounded like hiccup from how to train your dragon

  • TrixiesTits

    I find it sad he has to explain a really simple joke

  • Dark Matter
    Dark Matter

    Jack day 1 of SVname: I am allergic to cats Now: I own the cutest little fur ball cat

  • Vansh Bhardwaj
    Vansh Bhardwaj

    Why does he sounds like Indian at starting😂😂

  • Krissy True
    Krissy True

    I grabbed myself a piece of cake and watched this- I have no regrets XD

  • Itz_Izzy

    Seriously that's why u got cancelled?? That's ridiculous

  • user76

    Watch 9:05 in 144p

  • Puffpyf

    Ngl twitter pretty f tier

  • The Untitled Random Junk
    The Untitled Random Junk

    Me: *(makes a Taken reference in a tweet, over the closure of Blue Sky Studios)* Twitter: “You have been *suspended,* for *violating the Twitter Rules.”*

  • crowns n halos wellness
    crowns n halos wellness

    Bro I don't even have a console or a computer

  • Stephanie Noblet
    Stephanie Noblet

    Yay Hot Chocolate

  • Cassandra Yeargan
    Cassandra Yeargan

    Meme time meme time meme time meme time meme time

  • Paige Rogers
    Paige Rogers

    Are you serious?? Sean would never make fun of someone less fortunate and struggling. That's not the kind of person he is. I'm not even going to list all the good he has done because #1. I'm lazy. #2. Sean isn't about talking about really all the good he has done because he's not that kind of person. The one thing he will happily talk about is getting ppl to donate ppl in need and then giving thousands of his own money to match donations. I rest my case. I also fully stand his talk about his coffee. coffee is life to streamers. Good coffee is needed when working. I need to remind myself to get buy my dad your coffee. He has so many coffee gadgets. If we like it then I'll introduce it to my brother in law who needs his coffee in the morning. It's like a ritual for him. And he makes good coffee. No sugar or flavor additives needed. Take it black or a splash of cream. And it tastes like happiness. he really chooses the flavors wisely.

    • Jeremiah Knox
      Jeremiah Knox

      Hey I’m the only one who’s allowed to make a really long and nice comment. Well actually my last comment was in the name of Beth but whatever

  • Maria Chrysanthou
    Maria Chrysanthou

    I didn't give much attention to the whole "twitter is the most cancelling culture thing" until today. I joined twitter 3 days ago and i literally just got cancelled on it, harshly by 100ppl, got told to kill myself by at least 15 people and even sent tutorials how to tie a noose 👍

  • Rachel Hill
    Rachel Hill

    Waiting for a legit reason to actually cancel. It sure is taking twitter a while to find legit reasons to cancel good people.

  • Beth Wilkins
    Beth Wilkins

    I remember seeing all these people saying I am your #1 fan, but because of this tweet i unsubscribed. if you were his number one fan then you would know he is a fantastic and wonderful person. so all of you jerks that could not say that you did not like his tweet in a nice way, can rot in hell. because jack is truly one of the best of humanity.

  • Annie’s Drawings
    Annie’s Drawings

    Imagine cancelling someone who is sweet and innocent and adorable as heck

  • Cookie Crusader
    Cookie Crusader

    Who could cancel Jacksepticeye? They honestly have no heart

  • JQcool

    8:30 the equation is x / sqrt{x} /4x x = people you simply take into consideration that there are 4 amounts of contribution on the team and not all of it is evenly distributed leading to the square root

  • e gaming
    e gaming

    Sean is basically if a 1800s revolver was equipped with a Viking axe and whisky

  • Bevis Belevis
    Bevis Belevis

    Twitter sucks.

  • Matsune P
    Matsune P

    He looks like roomie with facial hair

  • justice

    8:52 they have one collective braincell between all of them

  • Jacob Barnes
    Jacob Barnes

    I love how Twitter tried to "cancel" Jack and failed miserably because nothing happened.

  • Miloš Đošić
    Miloš Đošić

    Dammit sonic

  • Aahil Makhani
    Aahil Makhani

    No pls

  • 999 Killz シ
    999 Killz シ

    Its twitter ofc why dont you think you got cancelled

  • Seán Mc00chie?
    Seán Mc00chie?

    0:42 thanks Robin, very cool

  • Rabies

    You deserve to be canceled but not for ps5 bullshit

    • Heavy is Sorry
      Heavy is Sorry

      why does he deserve to be cancelled? the fuck did he do wrong?

  • Tess McDaniel
    Tess McDaniel

    BEAN MCLOUGHLAN (sorry if i spelled it wrong)

  • The little Red nugget
    The little Red nugget

    Jack I’m sorry to say but I watch previous meme Times to keep the depression away.

  • Drek Ember Ch.
    Drek Ember Ch.

    anyone else switched 144p just to see how bad the quality is? just curious

  • Dmg4

    ITs MeMe tiMe

  • Vinyl Anarchy
    Vinyl Anarchy

    He either likes reflections because they’re cool or he would like to reflections because he can’t see his own and he’s a vampire

  • Arrik Kitsune
    Arrik Kitsune

    So Jack is sitting here talking about his upload speed of .5 MBps and all I can think is "WTF is my excuse? I have like 1.2 MBps upload speed!" I also remember I don't have any editing skills so all my recording videos I throw up are all raw and unedited expect for the intro I had up for a while. Man maybe I should get back into recording again. Maybe Restart my Battle Realms game or something! Sean you are an inspiring man!

  • Just_ HaikaL
    Just_ HaikaL

    top of morning jack!

  • Lucas Holstein
    Lucas Holstein

    As much as I want to defend jack, it’s kinda hard to in this situation. I personally wasn’t offended but I can see why people could be pissed off by it. It was terrible timing. Taking about having a ps5 during a pandemic is stupid and terribly timed.

  • Unseen Misery
    Unseen Misery

    Jack, you've got 26 million friends who've got your back so don't listen to the idiots out there who just want to hate on you for no good reason.

  • Phoenix girl 166
    Phoenix girl 166

    I know the satan joke are funny but I was legit sad lol

  • Gemma Duggins
    Gemma Duggins

    Watching Sean become a cat person the longer he has BB is so adorable

  • Puro

    im gonna be honest I have a ps5 my self but i dont think that joke is funny I get it was a joke but there is so many people struggling to get a ps5 I dont think it is funny he said: imagine not having a ps5* thats what he said and is prob why he got cancelled

    • Lauren G
      Lauren G

      A PS5 is not a necessity though and the main reason why no one can get a PS5 is because Sony handled the launch quite poorly as well as having scalpers buy then re-sell the product for ×5 the price. It was clearly a satirical joke that flew over so many heads.

  • Provivadex

    How are people not subbed to this channel? he's been so big since 2013

  • mickaroni and cheese
    mickaroni and cheese

    He low-key looks like Ivaar from AC Valhalla, ig he is a viking lol

  • Finn Richter
    Finn Richter

    the fact that jack is Q BERT in his movie is awesome

  • Jayze


  • Dan Toner
    Dan Toner

    Petition for jacksepticeye to start a mirror company called "top of morning LOOK AT THISE REFLECTIONS

  • Izabell Mullineux
    Izabell Mullineux

    21:50 my cat does that too

  • Creyz Wolenfros
    Creyz Wolenfros

    Anyone else think that the vikingr with beanies is lowkey cool as hell

  • Casper Garcia
    Casper Garcia

    6:46 Fame makes u look good🧐

  • Pokhanpat

    When you have an IQ of 155 but you still watch jacksepticeye Hold Up

  • Sami_Blueboy

    What happened to jacksepticeye...

    • Victor The Crispy Frie
      Victor The Crispy Frie

      His dad died and he's gonna stop uploading

  • ꧁Midnight꧂

    Took an iq test and got 178 XP. But it must be lying cuz I’m dumb as all hell lmao

  • Angela Smith
    Angela Smith

    Play Minecraft again

  • buddyboi

    this vid is literally just an excuse to promote his coffee lol

  • The soviet gamer
    The soviet gamer


  • ESV Zyxh
    ESV Zyxh

    Why is Sean’s hot chocolate cost the same to ship as it does the actual product :/

    • Courtney R. Rypkema
      Courtney R. Rypkema

      International shipping is always expensive.

  • Jonathan Lewis Live
    Jonathan Lewis Live

    Pewds: "first time?"

  • mikkelpickkel

    for ierlind

  • Mr. Grimes
    Mr. Grimes

    you cant cancel someone who doesnt care