I watched Naruto for the first time in 2021
I started watching Naruto for the first time ever and the fans were mean to me!
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  • Jacob Harris
    Jacob Harris

    Vague Spoilers below: What you said about Sakura is mostly true. She became strong in Shipudden but other than a few achievements she doesn’t do anything with her strength. To be fair though a lot of the other characters aren’t utilized well either later in the series.

  • GroovySloth

    I am pretty sure 90% of us anime fans are wondering how you figured out how useless and trashy Sakura is within the first 31 epis

  • Hail to the Team!
    Hail to the Team!

    Lol, it's funny seeing these Sakura simps being offended. The only thing that sakura did that was actually useful was beat Sasori, and save Naruto once. Rest of the series, useless as hell. Plus, when Sakura beat Sasori...she got carried by an old lady. But fr, the old lady pretty strong.

  • Dopwelson Gaming
    Dopwelson Gaming

    Well dude I do agree sakura was useless in sometimes when they were young but the truth is she's just annoying dude

  • Dark Ninja
    Dark Ninja

    No I agree Sakura is useless but I finished naruto naruto shippuden and now I watch boruto

  • KisAme _AsKAge
    KisAme _AsKAge

    People would send a hit man to jack if he said something bad about itachi with all the itachi lovers out there

  • KisAme _AsKAge
    KisAme _AsKAge

    Good thing jack didnt say anything about itachi. But half the stuff he said abt sakura is right besides when he said she is good...

  • Benjamin King
    Benjamin King

    Very good Sean you can pronounce the words

  • ItzNahb_arYT M
    ItzNahb_arYT M

    She dead eats only one akatsuki and people say that she’s the best character and that she should be hokage when you get to the war you’ll get it

  • sippy sanjifer sanji
    sippy sanjifer sanji

    sakura still sucks I'm sorry she's only useful at the end of Naruto shippuden and Boruto


    You aren't in the wrong. Sakura is unanimously hated by the ACTUAL Naruto fanbase. Not the 14 year old white girls that started watching last year and think they are "veterans".

  • Lord chak 5678
    Lord chak 5678

    Sakura is useless tell me otherwise

  • xSilentStrangerx

    I gotta' say, finding out that Sean is watching Naruto is amazing. It was one of my most influential shows of my life I watched and read while growing up. Hearing Jack going through this journey makes my heart swell, and I can't wait to see how he feels with the 'big' moments. You guys know what I'm talking about. *knowing look*

  • connie springer fan
    connie springer fan

    What are filters

  • Bornholmian

    Naruto (and shippuden) is stil the greatest anime series I have ever seen. It's not perfect but the emotional scenes about lonelyness and loss have changed my life.

  • sigge

    everyone thinks sakura is useless tho

  • actuatedgear

    Shikimaru has the best episode in Shippuden. F-ing Fight me. Team 10 f-ing broke me.

  • Ken 33
    Ken 33

    Jack watch the anime bleach

  • Milky Willy Molly
    Milky Willy Molly

    Welcome To Your Chunin Exam

  • Tyra Younger
    Tyra Younger

    Dude, Boruto is gonna be your jam

  • FAKERop


  • Apex spyder
    Apex spyder

    If you like Naruto then you'll LOVEEEEEE ONE PIECE

  • Border Champ
    Border Champ

    sakura is always and will always be the worst character.

  • R3CKL3SS da SAVAG3
    R3CKL3SS da SAVAG3

    Naruto and for 3/4ths of shippuden sakura sucks but the final and in boruto she aight

  • Muhammad Al Khalil Ibrahim
    Muhammad Al Khalil Ibrahim

    If anyone wants an anime that is pretty good then I recommend you to watch -The rising of the shield hero -That time I got reincarnated as a slime -toubun no hayanome(quintessential something that i forgot) -elaina the wondering witch -or anything that recommended in muse asia -dr.stone -redo heale-NVM There you go

    • Ezequiel Terry
      Ezequiel Terry

      Thx i needed to fine some more to watch


    Who else has just randomly startied watching naruto even though you despise anime

  • Siege_T4yLorD xX
    Siege_T4yLorD xX

    yea shippuden has 500 eps

  • Siege_T4yLorD xX
    Siege_T4yLorD xX

    you should watch demon slayer it’s great and it’s only 26 eps

  • Siege_T4yLorD xX
    Siege_T4yLorD xX

    The best jutsu is talk no jutsu

  • Cj Edward Vi L. Evangelista
    Cj Edward Vi L. Evangelista

    Jack you did the right thing sakura is very usless

  • Marcus Laine
    Marcus Laine

    Sakura never got better. Change my mind.

  • Locked & Loaded
    Locked & Loaded

    He doesnt know what he is in for😔🥲😂

  • mememe 1122
    mememe 1122

    Lol there’s nothing wrong with hating her though

  • IDS Cyclops
    IDS Cyclops

    Wait? You got hate for hating Sakura? When you said it was a cardinal sin, I thought you were gonna say Sakura was amazing


    31 episode and Sakura is annoying, totally agreed.

  • TheBumper

    Honestly you’re right about Sakura being the worst character, at least in the beginning

  • Ryan Atrache
    Ryan Atrache


  • Quinn Colson
    Quinn Colson

    Also have you ever watched Death Note

  • Ryan Atrache
    Ryan Atrache

    Sean, as a member of the week community, I would simply like to tell you that WE DO NOT ACCEPT AVATAR THE LAST AIRBENDER AS AN ANIME

  • Ryan Atrache
    Ryan Atrache


  • Ryan Atrache
    Ryan Atrache


  • Toonski plays
    Toonski plays

    WAIT there are people defending sakura? really!?!? little miss useless? my god what a world we live in

  • Quinn Colson
    Quinn Colson

    Naruto: Rasengan Sasuke: Sharingan Jack in the background: *makes an add for his coffee

  • curly head
    curly head

    bro sakura is trash and i hate that characer idk who tf likes her

  • Dominick Gramaglia
    Dominick Gramaglia

    If you think Sakura useless now wait for the naruto pain fight

  • Sekiddo

    the thing is, Sakura really is the dumbest and most annoying character in the entire show, and i watched every single episode, including fillers

  • cerXgs

    So your telling me your not gonna watch it in the video

  • Sergiu Mureșan
    Sergiu Mureșan

    Sakura really is trash so no war crime

  • Dwylan Howard
    Dwylan Howard

    There's actually ppl who like sakura in the first naruto I mean I get it in boruto but😬😬😬😂

  • WhatzTheVibes_

    Bro I’m sorry but Sakura to me is still trash 🗑

  • xXIcyWombatXx

    No... Sakura always will continue to be useless as she’s always been. She’ll never change. Even tenten is more useful than her

  • Valor14

    I dont get it, his opinion of Sakura was accurate asf, fuck was yall mad on twitter for LOL

  • Kera Wolfe
    Kera Wolfe


  • AmmeZero

    After you watch Naruto you should watch One Piece

  • Shadilay Warrior
    Shadilay Warrior

    I remember watching DBZ, Inuyasha and Bleach sitting in my bunkbed with my old CRT TV waiting each week for the next episode.

  • Shadilay Warrior
    Shadilay Warrior

    Never really was a Naruto fan, but the parallels between Naruto and Bleach filler arcs are honestly very similar. Major parts are dragged out but they have diehard fans and gate-keepers. Bleach for me was a cornerstone of my childhood just like how DBZ and Naruto was for many others. Currently revisiting Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex

  • Dennis Ayo
    Dennis Ayo

    sakura still is useless she will change back just wait for it

  • NotGrai

    Jack: I've committed a cardinal sin Jack: I said Sakura sucked Me: Me: I see nothing wrong here

  • J Stratty
    J Stratty

    I follow Facebook Naruto groups and literally almost everyone calls Sakura useless pink trash. So your not to far off there

  • Senpai

    Its Shippuden Not "ShEePpUdEn"

  • Olauwa Edamwen Amenaghonwon
    Olauwa Edamwen Amenaghonwon

    twitter is a good site ahahahahaha

  • Alejandro Pérez Arteaga
    Alejandro Pérez Arteaga

    Bro, shippuden is gonna hurt so much, be ready

  • Kimona Aang
    Kimona Aang

    Is everybody daijobu hahahahahahahaha! Glad u watch it sub

  • 0 0
    0 0

    Dont worry your right sakura is useless she never helps only hits naruto and gushes over sasuke

  • Roman D
    Roman D

    I cant believe I know people that watched all naruto and shippuden in 1 MONTH. Like tf HOW???

  • oscar simpson jacka
    oscar simpson jacka

    this is great timing, i just started naruto so out of fear of spoilers im gonna save this for when i finish

    • oscar simpson jacka
      oscar simpson jacka

      ok i couldnt help it and watched the video but luckily i had already seen all the arcs he talked about

  • Yakend

    Jack, if you wish to watch One Piece. Google something called "One Pace". It's an edit of one piece, that is paced correctly 😂

  • TheBeardedBear


  • Siddharth Raghunathan
    Siddharth Raghunathan

    Just stop using Twitter b0ss it sucks

  • XpetraXpazlX

    I started watching one piece during quarentine. Its super long & some of it is really amazing. & then theres also a lot thats kinda boring. But i havent said much about it on the internet because i didnt want spoilers. Anyways dont feel bad about not liking sakura. The people that got angry about it are just in love with her. All characters have good & bad points.

  • Crowned

    bro you right about sakura

  • M.X.F.I .__.
    M.X.F.I .__.


  • Niko Villarreal
    Niko Villarreal

    the thing is tho. sakura is a trash can so why are people whining ab it

  • Adrian Chua
    Adrian Chua

    My version of Naruto is the Karama Chakra Cloak Six-Sage Path form

  • Tyler XFX
    Tyler XFX

    Watch high school DXD

  • Fernando Franco
    Fernando Franco

    Jack, YOU NEED TO WATCH ONE PIECE, seriously. I mean, take your time to do it when you feel like it, but, man, you need to watch ittttttt

  • Nickaf


  • Daniel Sbar
    Daniel Sbar

    Sakura fans are really annoying. Honestly, Kishimoto has admitted he isn't very good at writing female characters and it is one of the things he would have needed to improve to better the series. Most of the female characters are unfortunately poorly written.

  • Chhun Chhou, M2
    Chhun Chhou, M2

    I hope you’ll watch One Piece some day. I get it it’s long but it’s worth to watch in the end.

  • Chhun Chhou, M2
    Chhun Chhou, M2

    Rock lee cosplay coming ??? 😂😂🤣🤣

  • Eh h
    Eh h

    Rock lee fighting the bone guy will always be iconic to me.

  • Probably Panda
    Probably Panda

    Jack, watch one piece even if its not all filler cause oda doesn't do filler

  • caleb

    Jack ur gonna die at the itachi and sasuke fight (I’m pretty sure in regards to where you’re at this doesn’t spoil ANYTHING)

  • James

    Aaaa I've rewatched twice and I havent gotten past the chunin exams yet 😅 I really enjoy it I'm just bad at finishing shows

  • caleb

    Bruh 99% of naruto community hates sakura what

  • None_

    personally sakura is not useless, but still... SPOILER personally sakura is not useless and she did save naruto's life, but i still dislike her the most throughout the show. and that time when she lies about liking naruto, i love how naruto reacts to it, like, he reallly hate if someone lies about their feelings, fake confession and kinda shows how much he serious/genuine is his feelings for her, he have serious face on and everything.

  • MiiDNiT3_JJDJ78 JJ
    MiiDNiT3_JJDJ78 JJ

    Wait what people actually like Sakura?

    • MiiDNiT3_JJDJ78 JJ
      MiiDNiT3_JJDJ78 JJ

      People on Twitter are fucking weird as if they like her

  • Indra_Oculus

    Can you please do naruto reactions please, it gets better :3

  • Nabhan Naeem
    Nabhan Naeem

    Jack just don't call Itachi anything or you might create the 5th shinobi world war. No matter how evil he may seem to be, you will understand and find the truth about him in Shippuden.

  • Masterfrog

    You would love Jujutsu Kaisen if you haven't already seen it.

  • Waterguy

    Sakura do be useless though

  • Eren Jeager
    Eren Jeager

    Wrong anime, sorry ill go.😅

  • Lm -ao
    Lm -ao

    As a main character Sakura been useless the entire show

  • Seth Splawn
    Seth Splawn

    ah yes the anime wrinkle stinkle

  • Masterfrog

    No, you're completely right about Sakura. She had potential as a character but the mangaka just cannot write women and there were even rather few well written female characters in Shonen back then at all. Orihime in Bleach was even more useless, literally just a token princess meant to be saved from baddie of the month. Even the women in One Piece, that actually had useful powers that could do stuff, was poorly written for a long time. It's just all bad.

  • Sinsanatis

    [no spoilers] idk why ppl would get mad about sakura being called useless. pretty much like 90% of fans call her useless. especially in the original series. also a fair bit of ppl hate sasuke too up until the last like 20 episodes of shippuden. since u like lee, should watch the 2nd chunin exams. the team 8 bit is horrible tho.

  • Dalplayz

    Sakura is the most useless character in the whole show

  • fxct

    I thought he was talking about shippuden saying ep 133 just don't watch it jack

  • DaWizard

    Sakura is trash

  • LucyLC

    but in boruto the did uncle durty if ya know ya know