LADY DIMITRESCU LICKED MY HAND | Resident Evil Village - Part 2
I found the tall lady in Resident Evil Village... she licked my hand

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  • jacksepticeye

    The hunt for BIG BOOBA

    • yorgo sleiman
      yorgo sleiman

      Yes 👍 jacksepticeye:)

    • Jon Kermin
      Jon Kermin

      Tbh id feel bad for killing them all lol.

    • Housecoat Gaming
      Housecoat Gaming

      Good God, man, it's like you've never played an RE title with a female antagonist. You _should_ know by now she won't look that way for very long.

    • Mason Neumann
      Mason Neumann

      Momma milky

    • yorgo sleiman
      yorgo sleiman



    Shes literally 9'6. Ill be her squirrel

  • Necro Reaper King
    Necro Reaper King

    Shouldn't his hand be torn in half because he pulled his hand downwards on the hook

  • Necro Reaper King
    Necro Reaper King

    Are her wings supposed to scare me

  • Necro Reaper King
    Necro Reaper King

    You were full metal alchemist's little bro for a few

  • Necro Reaper King
    Necro Reaper King

    The father has caught the disease everyone stay back its very dangerous

  • Necro Reaper King
    Necro Reaper King

    I have diagnosed the house with a case of burning timbers disease,it spread very fast so be cautious

  • ItzSolarzYt -
    ItzSolarzYt -

    best game no questioned asked

  • Erin McNamara
    Erin McNamara

    The fact that Jack guessed one of the huge twists in the game so casually: "what if Mia is Mother Miranda" I mean technically he wasn't wrong

  • Foxy Jambread
    Foxy Jambread

    everyone: *simping for Lady D* me, a giant nerd: oh, my, talk more about specular reflection, jack. *fans self*

  • makayla murphy
    makayla murphy

    Ryan reynolds add comes on while watching jack me that's fantastic

  • Cheetah Warrior1
    Cheetah Warrior1

    My first thought was did he blend with the snow and the second time I watched this I realized he had no head and jack u didn’t even see his white shirt in the snow

  • musicmeg93

    Anyone else notice that Heisenberg is also Elijah Kamski from Detroit Become Human? I picked it up immediately and had to check online hahahaha!

  • Burraku Dusk
    Burraku Dusk

    3:30 "Don't worry, and try not to *breath* in the smoke."

  • Sage A
    Sage A

    14:16 is that a bullet?

  • Agent719

    Of course my favorite of the Daughters is the first to die. -_-

  • RacoonTrenchcoat

    Fun fact, EACH of tall lady’s booba are ONE FOOT

  • Erin Kadesky
    Erin Kadesky

    Me at 50:09 *JACK GO BACK, THE W I N E !*

  • Dominick Allemand
    Dominick Allemand

    How does Ethan's hands still work?

  • Chuchimaine

    No one: Litterally no one: Jack: IMMA BUST

  • BoneKrusher11272002

    I don't understand why he doesn't buy the ammo blueprints wtf. That is like the first thing I would think to buy. Talking about if he should be saving the materials, if he needs them for something else. Maybe I'm just dumb.

  • Mystery

    Jack: Step on me tall lady! Evelien in the adjacent room: TF Jack!?

  • •Æ Wîld Jèrry•
    •Æ Wîld Jèrry•

    I think lady dimitrescu should be afraid of jack

  • TimeTravllr

    Lady Dimitrescu's daughter: Bullets cannot harm me! Sean: **Proceeds to shoot her for 5 minutes**

  • Zardy

    That scream is the person getting clapped by lady demitrescu, from the demo, nice touch

  • JuixeBox 882
    JuixeBox 882

    Watching him miss all the things he does is so mildly infuriating😂😂😂😂

  • Cranky crew1
    Cranky crew1

    Jack said "holy crap" And it activated my Google assistant for some reason

  • the yeet guy Gonzalez
    the yeet guy Gonzalez

    Bro I just got a movie ad for we are woman parts or something and they are literally Muslim woman who started a band lol ... Muslims are cool but not as cool as Jesus

  • Winter Warrior
    Winter Warrior

    1:20 casually pulls out land mine

  • Chris Gusky
    Chris Gusky

    Wait their weapons dissolve to when they did how does that make any sense.

  • Chris Gusky
    Chris Gusky

    Oh shit angry Santa is back and he's even angrier than before ya"ll really gotta stop eating his Christmas cookies man.

  • Chris Gusky
    Chris Gusky

    I mean it's either this or death I'd do the same thing honestly.

  • Chris Gusky
    Chris Gusky

    Come on Ethan fight back a little bit you're supposed to have had military training and you have weapons use them for Pete sake.

  • mildbean

    Telekinesis/magnetic dude sounded like the flame alchemist

  • cootoob2

    Is it me or is jack more sycho in this video

  • Ralphofthehill 57
    Ralphofthehill 57

    Multiple times through the course of re7 and re8, Jack has made several remarks, most of which the only answer I can come up with is, “well yes, but actually no” like when he said, “ what if Mia is Mother Miranda”

  • Ralphofthehill 57
    Ralphofthehill 57

    I still can’t forget the parody where you first meet heisenberg where he’s like, I didn’t think anyone was left, not after deez that is, and Ethan says, who’s deez then heisenburg says, oh, you’re not cultured? Even better, and while he’s burying him he says mother Candice is gunna love you, Ethan asks who Candice is, and then heisenburg says joe mama then covers his face

  • Ralphofthehill 57
    Ralphofthehill 57

    Jack in ep 1: Ethan, yer slower than the old witch we met back there! Jack in ep 2: We’re fast as fuck!

  • FlanCake Man
    FlanCake Man

    Noted. If you are ever told to pick up your axe just disintegrate :ω

  • Alifiya Laheri
    Alifiya Laheri

    Damn good roast dimitrescu



  • Jake OgMt
    Jake OgMt

    sometimes i think he forgets hes recording😂


    I need some lock picks man, ooohhh LOCKPICK!


    Is it just me or did it kinda lag at 41:26

  • SGRKing

    I can turn my volume down to the point where I can’t hear the game at all, yet I can hear Sean Mcloggin’ 😎 like it’s max-volume.

  • Krunshii


  • Isaac Adams
    Isaac Adams

    Fun fact: The Duke was someone you were suppose to fight

  • Whats-My-Fandom

    11:22 LOL Love how you looked behind you as if Lady D showed up in your room! 15:00 Omg, I had no idea the tunnels had roofs like that too! I just kept running lol thanks for figuring that out. 29:25 O.O

  • Filip Bauer
    Filip Bauer

    I realized Sean has A THING for tall ladies..

    • Filip Bauer
      Filip Bauer

      *AKHM* Gab

  • Filip Bauer
    Filip Bauer

    *sees the tall booby Mistress* Sean: “Oh noo, I’m hurt” Is why I love jacksepticeye

  • Amarok Fiend
    Amarok Fiend

    Jack, my wife is 2 metres ... THIS is much taller!

  • Proinsias Cassidy
    Proinsias Cassidy

    Aw, damn, I'm having a bi dilemma over here, because I don't know who I'd rather let break me apart like a Kit Kat bar - Lady Mommytrescu or Lord Heisendaddy.

  • Captain Vaan Smith
    Captain Vaan Smith

    jack: shes tall ya so is every ese for you and me.

  • Expensive Granola
    Expensive Granola

    22:47 Evelien opens the door

  • Scarlet Wolf_tb
    Scarlet Wolf_tb

    Im glad that Jack can appreciate the visuals of the game, but dang dude its too dark to see anything on my end xD

  • Jørn Aadland
    Jørn Aadland

    I know it's a staple of the franchise, but it seems so "wrong" to use modern weapons in this setting.

  • Kai Stutterd
    Kai Stutterd

    what has granny got jack? "A N T R I T U S !"

  • i love it when spencer reid
    i love it when spencer reid

    ugh i want to finish this vid but i cantttt

  • Alyssa Carter
    Alyssa Carter

    Jack makes me feel so much better watching this, so many streamers playing it have never played resident evil 4 and don’t realize how similar it is!

  • Juno

    "Father Eeisenberg" You sure that's not Father Gascoigne?

  • Jikko Suru
    Jikko Suru

    Jack: ELIZA! me: ... AnD pEgGy

    • SGRKing


  • Grim reaper
    Grim reaper

    I honestly don't get why the entire internet is simping for Lady Dimitrescu? Hiesnberg is honestly better.

  • Buff Helpy
    Buff Helpy

    I love how genuinely awestruck he was to finally see her.

  • Lena W.
    Lena W.


  • Andrew L
    Andrew L

    for all Jack talked about "loving the lighting" his videos were WAY darker than other playthroughs I watched, I had to use an extension to brighten his videos up bc I couldn't see a lot of the details.

  • Kaim r
    Kaim r

    Me: I MUST SUMMON MY INNER JACK Me: The lighting is this game is amazing Other People: AHHHHHHHHH

  • Dalamar Brissette
    Dalamar Brissette

    Now that he's beaten the game I can say this. Anyone else appreciate just how close he was to the major twist? Mia was Miranda in disguise and he almost nails it when he says what it Mia was Miranda he had no idea how close to the truth he was xD

  • Maggie Anderson
    Maggie Anderson

    00:58 oh god you scared the shit out of me, jack

  • Heath Miller
    Heath Miller

    Well the spare candles got use in that house

  • TTG Buu
    TTG Buu

    I like how he switched up her name like 5 times

  • -Nobody-

    I like how half of the play through is Jack simping for Booba and the other half is death

  • Vivian Sixkiller
    Vivian Sixkiller

    He died admiring a lycan's pecs

  • [REaDy-ACTED]

    Is it considered necrophilia to be attracted to a vampire?

    • SGRKing

      Depends on the vampire. Most vampire myths I’ve heard don’t consider vampires undead. 🤷‍♂️

  • [REaDy-ACTED]

    Witch: Death has visited them all... AHAHHAHA! Jack also: Hahahaha! Skull also: NYEHEHEHEH! Jack: Haha! That’s funny... I just saw 5 people die...

  • Nathaniel Cerezo
    Nathaniel Cerezo


  • Vasiliki Fetfatzi
    Vasiliki Fetfatzi

    Alternative title: Sean simping for lady Dimitrescu for 58 minutes straight

  • Autumn Hensley
    Autumn Hensley

    Just because. One of the voice lines for the duke can say “What are you buying” to reference the old merchant from a past resident evil game.

  • latoya sosa
    latoya sosa

    When it hit 41:29 the camera got scared and left the room and came back xD i wouldn't blame the camera Sean screamed and i dropped the phone, mind you I'm wearing earbuds

  • Carter Persons
    Carter Persons

    Lady dimitrescu: licks jacks hand Jack: Joke on you I'm into that shit!

  • Merlijn Bal
    Merlijn Bal

    jack we know you like bug ladyies i mean look and your gf she is also big not as big as this vampire lady but still

  • The Nonchalant Zealot
    The Nonchalant Zealot

    37:19 me and the boys fighting for the player 1 wii remote

  • Candy


  • Erik Landeck II
    Erik Landeck II

    This vid jack go's back to being a 15 year old

  • Rylee Stulce
    Rylee Stulce

    Watching this on 144 -realizes I can change it

  • Keegan Elkington
    Keegan Elkington

    As soon as he said anyone, someone said no

  • Meade Evans
    Meade Evans

    Elena dies Ethan:NO! Sean: no Linda (absolutely no emotion)

  • Mecha Mochi
    Mecha Mochi

    I like how we just watched a video about Sean trying to cripple random monsters and randomly admiring how big booba’s are, I love 2021

  • Bubble

    Me staying up at 3:AM: Jack shows fire: Me:IT BLINDS

  • Jocy Winkles
    Jocy Winkles

    Can someone please count how many times he talks or says something about the lighting being beautiful or the game

  • E. Wyckoff
    E. Wyckoff

    12:21 I just felt my adrenaline go up and I was already like: YES, IT’S HER. AND I.. LOVE HER. And. At the same time I was also like: Oh shit.. hi. Please, let me talk to you before you crush me.

  • BlitzGirl

    RIP Ethan's hands.

  • Strum and Squid
    Strum and Squid

    Jack guessed it

  • Tomas Howell 2
    Tomas Howell 2

    I’m half way though this video when release I can’t see shit and had to turn up my brightness so i could see what jack was talking about like damn

  • Adrubb Adventures
    Adrubb Adventures

    it's about time someone told you the vampire love story....the tale of the bats and the bees. joke.

  • Adrubb Adventures
    Adrubb Adventures

    considering how Lady Dimitrescu hates men, I'd say calling her Big Booba would only make her want to rip you open....yikes!

  • Nicole Weiss
    Nicole Weiss

    53:09 I finally know how to properly pronounce lady D’s name!

  • SansMotivation

    39:04 "Help me brother. They deny me lööps."

  • tyler joseph
    tyler joseph

    damn his thirsting is kinda weird im switching to marks playthrough

  • Simonthefox 0
    Simonthefox 0


  • {°•froggyedits

    XD THE WAY HE LOOKED HER UP AND DOWN AND STILL SAID wow you are amazing 😅🤩 is just XD