• Lil Saint
    Lil Saint

    I'm so sorry to hear that sean I been watching you for years now and I'm devastated that this has happened to you I wish you nothing but happiness we got u bro💞

  • Yee-one

    “iTs dArK huMour” okay so.. where’s the humour 😐

  • Cameron Nelson
    Cameron Nelson

    Knowing that everything will be gone one day is sad I'm sorry Jack that your dad is gone

  • Tyler Wofford
    Tyler Wofford

    I know this hurts but we’re one big wall that can’t break. We all love you Jack❤️

  • Clawed50 Java
    Clawed50 Java

    ❤❤❤ sendin love your way homie

  • Lounex

    It is just inhumane to make fun of stuff like this. I don't get people who dothat for no reason. I hope it will get better.

  • Tiki Mcdixon
    Tiki Mcdixon

    I finally have time to watch this and I apologise for not getting to this video sooner. I apologise for how people aren’t respecting you and although I don’t know what you feel like I hope that you have time to recover. I love and appreciate you dearly Seán💕

  • Arcane Myth
    Arcane Myth

    i lost my dad before i turned 18, 5 years ago and honestly it still feels surreal it will be difficult and it will be harder on some days than others if you need to take a day of or 2 please do, us as true fans will understand and were here for you much love man

  • jaiger

    You know what im sure your dad would would do anything to make you happy and that's somthing that is the best thing to have as a kid

  • jaiger

    I love you I'm so sorry

  • jaiger

    Im sorry

  • draken page
    draken page

    I know I'm late, But I know your dads chilling in heaven

  • Pro Panda Pro
    Pro Panda Pro

    I came back to your channel after a while, this is the first video I watched when I came back, it made me cry and I'm so sorry

  • Muhammad Avdol
    Muhammad Avdol

    They just tryna find some attention dude, put your head up 👑

  • Owen Crabb
    Owen Crabb

    Sorry for your loss Jack, your father is very proud of you and always will be, we're here for you mate. R.I.P Jack's Farther

  • • Red •
    • Red •

    I can not believe the audacity of people disliking this video and the people made “memes” and talked down on this incident with negative comments... Your a strong person Seàn who’s able to talk about this with a straight face and that you are now back after such a short break. I am truly sorry that I missed this since I’ve seen your channel grow over the last like almost 8 years and I have stopped watching your channel for some small amounts of time but I always come back. It just hurts seeing a person like you who’s always been positive and just done so much good to this community. I hope you are now doing well and keep going strong as the big hearted person you are❤️

  • that gamer
    that gamer

    We still support you jack

  • Fadedd Shadowerr
    Fadedd Shadowerr

    The fact that 4 thousand people disliked this makes me really sad and those people are fucked up. I really get how hard it is too because a few years ago a close cousin of mine committed suicide and it was hard to get back to what I was doing. But we love Seán for being so strong. ❤

  • Joel

    Love u man

  • Xx_Isabel_The_Wolf_xX

    🍺 I raise my glass to the man who raised a legend. Your dad must've been so proud of you sean, and if there is infact an afterlife I'm sure he'd still be proud even now. Never stop doing what you love Jack, do as your heart tells you. Your old man would probably like it if you did. May he rest in peace. ⚘ momento mori.

  • TheDemonLord Jay
    TheDemonLord Jay

    His dad was sus

    • Filip Studzinski
      Filip Studzinski

      Holy shit your name is so cringe i would rather die than read it again

    • Muhammad Avdol
      Muhammad Avdol

      How to get attention

    • Xx_Isabel_The_Wolf_xX

      Show some respect. A good man is dead and you have the nerve to do that?

  • K-lou 19k
    K-lou 19k

    I hope you life gets better soon Jack remember we are always here for you

  • Axel Aaby-Ericsson Önnestads skola 7A
    Axel Aaby-Ericsson Önnestads skola 7A

    We are here fore u mate

  • Axel Aaby-Ericsson Önnestads skola 7A
    Axel Aaby-Ericsson Önnestads skola 7A

    We are here fore u mate

  • Zombies YT
    Zombies YT

    Whoever disliked this video is a huge piece of absolute garbage I’ve lost 8 family members in the past 12 months and it is very difficult (none from COVID) and it’s very hard, we love you jack we will always be here for you as a family

  • bonker binker
    bonker binker

    My deepest condolences 💔 stay strong

  • WetWater

    Jack, I'm sorry for your loss. I also went through this recently, and it just feels more grieving seeing you in pain. I love you alot jack much love to you and your family❤❤


    The fact that people laugh and make fun of you is horrible. Been watching since I was young . Supporting u all the way

  • Di Mitr
    Di Mitr

    Dead dad, LoL

    • Muhammad Avdol
      Muhammad Avdol

      How to get attention:

    • Xx_Isabel_The_Wolf_xX

      Show some respect for the dead. What did Sean's father do to you?

    • Gabriel Mullen
      Gabriel Mullen

      What is wrong with you

    • Di Mitr
      Di Mitr

      Yeah, thanks, have a good day

    • Di Mitr
      Di Mitr

      That is a good one, dude

  • cameron bobak
    cameron bobak

    My condolences go out to you and your family. He lived a pretty long life and he got see his family grow up. Everything your siblings achieved, and what you achieved. Just from all that I heard, and following you for a number of years I can tell he was a good man, I respect him and you. Hope you're doing well Sean, you're in my prayers.

  • Hayato

    Ik this is late but I’m sorry dude. People can be a jerk sometimes, especially the internet. But just to let you know that people that don’t do these horrible things care about you and and your life. One day these scums will get a taste of their own medicine when their father or one of their family member dies.

  • Edward Oltman
    Edward Oltman

    I'm crying I'm so sorry and for all the mean people u don't dezerv this I wish I could help

  • Chill Gamer
    Chill Gamer

    I'm sure your dad was proud of you for making a good SVname channel.

  • Stickz _
    Stickz _

    I am sooooo sorry😔

  • Benjamin Sandoval
    Benjamin Sandoval

    Sorry for your loss ❤❤

  • NeonBlue

    I Am So Sorry For Your Lose Jack Keep being strong don't listen to the heater out there edit) Fucked The Hater's Don't Listing do them.

  • tiltedcloudsz

    ive lost my dad a few years ago and it still affects me i hope you feel better soon jack, all of the people making memes and jokes can go rot in hell

  • Number1Irishlad

    I dont understand making memes about shit like this. Very fucking rude of people, and im sorry they made shit that much worse. You take your time to recover, and you deserve some time.

  • Lindy Jackson
    Lindy Jackson

    I’m sorry for your loss

  • Candlejack

    I'm literally nobody to you, but in recent years I lost my cousin I grew up with, and then a couple of years later I lost my best friend, and then I lost my grandma the holiday season before last, they were always there until I "got the call" and they weren't physically there ever again. They're always there when you're thinking about them or missing them though. Never stop sharing stories or memories, not only are they better stories than you give them credit for, they're part of the legacy of the people we've lost. Take as much time to go through your memories and any keepsakes and just focus on yourself, we'll be here when you're feeling better, it's not a pain that goes away, you just learn to live with it and it stops staying in the forefront. Good luck Sean, I really hope you find as much joy as many ways as possible.

  • Kat Allen
    Kat Allen

    I’m sorry for your loss I just found out love and prayers to you and your family🤍🙏

  • James Aguilera
    James Aguilera

    How can people still dislike this are people really fucked in the head to do something Like this

    • Boo


  • Voffvoffgutten

    Dont make memes of something like that. It really hurts....

    • jaiger

      Thank you

  • Dr. Anger
    Dr. Anger

    Hey, my names Micheal,As it is Jack this loss is always different to anyone but i know, i know that one wants to be with your lossed one, but also that they are always with you.

  • Lilcynamon


  • Rosey Lee
    Rosey Lee

    I wish you the best jackie boy, rest in peace jackie's dad

  • Becca Moore2917
    Becca Moore2917

    I’m so sorry you and your family are going through this it’s such an upsetting time. Your father would be so proud ❤️

  • OFFICER Rigs
    OFFICER Rigs

    hey jack i lost my grandpa that got me into video games over 7 years ago but i also lost my dog that i have had 13 out of my 14 years of life and i cant relate to you that much but just remember he is always watching over

  • Joshua Herd
    Joshua Herd

    But jack... None of your fans did do that to you. We are all still here for you! The ones that were never there for you are the ones out there showing their true colors. Love your new vids bro! Stronger than ever!

  • Walking Chaos
    Walking Chaos

    I'm am really sorry for your loss. I know what you are going through I lost my dad January 1st 2021. I also lost my grandmother January 23rd 2021 do to covid. I think it is absolutely horrible what people do and say to hurt others for their own amusement. It is absolutely horrible that you are going through this and I'm sorry. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers!

  • CTR Gaming
    CTR Gaming

    Im so late to this! Sorry for your loss Jack, im sure your dad was proud of you and what you've done in your life. My support is with you all the way❤

  • Qwerty

    im going to be frank, anyone who even jokes about this tragedy block them immediately. The people who try to create genuine shock value out of something as sorrowful as what happened are what define the scum of the earth. I hope you bounce back in the best way possible, lots of love

  • CMyGameLife

    I am so sorry for your loss. I dread the day I have to go through this. Much love and prayers to you and your family. I hope you are able to stay strong against the absolute terribleness that some humans contain in themselves. Your dad sounds amazing.

  • Tori the Undying
    Tori the Undying

    I’m so sorry I loss my best friend recently due to suicide so I know how you feel. I am really sorry.

  • SmotheredmyselfwithJelly

    Fuck those people who said anything negative about your dad and you and your family during this. We love you so so much❤️! We’ll be praying for you and your family

  • Masha801

    Love you jack, always and forever man.

  • Crime Person
    Crime Person

    Your dad raised a good man....

  • Webslingames


  • Emily Gragg
    Emily Gragg

    I lost my mom when I was 15, I understand how you feel. Your in my thoughts

  • Ayden Nemedez
    Ayden Nemedez

    I’m so sorry jack just thinking about loosing my dad hurts me. I can’t imagine the pain ur going threw❤️

  • karrots

    Well thats life and we cant do anything about it, we can die now or tomorrow we dont know,but im sorry for your loss. But i dont like how some people hate someone they know but the second they die they go to thier grave and say sorry and i know im late

  • Webslingames

    hey jack i lost my father at 11 so dont think your alone in this and if anyone wants to make fun of my dad dying do it i dare you. cuz my dad was a great person he was just like jacks dad. he was amazing

    • AllanRWO

      @TheDemonLord Jay I hate you.

    • TheDemonLord Jay
      TheDemonLord Jay


  • Adrian Rowe
    Adrian Rowe

    This video has hit me like a ton of bricks because of how relatable it is, my Dad died August 2019 aged 75 (I was 31), he was also as old as my friends grandfathers, and when I got home from school we'd have the house to ourselves for a while to chat, a common dinner he made was also fish fingers, potato waffles and baked beans. I have tears in my eyes writing this. Much love Sean and I hope you're doing well.

  • X_X

    Bro if someone important in my life dies im getting an ouija board

  • Erick Ramos
    Erick Ramos

    To every troll Once you lose a family member close to you I don’t think you would want ppl making fun of it do you so shut up and have some respect and I hope u lose a family member close to you and you get made fun of and see how it feels

  • Elijah Colon
    Elijah Colon

    I’ve been watching your videos for a while jack and I just wanna say your an incredible SVnamer but not only that but an incredible person I’m sorry for your loss and stay strong and don’t listen to the negativity people are childish and need to grow up

  • Slasher

    Imagine if your dad died and people made fun of it for no reason. This world is fucked up

  • Anubis

    We love you

  • Jamie Stoner
    Jamie Stoner

    Amen he was proud of you

    • Jamie Stoner
      Jamie Stoner

      Just to let you know

  • Jamie Stoner
    Jamie Stoner


  • SunnyxFlower

    Im pissed off that people making negative memes about his dad its pissing me the fuck off why just why! JACK IS ONE OF THE NICEST PEOPLE I EVER MET AND WATCHED!! JUST WHY!

  • zye kots
    zye kots

    Hope you feel better and I know I’ve been through it

  • Jackson Allen Bailey
    Jackson Allen Bailey

    I hope you will be ok, keep doing what your doing we all love you Sean!

  • Mizo animations
    Mizo animations

    He was probably one of the nicest people in the world.

  • The Huntress
    The Huntress


  • flo

    i dont really watch ur channel but like i hope ur doing well man and i hope this like helps u 😀 👍 hope u feel better

  • Xavier Sierra
    Xavier Sierra

    couldn’t finish the vid just cause it’s too much cause i’ve loved you since i was a kid but keep going you’ll get where you need to be

  • blinkensnorf

    We should all respect Sean’s father for bringing us the person who makes us laugh every day and makes us happy when we are sad R.I.P we will miss you also fuck the people who make memes about it

  • Happy Tomato Gaming
    Happy Tomato Gaming

    Im sorry for you and your family, just remember we're always here for you :)

  • charlie the squirrel king
    charlie the squirrel king

    Jack, I am deeply sorry for your loss. It hurts when you lose a family member, I know how your feeling about it, I lost my dad almost six years ago. Take your time, and stay safe. Hopefully all goes well, and we all await your return

  • trooper trooper
    trooper trooper

    I'm so sorry I just heard I'm so sorry for you loss

  • Demon Lord
    Demon Lord

    R.I.P I’m sure he was a great man and he loved you very much

  • Face_ Brandon
    Face_ Brandon

    Imagine being one of the 4.3k people who disliked this video. What is the point.

  • Jesse Webb
    Jesse Webb

    Sean we are all here for you and people who disrespect your father are shitheads and Sean is string enough to go on SVname and talk about this and the people who disrespect your father are scum

  • turbohealer520

    Don't worry jack i feel the same pain as you because the same thing happened to me in December 2 days before Christmas and for him not to be here was sad but Don't worry we'll be here to support you through these sad days but like again I know how it feels to have their father not here anymore but don't worry you dad is in a better place now PS. I've watched you for 4 years and I love your content so keep it up and don't ever give up

  • joseph munoz
    joseph munoz

    My condolences jack. Your dad will always be proud of you! May Godbless you.

  • Galactic Chicken nugget
    Galactic Chicken nugget

    Even though you know it’s inevitable from a young age but it hurts man I haven’t had it happen to me but I sort of know the feeling my dad lives I Belgium and I live in the uk Edit: The FUCKING Assholes who MADE FUN OF HIS DEATH CAN GO JUMP TO HELL ALREADY

  • HankTheTank59

    This fucking broke my heart because I’m the smallest way I feel him, my uncle died before and I have seen people that have made memes on his death even after knowing he was my uncle, and all I have to say is, your dad is in a better place and you can live through this, no matter how many people try to put you down, you stand up and let love shine the light for your path, I loved watching this video and I am so sorry for your loss, whenever I feel down I try drawing or reading The Lord Of The Rings or The Hobbit or Chronicles of Narnia, I have known you since I was 7 years old, I fucking love you and hope you have a great life.

  • parkat Gaming
    parkat Gaming

    I know what ur going through mate. Nothing but love your way

  • Hex Raphy
    Hex Raphy

    Sorry for your loss

  • Panday

    Oh my god there's so many haters in this comment section, i feel bad for you

  • Unattractive Melon
    Unattractive Melon

    Please take your time. Much love 😘

  • Panday

    It's okay man, we all be there for you.

  • Seth Walker
    Seth Walker

    Why the fuck are there dislikes !

  • hunter bauer
    hunter bauer

    Im so sorry Sean ive been there i lost my father too we are in the same boat there i wish the best of luck to you an im just finding out about this ive been gone from everything im so sorry i really am i know how you feel an tbh a lot of people made fun of my dads loss too as well what happened to you hits me im so sorry honestly im lost for words i wish i could give you a hug

  • Corn


    • Muhammad Avdol
      Muhammad Avdol

      How to get attention:

    • Xx_Isabel_The_Wolf_xX


  • Huss Gaming
    Huss Gaming

    Man people are so messed up,they really need to find a limit to hate,jack has never done something controversial,or hurt anyone,on the contrary he helps charity and is a lot of people's insipiration,anyone who made fun of his dad's death is actually heartless.

  • SkullSmasher 899
    SkullSmasher 899

    To the people who said his dad was “sus” Burn

  • Zeke Ludlow
    Zeke Ludlow

    Do people just not understand common human decency or treat others how you wish to be treated? Is that not a common concept? Are people really that arrogant and stupid? Sean. I’m very late and I’m very sorry. But I wanted to say this. Thanks. I’m sorry for you lose, I hope you family and friends have been and are doing better. I can’t image what is like to loose your father but I hope you’ve been given the support everyone deserves.


    Guys come look! w i l d a s s h o l e s.