Minecraft with my Girlfriend - Part 1
I played Minecraft with Gab! Our new adventure and life begins
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  • jacksepticeye

    Let it be known that gamers CAN have girlfriends!

    • Just Julli
      Just Julli

      I've had 7...... break up with me

    • Gery Ghost
      Gery Ghost

      we first gotta be lvl 80 and I'm still grinding for xp

    • DANWILL2174

      I'd like to see more of this 😁

    • Ryan Joseph
      Ryan Joseph


    • Lagw

      Hope has commeth back!!

  • Clean Walkthroughs
    Clean Walkthroughs

    jacksepticeye: the greatest salesman on earth

  • Gacha_BunnyPlayz

    9:17 WAIT WHEN WAS THAT A THING- Or is it a mod-

  • Kurb

    Sean (like most people) acts so immature and sweet hanging out with his girlfriend

  • BrodyDiverse

    What are the shaders?

  • EditorXain

    Jack: KILL THE CHILD GF: **Kills** Jack: u killed a child? That’s messed up Me: Understandable Have A Great Day

  • TopHatDemon TDM
    TopHatDemon TDM

    11:01 when you get tag teamed by a skeleton and his creeper friend

  • Brent Harell
    Brent Harell

    9:09 Septiceye activated


    Jack: feels good to be a gangster Skeleton shoots arow at jack Jack: high pitched AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Logan Dunn
    Logan Dunn

    Jack I'm your beggist fan and I'm poor so I can't join you or become a member but I try my best to support you

  • Baby Yoshi
    Baby Yoshi

    Jacksepticeye out of context: KILL THE CHILD, KILL THE CHILD

  • Rachel Reese
    Rachel Reese

    When the creeper fell i died laughing

  • Kipurika

    Fans: We want Minecraft part 33 Jack: uploads this Fans: this isnt what we meant 😞

  • Trevor Powell
    Trevor Powell

    Jack how would you block on controlr

  • Octavius Ricord
    Octavius Ricord

    What's the texture pack or sharders? I've never seen minecraft this hd xD

  • Ravenous Gaming
    Ravenous Gaming

    Who is here in 2021

  • Musical Moonchild
    Musical Moonchild

    (19:23) lol is it just me, or does anyone else hear DAYWALKER as the ender fades out and Sean's chanting at the skellies?

  • Frankie

    "Have you wanted a coffee that quenches your thirst like no other? Well you can go to topofthemorningcoffee.co-" Ad: I AM SUBZERO Another goddamn ad: SWITCH TO FIOS

  • Zuzzete Morales
    Zuzzete Morales

    there so cute

  • King Alex
    King Alex

    I got an ad in the middle of the coffee ad 😑

  • mysterybox

    just really bothered how u never eat his food so he can heal

  • Micheal Draws
    Micheal Draws

    Jack! of you want to place a chest on a chest, you have to sneak

  • Devin Black
    Devin Black

    “Gamers never die they just respawn” I have definitely seen that on a shirt at Walmart before

  • Cyari Williams
    Cyari Williams

    How did they get their game to look so realistic

  • Sarah Jane
    Sarah Jane

    Does anyone know what mod they are using to make their game look so beautiful?

  • Cole Riner
    Cole Riner

    27:24 pause and look... think about it

  • Jose Jaimes
    Jose Jaimes

    Whats the pack/skin used for this world

  • Big Nuggie
    Big Nuggie

    Jack, when you feel smoll, THINK TALL THOUGHTS

  • AO Craft
    AO Craft

    That sandwich joke was funny tho😂

  • kaiki

    what shaders are those?

  • FrostyOwO

    Um is it jus me that wants to know jacks specs lol

  • andres ortega
    andres ortega

    Hey Sean. How did you get the cool shaders?

  • CasualChip

    8:54 You learn something new everyday when your with your babe 😂

  • Bertie000 YT
    Bertie000 YT

    Nice father ted referencing.

  • Gůmmi Gumlord
    Gůmmi Gumlord

    Sean is so disgustingly sweet with Gab that I want to cry 😭 They're so cute!

  • ✿MJF✿

    The lack of torches stress me

  • Tanaka's Microscopic Hair
    Tanaka's Microscopic Hair

    Feels good to be a gangster😎 *AÆÀÂÄÃÅĀÏĮ*

  • Mie E
    Mie E

    Does anyone have the link to those shaders?

  • Isaac Adams
    Isaac Adams

    My friend: are you a cat or a dog person? Me who’s both: uhhh... Uhhh...

  • Meme God
    Meme God

    You know ive been watching sean for 6 years and never knew he had a girlfriend

  • Chandler Daigle
    Chandler Daigle

    18:01 **gets hit by an arrow and moves to the right** **looks in front of him**

  • Yum Yum Galaxy
    Yum Yum Galaxy

    What shaders are those?

  • LEGO78 Taco
    LEGO78 Taco

    Thats adorable

  • Nina Rances
    Nina Rances

    i really love Seán and Evelyn's creativity in Minecraft😊

  • Isaac Bennett
    Isaac Bennett

    This shader is making my laptop cry

  • Quincy Epoo
    Quincy Epoo

    simps are alode but not to much simping

  • Dudistdude

    what shaders are these?

  • That guy Evan1224
    That guy Evan1224

    14:31, as vanossgaming would put it “TERRORIST!!”

  • Wala Abusultan
    Wala Abusultan

    "i dont wanna listen to these ba-ba-bastards when we go to bed" "the ba-ba-biietches" flippin golden

  • Oreo K64
    Oreo K64

    I’m back

  • poopboi 123
    poopboi 123

    i made that sandwitch joke as well like 3 years ago!!!

  • Juliette Wachter
    Juliette Wachter

    I AM proud of you boi!

  • Sir Flynn YT
    Sir Flynn YT

    I was searching for the skip button not realizing it was a part of the video.. dang it.. 🤣🤣

  • Nicholas Owler
    Nicholas Owler

    Water looks like jello

  • gabriel kanaan
    gabriel kanaan

    shes even taller on the thumbnail! yall are too cute X)

  • Kayla Matney
    Kayla Matney

    When the ads come on right when he starts promoting his coffee😂

  • FTFoxy

    video: we will be right back youtube:plays add

  • Alecxander Vazquez
    Alecxander Vazquez

    Sean's charger needed to be put at a certain angle, that's all! his battery was running low-

  • Jolene Johnson
    Jolene Johnson


  • LadyOf Hell
    LadyOf Hell

    2:33 You're right it needs more fire lol jk jk

  • iPhone X
    iPhone X

    That was amazing!

  • emily gaddis
    emily gaddis

    i got a ad right in the middle of his coffie ad

  • amanda Sondergaard
    amanda Sondergaard

    Relationship goals

  • Luminous Moon
    Luminous Moon

    This minecraft is so different...for some reason I prefer the old one.

  • Charanjit Singh
    Charanjit Singh

    Who else waiting for part 2

  • Gina


  • Gina

    Take a shot everytime Sean dies

  • Kurushi

    I never heard of this person before he started dating Gab.

  • Evan Thompson
    Evan Thompson

    Sean you can crouch to put a chest on a chest, u don’t need a back wall

  • E.Π.Dmusic

    0:54 Bliki?! Damn

  • Dy66La57N7 1222
    Dy66La57N7 1222

    YAL ARE CUTE!!!!!!!

  • James Conner
    James Conner

    Dude what version is this

  • makkusun

    My favourite thing is how supportive you are at each other for small things. You both are so wholesome ❤️

  • Boris Koutsenok
    Boris Koutsenok

    jacksepticeye, you and your girlfriend are awesome , fun, amazing people who are fun and I would love to hang out with and be in your collaberation of playing minecraft and it would be very fun to play minecraft with you and your girlfriend.

  • Kirsten Maier
    Kirsten Maier

    Does anyone know which shader is being used? I'd like to try it out. TY!

  • Headphone_ Girl
    Headphone_ Girl

    Newbies: jacksepticpie Normal: jack Veterans that have been subscribed from the beginning: Sean


    What shader pack is this

  • Crazy Kid607
    Crazy Kid607

    what is that texture pack or is it a mod

  • Gabriel Salvatore
    Gabriel Salvatore

    An ad decided to play when jacks ad happened

  • Axolotl 563
    Axolotl 563

    i need to know what those shaders are

  • merkitten

    the anxiety I get watching people mine in the dark is wild

  • KevinFunniest

    Everyone: JACK! Just build rails. You dont have to find them

  • Mattgeez

    The return of the king

  • Big Ed
    Big Ed

    Anyone know what shaders he got?

  • Squish Alex
    Squish Alex

    I'm so glad I decided to watch this instead of at dead of night. This is much more refreshing and relaxing

  • Li-bat09 .T
    Li-bat09 .T

    Good video Jack

  • Sierra :0
    Sierra :0

    I got an ad in the middle of the ad-

  • Nike Headband
    Nike Headband

    2:22 that hurt me.

  • Deegan Hartman
    Deegan Hartman

    He used a pickaxe on dirt XD


    when he tried to put the chest on the chest it triggered me. all he had to do was hold shift xD

  • Mariofan

    0:46 Jacksepticeye you can't cuss you will get demonitized

  • Nafisa Rani Anindita
    Nafisa Rani Anindita

    the bad luck he had on this video HAHAHAH.

  • NotXSco

    Should be titled 28 minutes and 32 seconds of Jack simping.

  • Frosted Slime
    Frosted Slime

    Jack and Gab in a forest fire: Hmm.. IDK, this spot just doesn't feel right for a house. Maybe up that hill?

  • Ssteven playz
    Ssteven playz

    Way more calm then pewds and marzia

  • Les Story
    Les Story

    Jack why did you paint you nails black ;-;

  • Big fan of laser beam Use code lasar
    Big fan of laser beam Use code lasar

    Do a video with no sewering

  • Adam Foolio
    Adam Foolio

    I love how whenever his girlfriend is around him he turns into a nervous mess lmaoooo he's made more mistakes in this one video than he has had in his entire Minecraft series 😂😂 Also I lost my shit when that creeper dropped and he snuck in an advertisement lmaooo

  • Nikai Mifsud
    Nikai Mifsud

    what shaders is he using

  • vananyask1

    awww they're so cute