*OMG* They added me into MINECRAFT
I can't believe my bag look was so iconic they added me to minecraft
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      Spencer Schnell

      green haaaaaaaaaaaaair

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      Matthew Dowd

      I love it

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      Greeeeeen haaaaiiir

  • sytttaing aung
    sytttaing aung

    more minecraft

  • Elliot W
    Elliot W

    wtf this was 2 months ago. I thought it was like 3 weeks ago

  • Spencer Leu
    Spencer Leu

    Yea i will buy it.....when you upload another video of dying light or walking dead saints and sinners😐😐😐😐

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  • Udhith Udayan
    Udhith Udayan

    13:34 That is not their legs.... ( Look at the Bottom )

  • Mhafanpage

    Ohhhh love of god the “links in the description baby~” NOPENOPENOPENOP

  • creso

    He’s a carrot lmao

  • Luchasaz ZasahcuL
    Luchasaz ZasahcuL

    I am working on A SVname because I wanted people to see my videos and enjoy them but that’s hard when nobody is watching

  • Leviathan

    this mans turned to hulk for a sec...XD 15:07

  • Ace Banoffee
    Ace Banoffee

    The hatsune miku singing is on point

  • Christopher Mudd
    Christopher Mudd

    I swear every time I hear the meme time intro, it sounds like bean time....you're welcome people, now you can't unhear it

  • Nohea Lerma
    Nohea Lerma

    10:27 A MEGADETH MEME?!

  • MagicSmile

    👋 69 🐓

  • random dude
    random dude

    Song in the intro is called danzez by fashion

  • Toria Lamp
    Toria Lamp

    10:32 guess well wait until the colonoscopy

  • tina brady
    tina brady

    2020 was messed up

  • Julia Payne
    Julia Payne

    16:49 Gab in the other room thinking: what the hell is he doing Jack: STRAIGHT VIBING

  • Kit

    Please tell me I'm not the only one that sees something wrong with that photo. Really really wrong. @13:40

  • wolfiefun

    12:04 the best part is that the actual song is finnish

  • TreeStick

    Jack got drip.

  • Samuel Williams
    Samuel Williams

    Jack:what am I wearing right now? Me: DRIP

  • Rebecca Grinlinton
    Rebecca Grinlinton

    13:46 Idk if they just took a pic at the right time but they all have three legs

  • Miguel Flores
    Miguel Flores

    Hi tomis

  • Cheekie Pie
    Cheekie Pie

    I am from the future 2021

  • Tristan 77
    Tristan 77

    10:36 open an only fans for proof

  • Victoria Corrigan
    Victoria Corrigan

    I said out loud not on purpose when he opened the jacket "oh he's a carrot-"

  • Literally a Plant
    Literally a Plant

    right at 8:39 there was an ad xd

  • Kamisama0Hikari

    13:50 pause.... I just realized that Patric and his "dad" have their feet sticking to the ground so... What is that thing sticking u......p.... And my childhood was ruined.

  • Gamerboi C
    Gamerboi C

    Carrot man

  • The Gaming Boys
    The Gaming Boys

    i wouldn’t be alive if jack wasn’t a thing he cheers me up so much love u jack never give up big fan btw

  • Pro Gamer
    Pro Gamer

    People - he's a jackolantern Also people - he's a fanta bottle Me - HE IS AN IRISH FLAG !!!!

  • Jessica Condon
    Jessica Condon

    I'm gonna be honest Jack, that's not a bad Yzma impression.

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    Blake Gilbert


  • SYED khalid
    SYED khalid

    whats the name of the background music in the beginning

  • Mono

    I've been watching your videos for years and years it is so amazing watching you grow and I wish you best of luck through the corona

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  • MustyCheeks

    16:55 where did that bell come from Jack?

  • Kayden Widmer
    Kayden Widmer

    Me: -gets compliments on my pride jse shirt- Me: yeah he's so sweet and giving and BUY HIS COFFEE!!!

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    yassin amr

    hi thomas

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    Scarlett Haydock

    But hey ur not alone my dad's acts like a kid to

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    Ĥøñêý Ŕøŝĕ柔らかい

    I see this- 🇨🇮 yaknow-

  • Velikan CodMW
    Velikan CodMW

    Hey Jackie remember ur favourite dog Walt Valiant hearts the Great War 6 yrs ago

  • aiden mitchell
    aiden mitchell

    I'm always hearing about cloak but I really popular SVnamers what is it

  • Canales Family
    Canales Family

    Jacksepticeye is the real Irish flag! LOL

  • anx

    hi thomas! hope everything's okay, bud

  • f r ø g
    f r ø g

    8:37 Jack: f*cking dies. Me: haha laugh go brrr

  • Skarlet b1z
    Skarlet b1z

    why did you do that to edwards poor head....PUT HIS HEAD BACKKKK D: ;--;

  • Skarlet b1z
    Skarlet b1z

    HIII TOMAS!! (Idk how to spell ur name ;-; )

  • Skarlet b1z
    Skarlet b1z


  • Layne martin
    Layne martin

    Hi Tom

  • Kimberly Barry
    Kimberly Barry

    hope thomas is ok

  • 《fnaf•fan》

    *Jack about to fall off the foldable chair* youtube: *puts an ad*

  • MR ZEBRA 14
    MR ZEBRA 14

    sean be looking like a pumpkin tho

  • CyberFox

    16:38 The face of nightmares😂

  • Jakob Jenkins
    Jakob Jenkins

    in may is my birthday and i am goinging to be 14 years old and my name is jakob l jenkins and post this to jack

  • Harry Shelley
    Harry Shelley

    wieird i mage 13 50

  • Sniffee Mold
    Sniffee Mold

    you look like the joker

  • Tannie UwU
    Tannie UwU

    Can i ask a question?...13:44 Do patrick have 3 legs or..what?

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  • the khulkays
    the khulkays

    not meme tam

  • the khulkays
    the khulkays

    hi tomis

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    Anthony Salisbury

    Hi thomas

  • Archer Du Four
    Archer Du Four

    Hi Thomas

  • Archer Du Four
    Archer Du Four

    Hey Jacksepticeye I have a drum set and I played every day I wait till we turn on music and so I basically just played the drums part in do maternal music

  • Esme Belanger
    Esme Belanger

    Jacksepticeye: “I’m gonna go commit cringe.” Me: Another day, another inspirational quote from Jacksepticeye.

  • Esme Belanger
    Esme Belanger


  • Leone's brick's and more!!
    Leone's brick's and more!!

    man at 13:15 i laughed so hard at the pic...lol

  • Shelby Dike
    Shelby Dike

    Heard the intro music and thoughts went straight to Chris Ramsey

  • James Miles
    James Miles

    13:50 isn't sponge bob supposed to be for children WHY TF DO THEY HAV 3LEGS?!?!?!?!

  • McJor

    17:14 Save for Shari in animal crossing

  • The American YouTuber
    The American YouTuber

    3:48 “Wrong levaaaahhh!!”

  • King Siege
    King Siege

    when jack fell I got an add

  • Xavier Chavera
    Xavier Chavera

    Did anyone notice on the SpongeBob meme that Patrick and his dad have 3 legs???🤔13:36

  • Ishimaru The bean
    Ishimaru The bean

    If you crop out his head and shoulders *NON SPONSORED xd* hes an irish flag

  • Holden Noble
    Holden Noble

    I love the emperors new groove impression

  • Frankie Person
    Frankie Person

    Jack dont cringe you did something great!


    Um.... I'm sorry, but at 13:44.... I'm pretty sure that's not Patrick's Dad's leg... or Patrick's... no wonder Mrs. Star is always smiling...

  • You'll Never Know
    You'll Never Know

    3:39 Sean Mc Kronklan has been confirmed

  • randomations

    i like how he points at the camera when he says "sadness" i think he knows

  • C.C.

    Hi 👋

  • Rebecca Crowhurst
    Rebecca Crowhurst

    Did the beginning song remind anyone of Chris Ramsay

  • itsrylie

    420 weed raised

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    Crackhead gaming


  • Mantis Appreciation Squad
    Mantis Appreciation Squad

    Hi Thomas!

  • Jaunius Jaunius
    Jaunius Jaunius

    Why am i have dejavus and it feels like i saw this video like 5 months ago wtf

  • Nikki Kangas
    Nikki Kangas

    Why did u click bait

  • Bella Baez pujols
    Bella Baez pujols

    i thought he said he put the bell up his ars did he take it out of camra ???

  • Bray

    Pumkin jack, jack-o-lantern

  • Lonley Slendy
    Lonley Slendy

    14:25 how could Jack or Pewds take Remus' crown he is the TRUE king of trash

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    lopke strauwen

    hey Thomas

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    Hi Thomas!

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    Hi Thomas

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    David Robinson

    Hi Thomas, hope your cancer is in remission.

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    Zooey McDerpface

    My depression: What the hell are you?! Meme time: death

  • DrHranolka

    I like when he said: ou yeah baby XD

  • Shuaeb Alhamdany
    Shuaeb Alhamdany

    13:50 why dose patric on the left has 3 legs or 2 legs and a ???

  • jacobie16