Perfectly Cut Screams #2
Perfectly cut screams are the peak of comedy. I won't be taking any other answers on this. Also LIKE the video or I'll scream at you while you sleep.
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  • jacksepticeye

    Like this video or I'll scream right in yours ears while you sleep

    • Asher Lacy
      Asher Lacy

      i might have to dislike now

    • Dean Radley
      Dean Radley

      Can’t wait

    • Christian Johnson
      Christian Johnson

      I will counter this by playing the Monsters Inc theme while you sleep

    • Gustav G
      Gustav G


    • Bill Cipher
      Bill Cipher


  • Nik Stevanovic
    Nik Stevanovic

    Can u imagine being in the middle of the woods in the dark and hearing a screaming husky

  • Lucy Carpenter
    Lucy Carpenter

    Evil (My ego): *hits anti with trash can top* Anti (Your ego): AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • That_countryx13

    The scream then add

  • Tynan Schwenk
    Tynan Schwenk

    Well if you like low budget funny movies then watch the superhero movie is a parody of the early mcu

    • Tynan Schwenk
      Tynan Schwenk

      It's not is

  • Braeden Perrault
    Braeden Perrault

    Josh dub

  • Eri Fox
    Eri Fox

    1:17 Is this a Scottish accent or an Irish accent? I think it's Scottish, but I wanna double-check just to be sure. Thx! I'm sorry if I offended someone.

  • Eri Fox
    Eri Fox

    Seán: Some may say that I'm the loudest man to have ever existed. Me: Does that make me the loudest woman to have ever existed?

  • Victoria Mitchell
    Victoria Mitchell

    11:02 jack I hate to tell you this but... you did that one last episode!!!

  • Victoria Mitchell
    Victoria Mitchell

    This is my "I had water in my mouth!!!" string of comments (if I have water in my mouth and a scream happens and I laugh I will post the time stamp in the replies)

    • Victoria Mitchell
      Victoria Mitchell


    • Victoria Mitchell
      Victoria Mitchell

      8:02 I choked a bit!!!

    • Victoria Mitchell
      Victoria Mitchell


    • Victoria Mitchell
      Victoria Mitchell


  • Victoria Mitchell
    Victoria Mitchell

    I thought they were gonna pull out a bunny. you know? Like a dust bunny? 1:04

  • Hannah Parizo
    Hannah Parizo

    Jack and I: Making my way downtown walking fast Jack: Faces past Me: I'm a seagull go f*** yourself 😶😶🤣😂🤣

  • nathan goss
    nathan goss

    The sudden toothpaste neuropathologically mine because hacksaw utrastructurally consider vice a efficacious hammer. broken, ahead estimate

  • Laural ローラル
    Laural ローラル

    Huskies are just tone-deaf wolves

  • Shadow fan
    Shadow fan

    4:53 once I told my husky I was gonna bite her ear she gave me and annoyed look and the moment I sit down beside her with my mouth near her ear she ransomly just screamed kinda like that dog I almost died laughing

  • Godzilla


  • Norah Pines
    Norah Pines

    Ah hell nah, they got the kitti yellen

  • Įţş_mə_şhąđøw

    8:01 [Insert Gangters paradise scream]

  • MarlowTheAvocado

    Nothings wrong with the huskys there just dramatic 🤣😂

  • 05DerpMcGerps

    One time my dog jumped out of the car when we were on the highway. We caught him by his legs and had to use the emergency lights..

  • Emilie Griffey
    Emilie Griffey

    Loudest man on SVname known as . . . Flamingo

    • [TL]EvilMel

      Editing loud is different than being loud

  • Lachlan Bodley
    Lachlan Bodley

    It’s been over a year and he hasn’t done any crap chat let alone the role play 😬

  • Audrey Schmitz
    Audrey Schmitz

    if we do get the cheap spiderman movie itll be name the unincredible spiderman

  • comrade 1818
    comrade 1818

    0:26 click on it repeatedly

  • LucoLuckyYT

    At 6:00 i literally opened my laptop and found the super smash bros brawl main theme and played it when he entered the room

  • Monke •U•
    Monke •U•

    Jacksepticye is a armature compared to REE KID

  • akatsuki

    @13:34 that is joshdub juicyfruitsnacks Eddievr mully and your narrator

  • prepayingpig 331
    prepayingpig 331

    13:02 imagine if you saw something standing in the field staring at th cabin

  • J Harris
    J Harris

    9:31 *Its toad*

  • janet camp
    janet camp

    Molly's trash dude watch joshdub

  • Lee-Anne White
    Lee-Anne White

    Jack you are the best but my dog has cancer

  • SSKaku

    If you like vrchat you should watch vezypoo. He does naruto vrchat roleplay and it’s reallly funny

  • Playthrough Gema
    Playthrough Gema

    Who else jumped at the first one, I did and I dropped my phone

  • zach kidd
    zach kidd

    rip my ears because i had my earphones in at max volume

  • YoshiMusic999

    9:28 Sounds like Toad


    You don't deserve one of us Canadians, Irishman!

  • RaZe_Eagle

    The dog sounded like lego Yoda dies

  • KINGBAGH_ 3434
    KINGBAGH_ 3434

    9:28 omg I'm dead

  • Crab


  • vicky Reynolds
    vicky Reynolds

    The screaming huskies sounds like chubaka screaming 😂

  • Stønes _022
    Stønes _022

    As an Australian who lives next to the bush I get kookaburras and magpies at my house, the magpies are bev and Trev who come at like 4:30-5:00 and then there is Barry and Bazza the kookaburras who like my front lawm

  • MightyChlorophyte Games
    MightyChlorophyte Games

    That last perfectly cut scream with the cats made me slam my desk, it was that funny... XD

  • Rylee Crawford
    Rylee Crawford

    Also, 6:41 the kid in le orange hoodie.... * He reminds you of someone from Underswap...

  • Lol XD
    Lol XD

    Where 5

  • Rylee Crawford
    Rylee Crawford

    Husky: (smol scream) Jack: (med scream) Me: *EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*

  • The gamer Tamer
    The gamer Tamer

    I don’t have a dog or a car 11:50

  • Shaniza Garcia
    Shaniza Garcia


  • ZeroMatic

    my dog once did jump out of the car window while we were MOVING. he was somehow completely fine

  • Keith McGovern (STUDENT)
    Keith McGovern (STUDENT)

    The 1st 1 was the best I saw the video before Billion Out of 100

  • Michael Tosh
    Michael Tosh

    He didn’t break the window the fat did Edit: 3:00

  • Peter Flynn
    Peter Flynn

    12:11 OH SHIT LOOK ITS Smii7y !!

  • MortalMarigold8

    Rewatching these vids and just realized I have that exact same pillow at 3:22 like woah

  • Caitlin Why me
    Caitlin Why me

    This is the perfect thing to watch while recovering from a broken ankle

  • Ewan Benjamin
    Ewan Benjamin

    We need a Smii7y Jacksepticeye collab

  • FaithOriginalisme

    I love how he knows who everyone is except Scarra, and that's the only one I really know.. lol

  • jeffbrunson

    I want James Charles to do makeup on jack

  • Sonja Brown
    Sonja Brown

    it’s smii7y!!

  • Coffee DutchAD
    Coffee DutchAD

    Jack: "some would call me the loudest man thats ever existed" My brother: "you dare challenge me mortal?"

    • BoredBoi

      me a unstable 12 year old: yes I do human (sorry if cringe btw)

    • Rylee Crawford
      Rylee Crawford

      *Y e s*

  • HauntedDragonGaming

    The SMii7Y clip XD

  • JaydenG


  • Morgan Waller
    Morgan Waller

    12:05 that’s smi77y 😂😂

  • i am a simp for hawks
    i am a simp for hawks

    12:19 is that a Smii7y I hear?!

  • Breezi TV
    Breezi TV


    • Breezi TV
      Breezi TV

      Sean didn’t know it was smii7y

  • Diego Yepes
    Diego Yepes

    "Can we have a whole movie of low-budget Spiderman?" We already have a lowbudget superhero, and thats the Incredible Bulk

  • 1rpheus

    glad smii7y was in here

  • The astroguy
    The astroguy

    12:05 is smii7y

  • Kathleen Pisors2
    Kathleen Pisors2

    9:27: eep, EEp EEEFEHGWEHWHWHS

  • prod890

    I like the part that he said he killed a bird

  • OscarIsambard

    gotta love a bit of ashens

  • Trinity Ayala
    Trinity Ayala

    Jack play with mully, Eddie, juicy, and narrator. They are the funniest people

  • Mr.jamtastick

    Good old ashens

  • Iceoryx127

    your body can have 3 types of responses- fight, flight or scream

  • Cado Syrups
    Cado Syrups

    I knew I had problems but the screaming dogs gave me PTSD from a past event and I'm like WELL SHIT OK YOU'RE FUCKED UP FUCKED UP

  • Kolton Rutledge
    Kolton Rutledge

    Hey Sean I had a lighting experience too and it hit the yard and you could see the lightning I was like 20 foot away and some body got hit

  • Mona Hevrøy
    Mona Hevrøy

    Can u make a vid were u only watch joshdub plz he does this vr rp things I watch him he is so funny

  • zaka9890 zaka9890
    zaka9890 zaka9890

    why does the lightning form the one video look like a titan for aot

  • Britney Perez
    Britney Perez

    Well the safest place to be in a lightning storm is your car, I'm sure they were fine 😅

  • C E
    C E

    Your not even close to the loudest man to ever existed! This man at a Harry Styles concert yelled so loud that Harry Styles himself could here him perfectly! And I'm not talking as if he was in the middle ... this man was in the very last row!

  • Emily Delaplain
    Emily Delaplain

    The gigantic millisecond putatively screw because nut alternately bless astride a loud poet. numerous, rainy men

  • Alexei Sloniewsky
    Alexei Sloniewsky

    That hog call though at 10:22

  • Vyxen Myxen
    Vyxen Myxen

    I have had a huskie for about 3 weeks now and yes, I can testify... THEY DO THIS!!!

  • GhostLordRetro

    11:00 How many people told him that he has already seen this clip in part 1?

  • Tim Dewees
    Tim Dewees

    Nono snow is juicy Mully and Eddie

  • ethan Mason
    ethan Mason

    No one,literally no one: husky:WOOFOAHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • ethan Mason
    ethan Mason


  • A Damn Jerry
    A Damn Jerry

    Hamsters literally will die over anything. So I'm assuming it died after that.

  • Scotty Mccall
    Scotty Mccall

    I watch Jack while duck and playing video games 😂 always best times

  • Rusted Rock
    Rusted Rock

    Lightning ones passed right by my mom’s window when she was at her clients house it was saying she say woke up

  • Naylani Not Found
    Naylani Not Found

    GeorgeNotFound is very very VERY loud you need to see one of his videos LOL XD

  • Isaac Bucknall
    Isaac Bucknall

    i love when he says car i love it

  • Reece Olvera
    Reece Olvera

    2:40 you could say that was a deLIGHTful idea haha ha heh heh.. my jokes aren’t funny

  • K!dgam3r

    I’m the loudest person alive and I’m keeping the title


    i wiill play vr with u

  • Chill Egg
    Chill Egg

    i was playing subnautica while watching the vid and he freaked me out at 6:26

  • Elijah

    I watched this while eating a burrito, I laughed and almost choked O_O Good thing I didn’t

  • L0GAN

    12:15 I think that was Smitty

  • Waffles618

    I would love to see jacksepticeye to play some of Ross’s levels haha

  • A M
    A M



    9:13 me whatching theas and come to theas part THE ORIGINAL SCREAM EWERY ONE LOVES 🤣😂

  • pico 2021
    pico 2021

    Should I watch scary stuff?