Reacting To The Scariest Videos On The Internet #3
More of the scariest videos on the internet
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  • jacksepticeye

    There was originally a really cool video I reacted to in this called "peephole" but sadly it got claimed and I had to edit it out. Shoutout to those of you who saw the original full video!

    • seannbean

      gods i thought i was going crazy- i went to show someone the clip and it was gone!

    • Wisdom

      I saw it

    • Hamilton Southwell
      Hamilton Southwell

      you should watch Mr nightmare

    • Anthony Lank
      Anthony Lank

      good think i got to see this video in time

    • chicken Ninja
      chicken Ninja

      Yea I was looking for that part for like 5 minutes till I looked at the comments

  • Willie G Official
    Willie G Official

    The mime - fuck that😂

  • David Roff
    David Roff

    Goin full screen boys wish me luck 🤣

  • sky doodles
    sky doodles

    Scariest part was the Charlie Chaplin cardboard cutout

  • deez nuts
    deez nuts

    awesome fu7cklihgn video nigga

  • Juicyplays17

    Jack make a horror film please that made me shit myself (intro)

  • ttvMIST savage
    ttvMIST savage

    BUt non of them were actually scary :(

  • Nivi

    When you noticed that the movie has 11,666 view and it's like... Satan stuff xD or just my imagination and...😂

  • Christopher Estes
    Christopher Estes

    that mime video was awesome!!!

  • Lynn

    its the intros for me :)

  • Eric Liesman
    Eric Liesman

    It would have been hilarious if he talked about the lighting in the second one

  • Pk Playz
    Pk Playz

    SHAUN BEHIND YOU AHHHHHHHHHH I’m to weeks late dangit

  • SoulGazer Shayn
    SoulGazer Shayn

    3:21 nice try Seàn. Nice try...

  • Mutilate a doll Dream worriors
    Mutilate a doll Dream worriors

    I wished he watched looksee but im glade he saw mime

  • Jalapeños Salsas
    Jalapeños Salsas


  • Caelainn Roane
    Caelainn Roane

    you should check out alter on here! they have some good scares

  • Blake Johnson
    Blake Johnson

    im wondering what the beginning of the vid looked like without the editing

  • Pigeon_Man

    My spooky-phobia got to me in this video and btw jack a podcast you might like is called scared to death and what they do is tell supposedly true story’s (it could make a fun scary video).


    3:21 stated with fnaf continuing with this

  • EZR SpLaShY
    EZR SpLaShY

    Your intro was more scary than the video it’s self lmao

  • Josiah Cortes
    Josiah Cortes

    I was watching 12:25 then I got a vape ad bruh

  • Izaak Kerr
    Izaak Kerr


  • Izaak Kerr
    Izaak Kerr

    the cap on this app

  • Karbo_ n
    Karbo_ n

    best videos to remove drunkeness?

  • Pradyumna Basa
    Pradyumna Basa

    me every time after watching horror things : 9:04

  • RealUchihaMadara

    "WOOOOOW GROOOSE!!!" That was a good music :)

  • Moth Man
    Moth Man

    Got ads right at the climax of almost every video 😐 really ruins it

  • Jack Fae Scotland
    Jack Fae Scotland

    How can you sleep with the door open. Madman.

  • Damien Cherry
    Damien Cherry

    none scared me

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha

    i am watching this at 1:57 am, why TF am i doing THISSS!!! Edit: i couldnt go past 8 min. NOPEE, NO THANK YOU!!

  • Killer Productions
    Killer Productions

    Anti that you?

  • Octography

    A friend of mine helped produce and film "Eyes in the Dark" back in 2010, it was a really good "found footage" feature length film.

  • Emily West
    Emily West

    You should check out life of luxury’s page, totally fake but SUPER creepy stuff

  • the edit aesthetic
    the edit aesthetic

    seán: "ya have to just meet her at the wedding" literally everyone in an arab/desi household: 👁👄👁

  • Fruttii

    12:03 are we about to kiss rn? 😩

  • Della Jay
    Della Jay

    3:20 Is no one gonna talk about this 🤣

  • L2 Square 912
    L2 Square 912

    Me watching this at 3am

  • Panda Rathernotsay
    Panda Rathernotsay

    8:04 [everyone fell for that] and if you didn't, you're lying.

  • Easton Mcdonald
    Easton Mcdonald

    Anyone see Shan in the background

  • Tristan72623 RedsRetro
    Tristan72623 RedsRetro

    I liked how he styled the video after the one that got claimed, nice way to include it in some way.

  • Lisa

    Sean seriously, why are your videos 10x louder than other youtube videos? Gives me a scare every time!

  • Snakeninja 76
    Snakeninja 76

    How’s anti doing

  • Brick

    All i can think about in the cardboard Charlie Chaplin video was that the guy was being stocked by lady dimitrescu

  • Darun bhai
    Darun bhai

    2005/10/05 my birth day 😑😭

  • Cartoonz jean
    Cartoonz jean

    Jack my boy hi i love your videos

  • Michael Hood
    Michael Hood

    Any fans of The Magicians?? Stella Maeve in the first video!

  • ger mc kenna
    ger mc kenna

    I hate horror stuff but I'll still watch these while just typing random comments

  • Curtis Atwood IV
    Curtis Atwood IV

    I think the scariest was the mime 😬

  • MyName Alex
    MyName Alex

    intro is amazing

  • allspark Warrier
    allspark Warrier

    I think I saw the Croatia tape years ago coz the guys and the location look super familiar

  • BeholdethClan

    7:06 Ya i hate walking at night with a flashlight too. If anyone played iron man VR remember that scene where you had to go into stark towers as 1 of the first levels? Ya that was so terryfing im scared

  • Sweet Yellow
    Sweet Yellow

    i see you! stop hiding in the comments!

  • Sweet Yellow
    Sweet Yellow

    i think the video should end when the intro end. that's the scariest moment in the vid.

  • mc slayer zx
    mc slayer zx

    If your doing this agin watcg crypt tv (not sponsored)

  • LMaO Ze3rRoZ
    LMaO Ze3rRoZ


  • Markus Biagtas
    Markus Biagtas

    why is there a another person in jack's room?

  • sweet_galaxy

    Intro:*jack twirking on the floor*

  • Cabel "The Wire" Cordd
    Cabel "The Wire" Cordd

    0:09 what kind of stripshow is this?

  • Elijah linkletter barker
    Elijah linkletter barker

    any one else whatching this at night i am at 1am

  • Liluglydude 265
    Liluglydude 265

    what happend to scp contanement brech?

  • Kieran Lowry-Sims
    Kieran Lowry-Sims

    Good stuff

  • Landen Scott
    Landen Scott

    8:56 as soon as that jumpscare happened I got an axe ad if you don't know they're normally really cheerful and it ironic and scared me more than the jump scare did

  • Anthony Lank
    Anthony Lank

    hi jack im a starter comic artist and i was wondering if you could do me the honor of being a character on my new comic im working on. you dont have to say yes. i just need an awnser. like a yes or a no

  • TinyPanda 01
    TinyPanda 01

    0:00 me: there we be a jump scare and i am ready i will not be scared! *the jump scare happens* also me: AHHHHH

  • ToxicFireWolf


  • Leader_of_ Noobs9
    Leader_of_ Noobs9

    2:29 i saw the thing literally a second before jack did

  • blake makofka
    blake makofka

    322 who tf is that in the background lol

  • Kawaiidemon _UwU
    Kawaiidemon _UwU

    So what did we learn today? *sean hates shower curtains*

  • Brandon Salazar
    Brandon Salazar

    I was wondering who that was at 3:21

    • Brandon Salazar
      Brandon Salazar

      Unless I’m stupid

  • Gamer Wolf
    Gamer Wolf

    Jack gave me a heart attack @-@

  • Jerico Cro
    Jerico Cro

    sean you know we love you but these vids put me to sleep i only saw the first two but they were both extremely predictable please sean forgive me for my comment but these were weak

  • Mr. Succ
    Mr. Succ

    *Jumpscare in the car* SVname right after: download our free dominos app to get a fresh pizz-

  • Juan Zenteno
    Juan Zenteno

    jack sounds like irish mario

  • °•Mocha Cøøkie _Gacha•°
    °•Mocha Cøøkie _Gacha•°

    We in dis together! The intro thoooo😩

  • am Samir.Kurtisi
    am Samir.Kurtisi

    sean jumpscare got me so good

  • Mateo Ramires
    Mateo Ramires

    I’m such a puss*

  • Hi. I Sing
    Hi. I Sing

    For the old maid one I'd be like "I know you like my dress but I gotta go girl I just saw my man doing an angy outside"

  • DOT Dot
    DOT Dot

    This video was on my birthday. It's like indirect birthday gift from Sean.

  • ASIAx3

    A video that scared my shitless and gave me nightmares in middle school was Light Out by ponysmasher on SVname. When I watch it now it's not as scary as some other things I've seen but it still gives me that tense feeling

  • Marcos Sencion
    Marcos Sencion

    That was actually a pretty good scare you did Jack

  • Tripn Society
    Tripn Society

    Jack can u please react to "Dont look away" a short film

  • lé Hjönk
    lé Hjönk

    8:10.....i have the exact same record player

  • Everywhere at the end of time
    Everywhere at the end of time

    Ah yes, watching this on 12:57am when i can't sleep is totally fine

  • jack atron
    jack atron

    Well someone misses anti

  • Leeanna Callihan
    Leeanna Callihan

    The intro scared me 😹

  • Lucas Tarleton
    Lucas Tarleton

    i watched this at school

  • Zackary Busby
    Zackary Busby

    That fucking caterpillar crawl though. lol

  • Abdul Baasith
    Abdul Baasith

    Check out grave encounters. Mad found footage horror fam.

  • Ell 18
    Ell 18

    I just love the Intro’s, not only does he put effort in for the fans, but he also does it for his own entertainment 🥰

  • ManicPigeon

    oh hi lololololololooooooool

  • ManicPigeon

    nice dude

  • ManicPigeon

    yea bro snm

  • yeetus cletus
    yeetus cletus


    • ManicPigeon

      im scared of card bored

  • Liz Shaner
    Liz Shaner

    The mime was pretty creepy

  • Judah Zephy C. TENEREPE
    Judah Zephy C. TENEREPE


  • Jingus Jongus
    Jingus Jongus

    Can we start a poll to get jack to watch the walten files lmao

  • Marin Krstulović
    Marin Krstulović

    I am from Croatia

  • yes but really no
    yes but really no

    Hello fellow people hiding in the comment section

  • marg .x.
    marg .x.

    @jacksepticeye watch this group on Facebook they are called ALTER and they make tons of creepy ones for these kinds of videos you’re making now my favorite is the one called “Other side of the box” 📦 enjoy!

  • Chris Owchar
    Chris Owchar

    Blackout really reminded me of resident evil because of the setting dark,creepy, have a flashlight facing the floor and half the room, exploring homes n shit Is just cool to me