Reacting To YOUR Favourite Tik Toks
I asked you guys on Twitter for your favourite Tik Toks, so here they are!

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Outro Song created by "Teknoaxe". It's called "I'm everywhere" and you can listen to it here

  • Julie E
    Julie E

    You described Joyca (the guy who made the zkpvdzk song) so well without even knowing him it's incredible

  • MinSugaGenius

    My mom’s dog is the WEIREST fucking dog ever. If you think your dog is weird then you haven’t seen a dog like my mom’s. His name is Gizmo and he’s about a year old so he’s basically still a pup. His name fits perfectly. Other dogs def do this, but when we are going to go on a walk with him he hides and when we finally walk out of the apartment we have to walk down like 6 steps to get to the front door and he’s terrified of walking down stairs so he presses himself right up to the wall and lays down and has a look on his face as if he have done something wrong. He does this EVERY time. And when we finally get outside he doesn’t walk normally. He jumps with his back legs while walking and sometimes he walks sideways. He’s like a mix of a dog, kangaroo and a crab. He often comes to us and bites out feet/toes and pull our socks off because he want to have socks he can play with. There was also one time when me and my mom was watching a show and after the show we were going to sleep. She slept in a room with my brother, who was already asleep, and i slept on the couch. She looked EVERYWHERE for Gizmo, but didn’t find him so she thought that he probably went in the room to be with my brother or something. She went in the room and closed the door and as i was about to turn off the light Gizmo just WALKS ACROSS THE ROOM even though he literally just fucking disappeared out of nowhere 💀💀

  • MinSugaGenius

    7:46 that sounds like a fucking bop too though

  • mr man
    mr man

    1:20 Friday night funkin be like

  • TacComControl

    If it has an accent over the A that extends out the vowel... Wouldn't your name be "See-AAAAAAAAAAAAAANNE"?

  • Jeremiah Mason
    Jeremiah Mason

    Does anyone else like thick anime thighs

  • Bralon Knipp
    Bralon Knipp

    Do you like soccer

  • R. T.
    R. T.

    5:33 I love how Jack did the check out eyes from down up at the lens before saying "you lookin like a snack!" 🤣 ay yo chill with that man that lens got chemical cleaner on it stap.

  • pony_goesburrrrrruvu

    I feel like Jack should be friends with Mully, Your narrator, smashing, juicy, Eddie, and more if there is

  • Satvin Singh
    Satvin Singh

    Little did he knew he became a meme on tiktok

  • Anna Sultan
    Anna Sultan

    The cloistered bongo laterally like because close prognostically scrub below a sick peanut. glistening glorious, cheap salmon

  • 2:48 he sounds like a train

  • Jenni Pilon
    Jenni Pilon

    I hate that I kinda like their song 1:10

  • be aplayer
    be aplayer

    Watching people that has talent gives me anxiety

  • Христо Илиев
    Христо Илиев

    Teacher: What are you laughing at? Me: Nothing. My brain: 9:45

  • LittleAlchemyFan2

    13:45 She sounds like that dragon from Raya and the Last Dragon.

  • LittleAlchemyFan2

    Seán never ceases to make me laugh.

  • PepperPants

    13:03 sound like if stitch learned what was in the 5th dimension and got possessed by the demons in it

  • BRG siren
    BRG siren

    When Sean says that we look like a SNACK through the lense me being a minor 😳

  • OneWierdGamerPerson

    The first tiktok is in reality FNF boyfriend in a rap battle

  • crazy sniper
    crazy sniper

    Did anyone else notice there are 5 people in the car

  • Monke •U•
    Monke •U•

    Jack ain’t know he always makes fun of my religion and culture

  • Galactic Galaxy XR
    Galactic Galaxy XR


  • David

    Imagine just walking around then Jacsepticeye says 11:10

  • Galaxy girl
    Galaxy girl

    To be honest ferret stink like really bad I should know I have one

  • Vaguely Repetitive
    Vaguely Repetitive

    9:45 nehy

  • : sniperfox :
    : sniperfox :

    His name is similar to Siobhan it’s pronounced shavauhn

  • عالم فاتن السباعي
    عالم فاتن السباعي

    Look Jack if you find this search funny Spider-Man and you would be fucking exploding

  • Maleia Taylor
    Maleia Taylor

    Itss ok seann I have asthma tooo

  • Shadow_Gamer

    All of these made me cringe not laugh

  • Noell

    Am I the only one that sees the pure joy in his eyes when he sees peoples art of him 🥺🥺

  • Shea Meyerson
    Shea Meyerson

    the "not a vibe" tiktok has a lot of Monty Python energy 😂

  • sans the skel
    sans the skel

    ....I pissed In a cat...ima....ima just go to my corner now

  • Busy Shrimp
    Busy Shrimp

    facts twilight sucks

  • Shai The lightsaber guy
    Shai The lightsaber guy

    I love Star Wars

  • Shai The lightsaber guy
    Shai The lightsaber guy

    Technically isn’t life improv?

  • Dylan op Powers
    Dylan op Powers

    When the glasses come on mom comes out

  • kizuna_ cookie
    kizuna_ cookie

    My boi joyca😂😂

  • Reyd Benoit
    Reyd Benoit

    Ngl Sean is my comfort voice

  • Grant Osharow
    Grant Osharow

    Interpretive rappaz: normal weird noise that last guy: *screams in dog whistle*

  • Cody_DuxsG

    His represention of zooomys lol


    Jack: you look like a snack. Me:slowly backs away

  • Matthew Sanders
    Matthew Sanders

    When I'm bored "NOT A VIBE!!!!!"

  • Demvita

    In the painting of Seàn he looks so stern

  • sour_sushi

    9:45 I’m just gonna leave that there….

  • ThatOneOakTree

    0:08 *pauses* Me: “ET IS THAT YOU”

  • REEKID1312

    9:40 bruh lol

  • Puss the Pup and Donkey the Dog
    Puss the Pup and Donkey the Dog

    React to Titanic roast compilation

  • Call of Clancy Eternal
    Call of Clancy Eternal

    5:36 Jack stop I’m a minor

  • Bittyky

    Me forgetting to turn my volume down before starting a Jack video🤯😅🤣

  • Gabe Mortell
    Gabe Mortell

    My brother's name is Sean and it's pronounced as Shawn without the Á

  • Van Huynh
    Van Huynh

    The disillusioned case fifthly frighten because database exemplarily moan amid a capricious lemonade. unruly, healthy grenade

  • vfg nhj
    vfg nhj

    The dangerous instruction greely cross because ukraine evolutionarily time towards a relieved rub. naive, grotesque michael

  • Onyx Kokontis
    Onyx Kokontis

    i have one of those lightsabers

  • that red shirt skater
    that red shirt skater

    And there just like neeeaaayyy and Walking like a crab 🤣🤣🤣

  • miriam pacheco
    miriam pacheco

    Guys i was making popcorn and then when it was finished i was going to open the bag and be careful and then I BURNED MY FINGER 😃👌


    My man speaking the language of gods 1:52

  • KingGoji 953
    KingGoji 953

    9:45 If I was an animal this is what I would sound like 😂😂😂😂

  • Mya Wong - MRH Student
    Mya Wong - MRH Student

    Why DO I know what it feels like to lick everything I see, without ever even thinking about it?!?! My brain can not process this!

    • Mya Wong - MRH Student
      Mya Wong - MRH Student

      Why do I know carpet? Shelf? My viola?!

  • Ryan Meeboer
    Ryan Meeboer

    the sean one was rude to me because my name is sean and its irish

  • Nicholas Bastion
    Nicholas Bastion

    Me, watching this and listening to Wellerman: Perhaps I treated Tiktok too harshly.

  • Kessa Romer
    Kessa Romer


  • Kessa Romer
    Kessa Romer

    It's the ice cream tiktok

  • Kole Koester
    Kole Koester

    12:30 Everybody gangsta till he ain’t using a filter

  • Kole Koester
    Kole Koester

    5:02 that dog costs $74,500. That person must be LOADED.

  • Leo Rimkunas
    Leo Rimkunas

    I thought that the painting was joe exotic at first.

  • Joseph Coffey
    Joseph Coffey

    Jackyboy is now a TikAddict

  • Carter CROSS
    Carter CROSS

    9:45 nyeh

  • SkyShark Playz
    SkyShark Playz

    when jack went neeeee i thought of a little Irish man

  • SoggySenpai

    Shawn? It’s Seán

  • Kyle Baadjies
    Kyle Baadjies

    I love twilight

  • Sir_Nuggington

    Thou hath not vibeth



  • Logical gamer
    Logical gamer

    tik tok is like a worse vine is it just me to but don't judge me but I want vines to come back. FUCK YOU 2020 and 2021.ಠ_ಠ

  • Rachel Tuomi
    Rachel Tuomi

    Bring me the sardine oil!🤣Fuck,i laughed at that so hard ...

  • Hazza_Smazza

    Me about to go to bed Seán: * aggressive bell noises *

  • Eli Cox
    Eli Cox

    What were thoes comedy shows?

  • Artsy gal
    Artsy gal

    did y'all know that the bunny in animal crossing is supposed to be your dad. (not a joke)

  • Andrea

    My cat thinks used tissues is the best thing ever...makes me gag..

  • draggy76

    honestly the white boys in the car doin that "rap" sounds like some shit StamperTv would come up with and sing

  • Soul

    Watch vampires suck

  • Chuckle Nuts
    Chuckle Nuts

    "Fuck the Easter bunny, ain't sh*t to celebrate" Me, a Christian: Oh. . . ok :(

    • yhm

      Have u ever thought what does an Easter bunny have to do with jesus coming back to life? lol I never understood this holiday anyway I don't believe in God so what do I know

    • Sqii

      @Elle Ordoyne shut up nerd

    • Elle Ordoyne
      Elle Ordoyne

      its ok… its just a game… and plus, your opinion is all that matters to you :)

  • Corla Takami
    Corla Takami

    I am literaly in the same situation

  • Melia Seim
    Melia Seim

    9:44 NeEeEe

  • Melia Seim
    Melia Seim

    9:12 Is your cat kinda dumb? ( Idk what are your questions? ) Does he think that plastics gum? ( Yes. ) I think he chases ghosts, ( same, ) but who the hell knows? ( True. ) Every time I try to pet him he thinks I'm gonna kill him. ( I KNOW RIGHT?!?!? ) Is your cat kinda dumb? ( Well knowing my answer to the questions... sorry Sullivan, but you're kinda dumb lol )

  • Max Mcgarry
    Max Mcgarry


  • Max Mcgarry
    Max Mcgarry

    Im pissed ppl say its seon BUT there is a fada its SEÁN

  • Allan Gallagher
    Allan Gallagher

    Sean I’m Irish ☘️

  • fnaf and stuff
    fnaf and stuff

    13:39 nobody knows your slapping your father when he's doing his best to be there for you

  • Jaden Samuel
    Jaden Samuel

    1:17 friday night funkin be like

  • Tim Martin
    Tim Martin

    I can’t 😂😂😂9:45

  • skid

    7:58 AOT irl

  • Cellar door
    Cellar door

    the silent scream is yet to fail me

  • Clarissa Richards
    Clarissa Richards

    Jack should check out B. Dylan Hollis on either tik toc or youtube, his vintage recipe videos are hilarious!! 😂

  • Beannos

    09:45 the nieh killed me holy shit

  • Cédric Longpré
    Cédric Longpré

    Did you know that the guy that did the google translate music is a french youtuber is name is joyca

  • MissEnvyGames

    The first blood-curdling scream from the backseat in the first video got me.

  • Rikuza Riyuzu
    Rikuza Riyuzu

    9:45 "No need to thank me"

  • Melon Cat
    Melon Cat

    im here stuck watching 9:45 on replay and dying

  • LazyDragonBreatha

    5:35 What did he just say🤣🤣 That’s going into a quote book.