Slapping People With Fish | Hitman 3
I must slap people with fish
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  • Regen S
    Regen S

    10:50 Don't worry about it, Jack! You're just doing your part to help with preventing the spread of disease

  • Caleb Tapia
    Caleb Tapia

    Become the Detective PLEASE

  • shizo66

    skyfall is a fantastic movie

  • The Fire Tiger
    The Fire Tiger

    just ana sayim sorry about ur loss and that people taught that ws funny, i know its a bit late but thats cause i wasnt on youtube for a while and then i watched ur vid bout the loss (on my tv so i couldnt comment), and im really sorry for u man. But u are going a great job, like i doubt id be able 2 make a vid about somthing like that when it will come, but anyway i hope your doing well

    • Miranda's Ghost
      Miranda's Ghost


  • Amelie Campbell
    Amelie Campbell

    Not me living on Dartmoor 😓

  • Tyler Rose
    Tyler Rose

    8:42. Possibly the funniest shit I've seen on this channel.

  • luckyluckyNo1love

    imagine if they made a action movie using the methods Jack uses to assassinate people .... XD

  • Fr0sty Gamez
    Fr0sty Gamez


  • Lindzi Perkins
    Lindzi Perkins

    Awesome but wish he went for detective route lol.

  • Owen Keating
    Owen Keating

    Btw don’t go to that castle in real life they will fucking brutally murder you 😂

  • mario judah
    mario judah

    Jack why didnt you disguise as mr.witmer the mission wouldhave been a 1000 times easier

  • Dan Marshall
    Dan Marshall

    Uh oh. The fish market is on to me😂

  • OrangeThing

    He just solved the mystery lol 14:24

  • paul james shellabear
    paul james shellabear

    you did this all wrong

  • Roxanne Kohne
    Roxanne Kohne

    I keep coming back to watch this video and fish slap never disappoints

  • Bas Hulskamp
    Bas Hulskamp

    This Hitman just looks like Seth Everman or the other way around wow

    • Three goblins in a trenchcoat
      Three goblins in a trenchcoat

      Who's to say it isn't Seth Everman?

  • TheGamingAngel

    Me: *starts video* Ad: *” T O X I C P O O”*

  • Tyler Fordyce
    Tyler Fordyce

    Anyone else miss “TOP OF THE MORNING TO YA LADDIES”

  • Sasha Bashnya
    Sasha Bashnya

    That evil man looks like my one and only shit president Vladimir Putin and it freaks me out so much

  • Joshua Evans
    Joshua Evans

    Fish slap let’s go 😀😂🤣

  • HyPE LT
    HyPE LT

    Hitman is my favourite jacksepticeye series

  • Uniformape

    The man of many names the screwdriver the muffin man and the fish slapper

  • The First Gamer
    The First Gamer

    “*FISH SLAPPER*” jacksepticeye 2021

  • Smol_Galaxy

    Jack your british accent sounds like ghost.

  • TheArtOfWar12

    His name is somanyissues

  • Lukas Reimer
    Lukas Reimer


  • Alicia Almanzar
    Alicia Almanzar

    You are a pro hit man jacksepticeye . “Fish slapper” 🐟

  • Silas Colombo
    Silas Colombo

    I need to take out him now, I have a good method of doing so, and its called... FISH SLAP!

  • M1L0RD3R

    3:41 that forehead doe

  • King Raid
    King Raid

    any safisticated music is Mozart for sean

  • Cupface

    Hey jack you should do a hollow knight play through, I think u would really enjoy it and it’s a challenging game so you wouldn’t finish very quickly (lots of videos)

  • Sri Ram
    Sri Ram

    bro waiting for part 3 ... hit more men plz :D

  • ASMR Kaos
    ASMR Kaos

    My guy said balled lock homes lol

  • Nathan Hunter
    Nathan Hunter

    You were in top form on this one man. I needed some good belly laughs, thanks.

  • Dontevenknow anymore
    Dontevenknow anymore

    I think I would just want to listen to everyone's conversations in hitman

  • William Wagner
    William Wagner

    It’s funny cause the Irish have a big rivalry with the British.😜

  • Zach O'Sullivan
    Zach O'Sullivan

    Jack:Do you think I could kill both *Pulls out pistol*

  • Jonah Smiler
    Jonah Smiler

    I'm sorry about you dad Jack you do what you need to do. I hope you get through this and still be in one piece. We love you Jack stay strong.

  • Adah


  • Hooman Boi
    Hooman Boi

    Fish ? Fish.

  • Nitro_boy495

    Not tryna grab but I live on Dartmoor okehampton

  • Bean Machine
    Bean Machine

    O my mistake

  • Bean Machine
    Bean Machine


  • Drawin Editin
    Drawin Editin

    Jack: I am British Also Jack: *Time to pull out the Australian accent*

    • A Dude
      A Dude

      why do ppl delete their comments

    • A Dude
      A Dude

      @Mr. Moose IT IS ENGLAND

    • A Dude
      A Dude

      @Mr. Moose It is England. And that is not a Scottish accent. It is Australian

    • A Dude
      A Dude

      @Mr. Moose that is not scottish

  • Jack Gray
    Jack Gray

    Happy belated birthday Seán. Hope you had a great day

  • Thomas TURNER
    Thomas TURNER

    Im sorry about your dad jack but im glad that his son is a legend

  • Gianni Rodriguez
    Gianni Rodriguez

    Jack play Control

  • Sleepiest Kat
    Sleepiest Kat

    the mission is called death in the family, as in, Batman: death in the family.

  • Madaber 08
    Madaber 08

    I don’t know if a lot of you get this but RIP lil pink boy

  • devvinn gonzaless
    devvinn gonzaless

    Bro. He just complained about the kills not being super exciting when he literally went around and fish slapped everyone. THE KILLS WERE AMAZING

  • haha man
    haha man

    Hitman 3 from 3 weeks ago

  • Zizo Channel
    Zizo Channel


  • _lilryberg_

    Before jack was happy until his dad died now it’s gonna be pain he is going to be missed we love u papa jack🥺😩

  • Poulette Solano
    Poulette Solano

    Good to know that I don't need a 🔫 to be a hitman. Nothing more effective than a good fish. 💚🤭

  • Kode_X

    Dude that fish looked like a DICK xD

  • Jayden Keizer
    Jayden Keizer

    Hey jack you should play mortal Kombat 11 it’s awesome

  • tzontzonos

    No one: - Literally no one: - Jacksepticeye:(He is able to kill all sources of life in the map, but he is scared of people who are suspicious of him.)

    • A Dude
      A Dude

      this is me

  • frithis lord
    frithis lord

    John Wick killed with a pencil. Jack killed with a fish. 🐟

  • HispanicWeedwacker Aries
    HispanicWeedwacker Aries

    why where a helmet when you can become bald, ride your bike, and have ice caps for a helmet

  • Sean Gabriel Estrera
    Sean Gabriel Estrera

    TF2: *First time?*

  • cankii

    The 4 legendary words that will be stuck in my head - fish slap no witnesses

  • Gayatri Kayastha
    Gayatri Kayastha

    Play final fantasy 7 remake

  • duck


  • GamerTech#8752

    Potato blight

  • Mohammad Maaz
    Mohammad Maaz

    F I S H

  • Kingdoge

    Yo Jack did you know that there's a happy wheels show? I don't what you can watch it on but it's a thing!

  • William Bridges
    William Bridges

    You really need to make a t-shirt that has Agent47 with Sam as his head, with the words, "Fish slap, Dirt Nap, NO WITNESSES"

  • ItchyHorizon226

    Sean you need to play katana zero I feel like you would love the game

  • kylorexxy

    I am going to say 1 word that will bring so much nostalgia "SUBNATICA'

  • daniel paiva
    daniel paiva

    Hitman 3 is kinda strange

  • Sean Molloy
    Sean Molloy

    Is Minecraft coming back and also sorry for your Los

  • Nicholas LeBel
    Nicholas LeBel

    Can we finish Trever Saves the Universe?

  • Frank Mercef
    Frank Mercef

    I just realized that his beard looks like tony Stark’s

  • Aaron Blaze
    Aaron Blaze

    Jack plsss play little nightmares 2 plsss

  • AngelCold

    Jack: The drama in this house!! *Jack sees computer* Jack: Ooouuu boots


    “Cuz he’s got the fish”

  • ghoost

    I just remembered that untitled goose game co-op with two geese!!!

  • Buggy Boi
    Buggy Boi

    Jack I hope you know your a legend you always will be❣️

  • Lznnon-

    Much love Jack, keep strong👍

  • Crispy

    Jack has always been very funny and entertaining. I'm sorry for your loss Jack.

  • Steve KQA414
    Steve KQA414

    THIS REMINDS ME OF DOWNTE ABBY (if i spelt it right)

  • David Sweeney
    David Sweeney

    it is a true name

  • Noah0927

    We need more burnout paradise ever on like this commet so we can get him to play burnout paradise

    • Lazy Productions
      Lazy Productions

      Maybe not a good time to be spamming game requests in his face.

  • Arens Stratoberdha
    Arens Stratoberdha

    i just went back to jacks all the way song and its been 4 years holy shit im starting to cry

  • tizlar a
    tizlar a

    Can you do hitman 3 VR Please

  • Daniel Metcalf
    Daniel Metcalf

    Amazing nickname for jack : Jack Pepsi guy

  • Erehhh


    • my mate Dave
      my mate Dave

      Then cry you man child

  • Luka Blackwood
    Luka Blackwood

    FIsh time du dun dun dun.... dun dun ......dun dun can't fish this.

  • BadQualityFrog

    I wish he'd do the detective story, such a good story

    • Lynn M
      Lynn M

      He did check out jacksepticeye archive and go the the 2nd hitman stream and go to the end

  • Kylo Ren
    Kylo Ren

    Day 1 of asking jack to play the henry stickmen collection

    • Lazy Productions
      Lazy Productions

      Don’t. Ask. Him. To play games right now. It’s really insensitive.

  • Livi cake
    Livi cake

    nobody: nobody at all: his title: slapping people with fish

  • Dat V0id
    Dat V0id

    Jack, Your fps is looking really low there. might have to rip out your gpu and get a new one.

  • Amber Petrovit
    Amber Petrovit

    Hey jack did you know people cosplay you

  • Timmy Toppings
    Timmy Toppings

    They a new mario game called bower fury

  • Stell Golding
    Stell Golding

    He may be a dangerous assassin that has killed millions of people but did you realize he’s bald!? That’s the key defining feature!



  • EX0 • FaTaL
    EX0 • FaTaL

    Jack... I heard about ur fathers lost. I'm very sorry to hear that I wish you could have a better future and always remember that your dad is always in your heart🥰

  • prodigy101 legend
    prodigy101 legend

    Agent dow

  • Colette Thornton Hackett
    Colette Thornton Hackett

    Ireland boys

  • Internet Noob
    Internet Noob

    It hurts me so much see this unsuspecting Jack, not knowing what’s going to happen in just a week :(

    • Internet Noob
      Internet Noob

      @BadQualityFrog What happend, happend in about a week from when this video was uploaded

    • BadQualityFrog

      @Internet Noob I have but what's gonna happen in a week?

    • Internet Noob
      Internet Noob

      @BadQualityFrog You have’nt seen his last video?

    • BadQualityFrog

      What do you mean?