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  • jacksepticeye

    TacSMASH that tacLIKE button

    • William Carnes
      William Carnes

      The tacLike button is used by our great US soldiers, when in a battle field they press the tacLike button and become motivated.

    • that omnic mechanic
      that omnic mechanic

      I use cds to listen to music...well cds and vinyls.

    • Saberlight gaming
      Saberlight gaming

      Screw the metric system

    • Landyn Linman
      Landyn Linman

      @DeeperThnder I have

    • Landyn Linman
      Landyn Linman

      @Axell favorite song running at AAdfiAd

  • It'sAngel_Lovs Bleh
    It'sAngel_Lovs Bleh

    I use CDs for like watching movied


    Vince could have done the same thing as granny loo and it would be 20× better


    The Intro Beats ASMR

  • caleb chisum
    caleb chisum

    Tackviser, God bless America!!!LOL

  • Dark Mobile
    Dark Mobile

    The boom touch actually work my friend has it

  • Elmo Boy
    Elmo Boy

    Does anyone else prefer that jack rates at these commercials 😂

  • grifty mc grift
    grifty mc grift

    I bought their sunglasses from the as seen on TV section at my local dollar store, I liked the glasses I have very sensitive eyes and they were the darkest sunglasses I could find so I was actually kinda excited about them. Although i was disappointed with then by the second day. you look at things like that little eagle plate they give you its like using old school 3d glasses, and their about as fragile as those old school 3d glasses.

  • Audy Lady
    Audy Lady

    5:50 Who uses 💿 I got 📼 :)

  • Brittany Musgrove
    Brittany Musgrove

    15:30 that was not chicken that was a porkchop

    • Dali Van Gaming
      Dali Van Gaming


  • NightWolfx03

    I still use CDs to install software on vintage gaming machines :P

  • Elder_storm666

    stealing/reusing things in business is common in almost every industry, jack.

  • Elder_storm666

    in the boom touch commercial, they can't even afford to be in a real mall it's a green screen. edit: he said this right after I unpaused it. addition: I don't care if there sh*t because I get to pieces of sh*t.

  • UltraHyperZparx

    Ill take a free usb-drive...

  • Herman Beukelaar
    Herman Beukelaar

    This is why i like jacks intro

  • Taylor Dani
    Taylor Dani

    I have the eggpod and it's amazing and completely worth it lmao. incredibly easy to peel boiled eggs in about 8 minutes

  • lars thememelord
    lars thememelord

    granny lou has arthritis

    • Dali Van Gaming
      Dali Van Gaming


  • lars thememelord
    lars thememelord

    nick boltons lil shortie I see nothing wrong with this

  • zatterz

    Bruh why is the safe n sound grandma hooking up her laptop to a Wii?

  • Jake Armishaw
    Jake Armishaw

    That damn tray defroster is biatch why don't they just use the microwave and defrost in 3 Minuit instead 30 what rip off

  • Danielle Greenia
    Danielle Greenia

    The boom touch does work it isn’t a scam UwU

  • Moo

    this is one of my favorite opening scenes ever thank you

    • Dali Van Gaming
      Dali Van Gaming

      It’s so good!😂

  • Ryan Sandberg
    Ryan Sandberg

    I'll be honest... I have some non-brand-name Lil Shorties. They're amazing. EDIT: Also, that defroster is pretty amazing. I have one and it actually does work. Not quite as well as it said in the video, but still better than a plate. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Andrew Yang
    Andrew Yang

    Anyone knows when Jack is going to cook?

  • Tyler Thibodeaux
    Tyler Thibodeaux

    6:11 me, who has two special edition games with audio cds so i can listen to the music outside of the game: .... i mean, i don't know what else to do with them so...

  • Emma Berler
    Emma Berler

    We have a ton of those snap pads in my house

  • Qaaq

    I use CDs but only for music

  • James Cook
    James Cook

    those speakers actually work

  • waz

    Who the fuck pays 130$ for a Bluetooth speaker?!?! Me: 'Look's at my speaker' : yes...

  • Leah’s TikToks
    Leah’s TikToks

    Why does the intro give me Avatar (the PG-13 movie) vibes?😂😂

  • Regular 1/2 filled gatorade bottle
    Regular 1/2 filled gatorade bottle

    You should have said welcome back to our colt after that intro

    • Dali Van Gaming
      Dali Van Gaming

      Truth 😂

  • niko games
    niko games

    i actually do have the defrosting tray and it works like a charm.

  • 2027 Kade Kemp
    2027 Kade Kemp

    that moment when you walk into your girlfriend's bedroom and she looks and says oh my God that's a little shorty.

  • 2027 Kade Kemp
    2027 Kade Kemp

    I'm parsley Irish not as much as you though.

  • Fat and Nerdy
    Fat and Nerdy

    Please do Jaboody dubs!!

  • Jacob Reeves
    Jacob Reeves

    “All with just two fingers.” 😶🤫

  • Xander Holt
    Xander Holt

    JBL puts out really nice speakers, I'd actually recommend them

  • Hirsty Gaming
    Hirsty Gaming

    How do i send in videos for sean?

  • Shannon Rose
    Shannon Rose

    Jack: "im only 62%" Kevin somewhere lurking: "ha ha im 100%"

  • Evan Boggs
    Evan Boggs


  • Smotheryaxe 1414
    Smotheryaxe 1414

    The chanting intro made my dog freak out 😂

  • CinnamonBeard

    One day I'll get my home videos off of VHS

  • just a dude
    just a dude

    Yes the defrost plate orrrrrrr you could just use the defrost setting on your microwave

  • kable13

    He use the wrong anthem music I didn't use the American at the music he was the British anthem music

  • Deathsnipes

    The real thing is the bonuses are not even bonuses

  • Alex JJ
    Alex JJ

    when it went to the tac hearing aid ad, my phone connected to my headphones so I THOUGHT IT WAS MUTED AND I COULDN'T HEAR ANYTHING

  • Tyler Gordon
    Tyler Gordon

    That heating pad does really work I have one

  • Game is with Brooklyn
    Game is with Brooklyn

    And I’m sure taht truck was using illegal lights

  • Game is with Brooklyn
    Game is with Brooklyn

    Yah now I didn’t now you had a girlfriend casue I haven’t watched in years

  • Flaming_Gauntlet

    You shouldn’t force chicken to defrost because it can become harmful, only let chicken defrost naturally unless it’s already cooked!

  • RamenMan HappyWheels
    RamenMan HappyWheels

    I really want to see Sean react to Chop Suey but it’s one beat off.

    • Dali Van Gaming
      Dali Van Gaming

      Hahah 😳

  • An Ibis
    An Ibis

    I will die before I use Celsius. Fahrenheit was created to measure temp in relation to how humans feel it. Celsius was created to measure temp in relation to water. I am not water. I am a human. So I will use fahrenheit thank you very much

  • swift fan
    swift fan


  • Noah Thompson
    Noah Thompson

    Jacksepticeye tribe be like

  • Madeline Granatir
    Madeline Granatir

    I may have to unsubscribe. He said Fahrenheit was bullshit.

  • Skiwebs

    It pains me to say it, but the tacVisor is actually like what pilots fly with

  • jj boi
    jj boi

    I use game discs does that count?

  • DiKottamy

    I' sorry, I can't get over the TAC HEARING AID XD

  • Kade Chorusthorne
    Kade Chorusthorne


  • Jay R
    Jay R

    Imperial system is actually way easier Jack I love you but sorry Celsius is so damn complicated Please just respect our systems. I love you but it's so annoying watching SVnamers for other countries just complain about our systems This is the system we use we can't control it Please respect that Thanks 😅

  • Luuca Mayo
    Luuca Mayo

    You really should start to wear the hat you used to wear 6yrs ago

  • Scaven666

    10:00 "TAC amplifier" also know as a hearing aid?

  • Finn 019
    Finn 019

    The defrost tray actually works 🤧 I have one

  • Benjamin Jordan
    Benjamin Jordan

    Granny when’s form using a Apple Mac and a Xbox 1 to using a windows 5 laptop 😂🤣😂

  • Abdullah Imran Mughal
    Abdullah Imran Mughal

    The boom touch thing just amplifies vibrations of ur phone so if u sit on it and fart it should also amplify. Big brain

  • Michael Musarra
    Michael Musarra

    “You could build walls out of this lad” *Donald Trump wants to know your location*

  • Wolf tamer
    Wolf tamer

    I don't know if you know this but these are actual ads, i saw a tac visor ad when I was watching tv at my grandparents.

  • Minx Tempest
    Minx Tempest

    the "safe and sound" product is the first USB stick XD

  • Deadpool Memes
    Deadpool Memes

    0:00 it’s 6 am for me and I’m here ... on this part of SVname 😂

  • mobile madness 247
    mobile madness 247

    Just slide and enjoy That's what she said😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • po rtr
    po rtr

    Great Irish accent 👌

  • vaporrBH

    I'm using Tac Glasses to watch Jacksepticeye and it's great!

  • シMisaki_sc0pe

    Far by the best intro I've ever seen XD

  • benjy eisenmann
    benjy eisenmann

    "All with just two fingers" he just stares like he just saw you hiding a body and then looks back like nothing just happened

  • Alex Menane
    Alex Menane

    the new doctor sues

  • MrGlizees

    Best intro I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been subbed since 400k

  • Mask avenger
    Mask avenger

    I wonder if he forgets that these videos are years old

  • no_internet

    17:32 isn't this just a piece of metal

  • The Bird of Hermes
    The Bird of Hermes

    the funniest thing is that the defrost wonder actually works. Not as well as shown but it still defrosts quicker

  • Triton Williams
    Triton Williams

    i love the intro

  • Daisy H
    Daisy H

    you should watch danny gonzalez' videos on the tac products!

  • Joel Bulger
    Joel Bulger

    This was hilarious 😂 I love his reaction


    The boom touch thing is real, but it’s the exact same thing how cassettes work. Which means that you can do the exact some thing by sticking your phone into a cassette player


    Egg pod sucks. All you have to do to microwave eggs is wrap it in aluminum foil and stick it in there for 40 seconds.

  • Ghøst ?
    Ghøst ?

    I thought séan wouldn’t realise the crank chop knock off


    its my birthday today

  • Gadan Morrill
    Gadan Morrill

    so is it a knockoff icey hot

  • TheDeadlyGamer

    Jack you should check out Vat19

  • Walking Dead Edits And More
    Walking Dead Edits And More

    The intro is giving me very much the scene in the aquarium in Nemo vibes

  • Nick Hull
    Nick Hull

    I was born in 2002 and I know what burning a CD means The sad thing is that a lot of people my age don’t know what it is

    • Richie Witcher
      Richie Witcher

      I know what it is. I just burned a couple for my girlfriend before watching this video. However, I am not around your age, I was born in 1984.

  • Irene Yambot
    Irene Yambot

    actually i already have a tac shaver and more that you played

  • The Dazed Umbra
    The Dazed Umbra

    15:44 the tac cinematic universe, where no one knows what a microwave is

  • Malaky Kiernan
    Malaky Kiernan

    We still have a crank chop

  • Aubrie Brown
    Aubrie Brown

    He sounds EXTRA Irish during this bit 2:14

  • *-{Alastor}-*

    5:54 My mom said from the kitchen: “I use CDs Jack, got a problem with that?”

    • Richie Witcher
      Richie Witcher

      That's right mom, you tell him! I use CDs too!

  • SoulGazer Shayn
    SoulGazer Shayn

    This part 19:31 had me DED💀

  • SoulGazer Shayn
    SoulGazer Shayn

    I legit wanna buy a D-frost Wonder and mail it to my mother so she can put her cold heart on it. 🙃❄❤❄

  • Bria Williams
    Bria Williams

    My dad has the boom speaker thing and it’s not too bad. It works but just sounds like you have your phone speaker facing a wall.

  • Grayson Lickler
    Grayson Lickler

    Take glases werk I have to per

  • ThatSad LittleWeeb
    ThatSad LittleWeeb

    Look 😂 I like my CDs. And my DVDs. Heck I still have VHS tapes!! 😂 I like popping in my Hamilton CD and listen to that all day.