THE BIG FINALE | Resident Evil Village - [ENDING]
Time to reveal Miranda's big plan in Resident Evil 8 Village

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  • jacksepticeye

    There are some documents I missed in the lab at the end. I'm posting the transcripts from those documents here for those who wanna read em. They explain how the previous bosses powers work and I thought that was pretty cool and feel bad for missing them for you guys in the video. Subject Name: Alcina Dimitrescu Cadou Affinity: Most favorable Brain Functions: Normal Regeneration rate is incredibly fast. The subject can heal any external wound within seconds, and grow her nails into claws in mere moments. Rapid regeneration also means an increased body size. Note: Due to a hereditary blood disease the subject must ingest human flesh and blood on a regular basis to maintain regeneration properties. I suspect that if the subject's regeneration is not properly balanced then she may mutate uncontrollably. An unfit vessel for Eva. Subject Name: Donna Beneviento Cadou Affinity: Favorable Brain Function: Normal, although severe mental illness. Physically she is no different from a regular human, however, she can secrete a signal producing substance which controls plants infected by the mutamycete. When humans absorb the pollen from a particular flower she can cause them to have hallucinations. However, she is mentally underdeveloped and has divided her Cadou among her dolls in order to control them from a distance. An unfit vessel for Eva. Subject Name: Salvatore Moreau Cadou Affinity: Low Brain Function: Surprisingly low. The Cadou has caused drastic changes to internal organs, transforming them into organs similar to fish-like gills and a swim bladder. Another subject with irregular cell division causing him to transform into a giant fish. The subject is unable to control this transfomration. Too many defects. An unfit vessel for Eva. Subject Name: Karl Heisenberg Cadou Affinity: Incredibly favourable Brain Function: Normal Has electric organs similar to the electric ray, Narke japonica. These electric organs are connected to the subject's nervous system. Can therefore pass and control electricity throughout the entire body, allowing control of magnetic fields which is used to move metal. Splendid specimen, but still an unfit vessel for Eva.

    • Mr. Nobody
      Mr. Nobody

      The guy you saw it was Ethan

    • Jameison Valdes
      Jameison Valdes

      Hello mr.jack I really enjoy your videos I can't wait to see what you would do next, but if I may make a suggestion for your next series, could it maybe be the sam and max series(seasons 1, 2, and 3). Again great video series

    • Leon Coben
      Leon Coben

      Damn I wish you posted what you felt about these transcripts. I was really looking forward to what you thought of these revelations especially Beneviento and Heisenberg's entries.

    • Blue Hoodie
      Blue Hoodie

      That was... Im speechless best gameplay ever

    • Cyphero2

      Hi Sean

  • Willy Weasel
    Willy Weasel

    I like Heisenberg he's cool as fuck

  • Seán Keane
    Seán Keane

    I have been calling Heisinberg Magneto for ages and I'm glad I'm not the only one

  • Madison Birch
    Madison Birch

    Ethan was just a Dad who wanted his family back. Still kinda upset he didn't team up with Heisenberg, there could've been so much potential there.

  • Thisnamestillsucks

    Resident Evil games have always been connected-good continuity. I’m personally glad they tied it in with the others. Ethan’s character was great, in my opinion. He didn’t have any inherent hero characteristics like Leon, Claire etc. Just a dude who wants his family back. I think the ending was absolute bullshit.

  • ✨C H O C O L A T E ✨
    ✨C H O C O L A T E ✨

    Rose: '' Mommy why don't i have a dad like the other kids? '' mia: '' ... '' chris: ... litterally everyone else that was there : ...

  • ✨C H O C O L A T E ✨
    ✨C H O C O L A T E ✨

    what you can learn from resident evil is that guns and explosives can kill anything

  • Rebecca Spencer
    Rebecca Spencer

    Mia and Ethan after everything: dirty clothes Rose, having been decapitated, revived, and pulled out of a 'corpse': Clean as a whistle, with clothes too despite Everything

  • Zayna Fatima
    Zayna Fatima

    25:50 "I won"

  • pendejo

    boulder punching bastard remark during that metal dude fight

  • Tjmurphy990

    My homie THE duke got caught in the explosion crossfire 🦧🦧🦧🦧🦧😖😫😫😫😫😩😩😩😩😩😭😭

  • Stay Golden
    Stay Golden

    i think it would be sick as fuck, if one of the next games was years later and the protagonist was rose Edit: Oh....

  • Stay Golden
    Stay Golden

    the break in chris's voice when he said i tired made me bawl my eyes out

  • heather gray
    heather gray

    23:05 how the fuck does he know ab the volcano???


    Jack: saying how dumb the fight was Me over here: AWESOMMMMME!!!

  • Krists Boja
    Krists Boja

    Little you know ethan is not dead thats ethan walking by the car at the end because its his player model

  • casey

    Is this how adoption works?

  • casey

    15:32 Me trying to escape my job

  • Callum

    Jack saying the fight with Heisenberg is the most ridiculous Resin has been. Yet said he hadn't played 6 yet in a previous episode 😂

  • Cobalt Crystal
    Cobalt Crystal

    Ethan Winters looked death in the eyes and was like "I'm coming, just give me a minute to destroy a bioweapon!"

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob

    Ethan got so much willpower he decides not to die. And mold helps to. Sadly an exploded body cant be put back together with gorilla glue.

  • FakeBlake_YT

    Bruh what if that person walking at the end was Ethan some how it was Ethan. IDK maybe it was I hope it is

  • xCynderx

    I can disagree with some stuff that Jack says at the end. First of all, I understand that it is his opinion but I don't think Ethan a shitty character at all. I honestly think he is great because you can understand his intentions and what he is fighting towards and you can kinda feel it too as you play. And don't get me wrong Resident Evil 4 is one of the good ones as well, and a remake would be awesome. However Jack wants it to get the respect it deserves when he himself isn't really giving this game the respect it deserves tho. Then again it is his opinion and he is welcome to say anything he wants about it. Some things he said were true in my eyes such as the graphics being great and how some areas in the game could have been longer than others such as the castle area that could have gone on longer. Over all I think this game was great and deserves alot more respect.

  • Kayleigh Lane
    Kayleigh Lane

    I don't understand how people could dislike Ethan. His one liners and awkward personality is so charming and his average and normal background makes him so relatable. Cried like a baby when I finished the game 🥺😭

  • Emma King
    Emma King

    Jack: God its all connected huh? Me: Oh yeah It's all comin together

  • Din84

    Loved this series so much! Thank you for playing❤

  • Empty Bucket
    Empty Bucket

    Im so fucking upset this game is done it was one of my favourite series to watch and now i think i wanna download it and play it for myself but ill just cry more watching the ending in person

  • Quill 8174
    Quill 8174

    Jack pleas get the secreat ending!

  • Lina

    Miranda and Ethan just need to learn to co-parent

  • Max Semo
    Max Semo

    Can we appreciate the pictures in the back of the storybook? Telling about they got the villagers to go along with the implantations of the cadou by disguising it as a vaccine or “cure-all”

  • FakeLagoon

    Sean: says he’s not a fan of silent protagonist Doom slayer: have you forgotten all the times we’ve had together

  • Cranky crew1
    Cranky crew1

    Credits roll: After that Mia became a raging drug addict due to the loss of her husband. Rose was taken in by child protective services and had many year of therapy knowing shes the reason her dad died, and Chris later changed his last name to Hansen and worked hard to bring down pedophiles all over America

  • Neam Raven
    Neam Raven

    RE4 is considered to be the best RE by people who started with RE4 or who only played RE4.

  • LunaTheCreator

    OK I've been scrolling a while. And haven't seen this pop up yet. Has anyone noticed that Mia and Rose are complete strangers by the looks of it??? Like..were mias memories taken? Did she willingly give away rose to start life again?? Did I see the scene wrong?

  • Andrew L
    Andrew L

    50:50 Mia's a little indignant for someone who willingly worked for the bio-tech company that created Eveline and got Ethan pulled into all this, she's not an innocent victim.

  • sunny suga
    sunny suga

    ethan’s death made me cry so hard i’m not gonna lie

  • Aidan Armstrong
    Aidan Armstrong

    Jack: there’s phase 2 done ......... yeah about that

  • Aidan Armstrong
    Aidan Armstrong

    Jack: this is the most ridiculous resident evil has ever been RE6: are you sure about that

  • Kai Mango
    Kai Mango

    Jack: "This is the most ridiculous that Resident Evil has ever been!" Me: Yep, he DEFINITELY never played RE6 before

  • Richard Hayes
    Richard Hayes

    I disagree with a lot of this "just let it be vampires and werewolves" or "just let it be its own thing and not tie into the story". Resident Evil so far has had continuity, campy as it is sometimes, and I like the fact they keep tying everything together. If they want to do something with fairytale monsters and myths and things, I am sure that would be an awesome game from these creators, but it doesn't need to be a Resident Evil. It would be a bad call for them to throw out the continuity at this point just because some people care more about the monsters than the story...

  • Chris Gusky
    Chris Gusky

    Seeing this ending now a second time it still pisses me off but still a good game just fuck that ending and that explanation.

  • Why_ Mrs.
    Why_ Mrs.

    1:12:58 “Rose this is all because of you “

  • Joo Honey
    Joo Honey

    was I the only one who cried my eyes out at the end??

  • Zayne Loy
    Zayne Loy

    Why does the FBI looking agent at the end remind me of Albert Wesker?

  • some girl reading manga
    some girl reading manga

    1:07:15 Charlie...

  • Carmen Degiorgio
    Carmen Degiorgio

    *For a better understanding to those who don't get:* It is now revealed that during the events of RE7 which was three years ago, Ethan died by Jack after shooting Mia (when she was controlled by Eveline) getting his head stomped by his foot, making us think he just knocked him out at that time, but in reality, his skull was crushed, which is what killed him. To some reason, he was then revived but turned into a mold construct instead of his human body, which now explains how easy it was for him to stick his limbs back using those healing liquids including what made Lady D said his blood was "stale" after tasting it. He never wondered why because he thought he was just lucky enough to survive. Miranda pulling his heart out is what caused his body to start deteriorating including why he said he feels very cold since his body isn't pumping any blood anymore without his heart, causing lack of warmth. Then once Miranda, as the controller of all molds was destroyed, his condition deteriorates more rapidly, leading him to his own fall since he's part of that mold. So he would end up gone for good even if he went with Chris and reunited with Mia and their baby. Basically all this time, we were actually playing a molded corpse instead of a human being.

  • Charlie White
    Charlie White

    when you realize you could see Eva's tombstone/grave from when she died :0

  • some girl reading manga
    some girl reading manga

    10:30 the way he squealed after sneezing-

  • cj.makes74

    One thing that a lot of people seem to miss is Ethan's journal. In the menu with the map, he's got a journal, and that's also where all of the files go if you want to review them. The journal gives him a bit more depth, and it was one of my favorite parts of the game when I played it. I know this playthrough is long over, but if anyone reads this who hasn't played it yet, don't forget about Ethan's journal! It's really cool.

  • Mistermaestersir Thomas
    Mistermaestersir Thomas

    Did Ethan turn into a Tenchu stealth assassins' guard at the end?

  • Elijah Drake
    Elijah Drake

    Chris gonna become mias new baby daddy and roses new daddy.

  • siver scent
    siver scent

    10:26 bless ya

  • Afnz

    I guess you can say everyone that tried to kill Ethan is beating a dead horse

  • Joseph Pogson
    Joseph Pogson

    Finally! Last episode and Jack organized his inventory! xD Well, he did at the start, but got flustered as the game went on lol

  • bri bitch
    bri bitch


  • bri bitch
    bri bitch

    so the book was a prophecy and that’s why miranda (posing as mia) didn’t read the ending at the beginning ?

  • DeafeningMars20

    The big guy that Jack fought was like a hunter from Halo but without the lazer cannon

  • Yakai McKenzie
    Yakai McKenzie

    i dont wanna waste ammo on you bastards! fudging shoots

  • Meredith Hemphill
    Meredith Hemphill

    Was anyone else really confused by the illustrations in the book part of the end credits? That felt important but I don't know what happened.

  • Ethan Jacob
    Ethan Jacob

    I wish girls would look at me like Jack looks for items and secrets

  • AA Battery
    AA Battery

    And with that, Ethan becomes a Metal Slug protag

  • Bernard Shodeke
    Bernard Shodeke

    It was an awesome experience!!!

  • Tomas Howell 2
    Tomas Howell 2

    Jack:who walking Me: Ethan fucking winters I really like the concept that it might actually be him because he was dead and with the mold he could be a regenerator and just come back

  • Jordan Coffey
    Jordan Coffey

    Pain. all i feel is pain.

  • Kallop Brandon
    Kallop Brandon

    Bless u

  • St. Augustine's Dinky Dotted Eccentrist
    St. Augustine's Dinky Dotted Eccentrist

    Custody battle!

  • Markos Papadopoulos
    Markos Papadopoulos

    It’s awesome how jack was so punch and like “bring it on b~~” and then right when he saw propeller guy....... 😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • bonnie the bunny
    bonnie the bunny

    alright i may love jack but i hate how made me real mad when he talks shit to ethan my fav he goes threw hell and thats the respect you give him jack wow man

  • bonnie the bunny
    bonnie the bunny

    he really did not care about ethans death bit rude knowing ethan is my fav

  • MDY

    I played Resi 4,that's a great game, But that game doesn't have this much dramatic story like this one. By the way you didn't upload the whole resi 4 gameplay.

  • basically subhuman
    basically subhuman

    I’m way too much of a coward to play horror games like this on my own, but I absolutely love watching them in this style. I know it’s not the same as playing it, but I get more than enough enjoyment this way. Absolutely loved this series, even though it took me forever to watch it all.

  • Ross Norris
    Ross Norris

    It seemed like with proper set up any of the areas could have been home to a whole game, with more expansion on any of them. Haven't played, just watched, but still voicing an opinion.

  • WinterAMVS

    The story is an actual story of the girl who took too much I heard it a little while ago and I love how they used it in the game

  • caprilo

    I loved Ethan in the RE7 but I can’t stand him here. They took his personality away and had him marry Mia, a woman infected with a deadly mold, and have a baby with her while he was also infected with the mold. It’s almost as if the marriage turned him into a fucking doormat MC you would find in a 2000s era YA novel (Twilight comes to mind because BELLA SWAN ALSO HAS NO PERSONALITY.) Ethan is hella generic and if I wasn’t forced to play as him, I would love the game a lot more. Also random note: Rosemary as a baby is hecking ugly like what is up with her design

  • rottence

    res 8 is easily my favorite ressy game

  • Whats-My-Fandom

    0:01 Duke, my boy.. not lookin good.. (But the smile after

  • Mad Flossing
    Mad Flossing

    When Jack said "Fuck him up!" when fighting Sturm, that gave me flashbacks to Batman: The Telltale Series. Could've sworn I heard him say it once when he was playing it. Maybe it was from a different game. None the less, it gave me good vibes to a good series.

  • Minnesota the Ghost
    Minnesota the Ghost

    The duke is an enabler omfg! Ethan: take me somewhere I’m most likely going to die doing something! The Duke: I got you, bro! Alright on it! Ok also rose has the dukes face

  • Minnesota the Ghost
    Minnesota the Ghost

    Big boy Heisenberg has a metal cowboy hat and that to me is hilarious

  • Scarlet Wolf_tb
    Scarlet Wolf_tb

    Ah, but I get so weak at the knees for silent protagonists though. I really like being able to BE the protaganist. Getting to imagine how the character would act. Dishonored 1 is one of my fave games for that reason. I was prett upset with the second game when suddenly Corvo and his daughter were blabbing left and right in such stark contrast to the first game.

  • Bella Boone
    Bella Boone

    So in rewatching the series I think I’ve figured out the next game. At 30:46 Chris’s vehicle has the license plate NX 23 ACP. At first glance this seems normal but it might be a clue to the next game. NX means “next”, 23 means “2023” and APC means “Apocalypse”(?). And since this information is revealed during Chris’s perspective, we can guess we’ll be playing as Chris (especially given the ending of this game). But this is all a guess so take it as you will!

  • Mr. CrAzY
    Mr. CrAzY

    for those who dont know, the person walking at the end cutscene by the car is a character model of ethan, either rose can see like hallucinations of him, or hes like connected to her mind through the mold n shit. dont know for sure, but it is definitely him

  • Craig Whelan
    Craig Whelan

    Ethans a moldy bastard

  • Krunshii

    maybe they are planning to remaster the game?

  • Patrick Moore
    Patrick Moore

    So there was some really cool lore and storytelling components for this game. 1 that the projetor virus is different from the mold. But they both had similar properties and both ended up getting used as bio weapons. Now on the storytelling. If you look at the families at all the bosses in this game they represent classic monsters. Vampires obviously, werewolves, the monster from the black lagoon, possessed toys or ghosts, and heisenberg represented Frankenstein. and I think time together all those classic monsters through representation was a really cool component of this game.

  • Game Graves
    Game Graves

    love that voice filter for the chris section

  • team super slacker_v2
    team super slacker_v2

    I have really enjoyed watching you play through this and I hope that more games like this come out soon but I have to say this was brilliant. I think ethan needs to come back in the next resident evil and so should leon

  • Samuel got a new shirt
    Samuel got a new shirt

    30:54 this is my new favorite jacksepticeye quote

  • Dubious Deliquite
    Dubious Deliquite

    To me the main problem was a bit of the pacing. It felt weird to go to the giant castle first before the small manor and mordous area. Even those files on the 4 bosses say that demitresque shouldve been the second strongest. It was also longer than the other 3 sections, which felt weird. And yea, the doll section was way too short

  • Drake Winchester
    Drake Winchester

    I fan-boyed so f***ing hard when you mentioned Soul Reaver! I always thought it was a game people didn't really know about, and it was my favorite game as a kid! Glad to know one of my favorite SVnamers also enjoyed it!

  • Mac Reichert
    Mac Reichert

    Why do some of the goons look like Harry from dumb and dumber

  • TheAdvertisement

    20:07 Haha I love Jack pointing out the mano e mano.

  • TheAdvertisement

    10:50 Man Jack is so smart guys.

  • Soogs of Yiga Clan
    Soogs of Yiga Clan

    12:47 look at jacks face. That’s the thing I love about him. He’s not a fake hiding behind the codes of fabric. We get to capture every moment of him showing his feelings.

  • Hexatrace


  • Bubba Godina
    Bubba Godina

    Anyone else know that you can get a light saber in this game

  • Banana Animations
    Banana Animations

    I love how in the heisenburg fight they take into account the amount of iron in your body, which is about 3-4,000 milligrams, so that's pretty cool

  • ᄉ_ᄉ

    My friend once said: "Damn Ethan why effort for a baby when you can make another."

  • e bp
    e bp

    I Can’t wait to see the exciting next installment of Roses life

  • snapeyaoilover

    Ngl I literally cried at the end when Ethan said goodbye to Rose and sacrificed himself to blow the village the fuck up, and part of me still feels rather disappointed that I don't get to see his face at the end. I reli wanna see how a true hero and a true dad looks like