The SMARTEST I've Ever Been In Among Us
This is the smartest I've EVER been in Among Us
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  • Jonred Pascua
    Jonred Pascua


  • Doiler Buritica Usuga
    Doiler Buritica Usuga

    you didnt sey hey to us

  • Peter Barendt
    Peter Barendt

    Thank you to the impostors for killing tommy first every round, my ears thank you so much

  • Mariah Furtado
    Mariah Furtado

    Jack (SPEDICEY) You dont only have a big eye you have a big brain. Analogy by me. LOL

  • Abbey Kidger
    Abbey Kidger

    the thumbnail looks like the movie IT lol

  • Jas Z
    Jas Z

    The thumbnail, sorry I can’t 😂😭✋

  • Tristan Byrne
    Tristan Byrne


  • m. h.
    m. h.

    I once got 2 perfect wires in a row

  • CHRISTIAN Richmond
    CHRISTIAN Richmond

    Do not use a single or non white color or color or a part in a white color or color or a white color or a color or a

  • ZombieGoddessxi

    It’s so nice that Sean waited for yellow to finish that task before killing them.

  • dames

    tubbo is my favorite part of this video “let’s kill rae” “SURE! *votes*”

  • Dream


  • Dany 26
    Dany 26

    Jack is such a good man. He waited for that person to finish download then killed

  • Stephanie Ratt
    Stephanie Ratt

    Oh god I'm becoming toast just without any of the smarts.

  • Echo

    4:38 omg loool

  • William Afton
    William Afton

    That silence before he killed tommy

  • Liana Kinder
    Liana Kinder

    LAZAR needs to chill

  • Tomas Saunders
    Tomas Saunders

    Lazar didn’t pass the vibe check

  • Ask Determinatale and AU's
    Ask Determinatale and AU's


  • Olivia Andrews
    Olivia Andrews

    9:10 Vikkstar wasnt on cams, the cams weren’t on

  • Nathan Higg
    Nathan Higg

    And the British are discount Africans

  • fortnite turtorials
    fortnite turtorials

    I'm watching this at 4am

  • Camsters_Cool

    Karl was there???

  • Rik Henry
    Rik Henry

    I feel like any time you guys do a successful cardswipe on the first try, it should be acceptable to say "suck on that Corpse"

  • Jordan Chaplin
    Jordan Chaplin

    There isn't 2 Jacks he's name is Sean

  • Phyllis Tait
    Phyllis Tait

    Love is like a fart but if you Force it it is maybe crap anyways

  • Kelsey Fenwick
    Kelsey Fenwick

    Me being British 👉🏻👈🏻

  • Ian Domitrovits
    Ian Domitrovits

    Who noticed how Jack put to Zanarkand from final fantasy 0:36

  • TrickzGames

    Why do they get so SALTYYY

  • TrickzGames

    Big Brain Moment

  • julie

    Let's be real here, the "NEVER, THEY DESERVED IT, AND I'D FOOKING DO IT AGAIN IN A HEARTBEAT" just bloody sent me 😂

  • Tyler Drury
    Tyler Drury

    No 🧢

  • Poppy Belle
    Poppy Belle

    Tomyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyinitttttttttttttttt and jaaaaaaaaackkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Stan English
    Stan English

    Stop swearing man

  • B4L13 636
    B4L13 636

    I like your hair spedicey

  • Aureolin•Amaranth

    Petition to call Tommy 'Little T' and tubbo 'little bee' 👇

  • guythatlovestf2


  • IT_ Steven
    IT_ Steven

    i love the among us videos because it brings out the smart in jack

  • Katelynn Lasiter
    Katelynn Lasiter

    I just realized that his name is supposed to be Speed Is Key but it was too long 🤦

  • Socratic

    Jack: *Accused lazar and was wrong* The Title: The SMARTEST I've Ever Been In Among Us

  • Jack Doyle
    Jack Doyle

    Hon the Irish army


    Why in the thumbnail jack look like 8-bitryan,s Forehead but crack

  • S S
    S S

    Aw, fuck. I'm limp

  • NF is everythinggg
    NF is everythinggg

    no cap

  • Owl-man 209
    Owl-man 209

    Poor Big T

  • Nora Fox
    Nora Fox

    Looked at the thumnail thought it was a jacksfilms video

  • Me love cats
    Me love cats

    Lol I use to Watch you on my Disney XD channel

  • Alyssa Greenwood
    Alyssa Greenwood

    nothing is on fire is on things 👁👄👁

  • gogyogyogyogyogy

    jesus why did lazar freak out- tommy the 16 year old was more mature

  • Johann de Beer
    Johann de Beer

    for a second i thought your’e tumb nail was ksi photoshoped white 🤣

  • first name Miller
    first name Miller

    when he tried to use cap

  • sence


  • Blaze

    Jack: "Thats a death trap right there next to the vent." * litteraly a minute later * Karl: "I found the body in electrical next to the vent." HE KNEW

  • harsh chandra
    harsh chandra

    Bro he has jacksfilms forehead in the thumbnail

  • Da-Gaming Raptor
    Da-Gaming Raptor

    IM AUSTRALIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Madder Hatter
    Madder Hatter

    I love how he is rambling on and just randomly goes "Aw I'm limp!" Because of the med scan😂

  • Furious Ferret
    Furious Ferret

    I like how in the first round Tubbo was out for blood but he wasn't even imposter,which kind of makes sense considering it's Tubbo

  • Cara Penneck
    Cara Penneck

    How come it's always so !much harder when I play this?? Why does no one actually listen to me on among us??? Why???? They know me but they just.... I'm just jealous

  • D͟a͟b͟i͟

    poor Tubbo

  • Ali Ahmed
    Ali Ahmed

    Ok so this is my opinion dont hate me but i hate Tommy and Lazarbeam

  • Arianne Bujold
    Arianne Bujold

    Tubo have the same voice of tommy

  • OllyTheCrosslop

    Why does the thumbnail look like Jacksfilms

  • JGVC

    For some reason I love seeing jacksepticeye and Lazarbeam together for some reason

    • Dannielle Smith
      Dannielle Smith

      Lazar threw a tantrum like a toddler at the end tho

  • Shishiza

    22:11-22:20 I'm a fan of jack, but I didnt like that at all. Even if he's is joking, that's still bad to say >:(

  • Pugz _lol
    Pugz _lol

    Poor tommy innit 😢

  • Troy Jackson
    Troy Jackson

    Jack, I'm Australian. But it's okay. I enjoy the banter

  • Landon Smith
    Landon Smith

    before: sean acting like he knows whats going on, after: sean in the meeting says nothing exept thats enough and i voted

  • Delainey Wofford
    Delainey Wofford

    Its crazy how fast times change. I remember watching him when I was 8-9 now I'm a teen

  • Cole Gremillion
    Cole Gremillion

    Hey jack do Pokemon sword and Pokémon shield

  • Swordflames FN
    Swordflames FN

    Courage sounds soo intelligent

  • SlowBro08 Klogger
    SlowBro08 Klogger

    My name is NerdYeaa, and I intentionally join horny people servers just to crash them and get banned. I find it hilarious

  • Makayla Magill
    Makayla Magill

    In admin once he left the vent opened

  • Blake Clowes
    Blake Clowes

    lazerbeam I wach your vidoes SAEN helo

  • Arianna Quiroz
    Arianna Quiroz

    Jack talking close to the mic; 💥💥💥💥💥

  • JimmyJohn Joe
    JimmyJohn Joe

    22:14 greatest line in the whole channel

  • Alpacca Stewart
    Alpacca Stewart

    Wait did Australians make the saying "Risk it for the biscuit"????

  • Pilot_Banjo

    I’m a simple man, I see an among us video without pokimane, I like the video

  • Frankie Person
    Frankie Person

    Big T oh god its spreading!

  • Justwalkingby Nguyễn
    Justwalkingby Nguyễn

    POV: U got into AmongUs through Jack, then u were introduced to Toast, Sykkuno,... Months later, u stumbled upon the DreamSMP, found out abt Tommy, Tubbo. Now, u just tracing back and realise how the community was so small 🤣. Honestly, idk if anyone has the same experience. It's just feel so weird looking back at ur future fav creator. Thank you Jack for bringing me to new content!

  • Jolie Turman
    Jolie Turman

    I’m watching this while it’s snowing, I have zero wifi☹️ TEXAS GANG WHERE YALL AT??

  • Philip Myers
    Philip Myers

    That double commercial at the end with the cliff hanger...

  • Candy Loera
    Candy Loera

    He should do a among Us video where he goes to random games

  • Dilicea66 Gacha
    Dilicea66 Gacha

    check the likes...there's 1,000 idiots

  • Gavster69 445
    Gavster69 445

    I’m glad tommy and tubbo are in the game

  • Soldier 073
    Soldier 073

    Lazar big crybaby.

  • Clouded Skys
    Clouded Skys

    Is no one going to comment on how aggressive that kill on Tommy was?

  • Anthony Powell
    Anthony Powell

    Is that actually Vik

  • Ryan Darby
    Ryan Darby

    the way how jack hates being imposter, hahha

  • OwenLyne1234


  • Raul Cortes 150
    Raul Cortes 150

    So innocent jack lol 8:18

  • corza

    As soon as he started talking about british people I wrote this comment to say unsubbed

  • Xx Kristy xX
    Xx Kristy xX

    I just want to say this right now. HOW DARE YOU KILL TOMMYYYYYYYYYY! TVT

  • Gjl Hhl
    Gjl Hhl

    Ilu homie

  • Lit Gaming
    Lit Gaming

    Where is corpse! This isn't even an among us vid without corpse.

  • Jeon Jungkook
    Jeon Jungkook

    At 9:03 how is "pink doing lights" when lights were on-

  • Debiboo

    I love how Jack calls Tommyinnit big T

  • Lex Hardy
    Lex Hardy

    Jack not knowing what cap is honestly the cutest thing

  • Shimmer Glitter
    Shimmer Glitter

    Is Spedicey’s actual name Jack or Sean?

    • Shimmer Glitter
      Shimmer Glitter

      @Squishy why do ppl call him jack then?

    • Squishy



    em oo al aavu among us

  • VonnieToons

    Hearing Jack say “No cap” makes me feel a whole new level of cringe and I don’t know why...