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  • jacksepticeye

    Had to edit out a part of the video because it got demonetised. That's why there's a weird cut in the middle. BUT WE'RE BACK BABY!

    • Phil Hahn
      Phil Hahn

      A lot of weight loss supplements back then were little more than meth (hence the anxiety)

    • cosmo l
      cosmo l


    • T.K. Baugh
      T.K. Baugh

      Ok. do your hair with a hair hairagomie before a vidio

    • Sgt. Killjoy
      Sgt. Killjoy

      So what happened with that deal Jacko

    • crafty

      All of these bad products are made in like the fucking 90s

  • RetixNotFound

    E A

  • Derek Jones
    Derek Jones

    He’s like remember you clicked on this video jack remember we can click off

  • Deagan Bremer
    Deagan Bremer

    Next time try and search up RC Cola

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name

    Gooner One who is completely and miserably addicted to porn but embraces and loves it.

  • The Rexaning power
    The Rexaning power

    Same here mate

  • Juanpablo Godinez
    Juanpablo Godinez

    Pay respect for the pufferfish 😔.

  • MTube 731
    MTube 731

    Uncool sean mcloughin

  • riddleman 9022
    riddleman 9022

    why did 1.900 people dislike this

  • Uptøwn Brôoks
    Uptøwn Brôoks

    Butter me up Betty! P.S my wife’s name is Betty. P.SS not actually

  • Heather Hayes
    Heather Hayes

    Jack: *deep voice* Me: 😳

  • {Sona}

    Jack when he watches a ronnie vid: -$94.59

  • Charles Cochran
    Charles Cochran

    0:00 When babies are born.

  • Archer Adams
    Archer Adams


  • ben's stuff
    ben's stuff

    A i d s

  • Kurii!

    2:54 I'm pretty sure the song's name is "Ketsu Drum"



  • Bunny Bro
    Bunny Bro

    Do you remember when there weren't any cuts and we could see cockcam in its full glory? Good times

  • Keni Davis
    Keni Davis

    Maybe I’m worth it, maybe it’s L’Oréal, you don’t even f*cking know

  • Oriana F
    Oriana F

    that fish thing was FUCKED UP. like, just cruel. poor fish. i feel so bad for him

  • gamer radiation
    gamer radiation

    Achoo! Sorry I'm alergic to bullshit 😂😂

  • Neiron_jr

    13:31 “I’ll claim BANANA”

  • Elizabeth Flemming
    Elizabeth Flemming

    It's the shut the fuck up for me

  • Boris Marts
    Boris Marts

    Ayds give Aids

  • Jacob Guzak
    Jacob Guzak

    When Jack uses a low voice, he sounds like corpse

  • this is a person
    this is a person

    why is the master baiter the funniest

  • Abby29


  • Rap of anthem
    Rap of anthem

    When you studerdd you said getting attacked by ... then my tv had a fox pointing at him self

  • MiniMonster MD
    MiniMonster MD

    I love that he was wearing a shirt that said "no fun" while he was doing the 'Laugh' intro

  • Crazy Gaming
    Crazy Gaming

    The intro will never get old.

  • Wolfenshaed Sargeras
    Wolfenshaed Sargeras

    It’s been at least a year since I watched this video, and I got reminded of it when I thought to myself “what am I doing”. Thanks Jack, I guess.

  • Galactic Toad12
    Galactic Toad12

    This is like r/quityourbullsh*t

  • Frosty

    Undercover martyn by the two door cinema club is the song you are looking for

  • jacob gumbleton
    jacob gumbleton

    the goon suit is so australian

  • iop

    Arent appetite suppressers just supporting starving yourself

  • Hayden Laver
    Hayden Laver

    "My hair is gettin quite long and poofy" Oh you sweet summer child. You had no idea. You had no inkling of what was to come.

  • Depressed Onion
    Depressed Onion

    I looked for the wonder boner. On amazon. KILL ME. The amount of Penis enlargement pills...

  • Josh Confer
    Josh Confer

    Legit got a add for HIV treatment on the midroll lol

  • Chris Crawford
    Chris Crawford

    It was only in 1983 that the HIV virus was isolated and identified by researchers at the Pasteur Institute in France. The Ayds was invented in the 70s. Probably fucked their product over, if it was still around lol

  • Sreya

    Well thats the first time a video had been opened with a hobbit reference

  • Michael Woods
    Michael Woods

    Damn it Jack lmao when you said I'm allergic to bullshit I about choked on my ramen noodles 😆😂☠️

  • Samuel Olson
    Samuel Olson

    6:06Cut right to this part by pur accden

  • Rhonda Francis
    Rhonda Francis

    Why cant you just get a coffee cup and pilot what ever you want in it and it would seem like your drinking coffee you don't need this shite

  • Lanaya Stallings
    Lanaya Stallings


  • Lanaya Stallings
    Lanaya Stallings


  • Lanaya Stallings
    Lanaya Stallings


  • Sam

    Pov: you're still looking for the name of the tiktok song

  • Graham Nicholson
    Graham Nicholson

    your boss asked you the answer and you say am sorry am not doing my job but i am getting drunk then your fired then your boss gets a goon suit

  • Branson Vick
    Branson Vick

    Bro the into I swear his voice deep af

  • Adam kleyman
    Adam kleyman

    Maybe after the master baiter they'll make dun Dun DUN THE PERFECT ANCHOR tired of those pesky heavy fishing anchors? Then this product if for you COMING THIS ETERNITY.

  • Adam kleyman
    Adam kleyman

    You get laugh at 0:59

  • PbandJ


  • Enzo Capone
    Enzo Capone

    I want my hair to look like it was attacked by a bird's nest- Jacksepticeye

  • Theodore Relic
    Theodore Relic

    As a 60's kid, I can certainly testify the Ayds diet suppressant was a real thing. My mom used to buy them, and stash the box in a top shelf of the kitchen. Too bad my 8-year old self could climb onto the cabinet and grab a couple with no problem. Granted, they did taste a little like Tootsie Rolls (which was literally penny candy back then), but then, I was pretty thin at the time, and it certainly didn't suppress MY appetite :) Could have been of my older brothers once, when he was younger, sneaked into my mom's chocolate-flavored Ex-Lax lozenges. Let's just say, THAT was a very BAD idea.

  • Aceofheartz Xaver
    Aceofheartz Xaver

    One time I said to my brother (after I put bait on his hook) I said "just call me if you want me to be your master baiter" Me:😶 Brother:😶 Me:yknow what ,don't do that

  • BlazeyGamey

    He asks for the song i think its Undercover martyn

  • MHaziq Anuar
    MHaziq Anuar

    0:07 well sean turned into corpse husband for a second

  • Me Me
    Me Me


  • Michael Barkei-Pegrum
    Michael Barkei-Pegrum

    You were close with "gooners", we call them "bogans".

  • Xfules-zy

    I just like the laugh song

  • mythicblade

    0:57 if you ever watched the flash that's who he looks like LOL

  • Ninja is Gay
    Ninja is Gay

    RIP but sorry lazarbeam is the ads king he got it fisrt

  • Me

    Peanut butter... aids This was on a Nostalgia Critic video

  • Jake Yates
    Jake Yates

    Haragami is literally a slap bracelet

  • Niki Fenton
    Niki Fenton

    The attractive citizenship feraly lick because mailman behaviorally curve apud a spectacular withdrawal. material, unruly router

  • Renegades Animated
    Renegades Animated

    I have a few hairigamis lol

  • haldo the god
    haldo the god

    To think this is still up after a year

  • Hayley Robins
    Hayley Robins

    A year ago and we still haven't seen the hairigami Jack! Tsk tsk Just kidding love you dude, take care of ya self

  • Zachary Roberts
    Zachary Roberts

    They could be called: goonies :)

  • Elijah Markson
    Elijah Markson

    I love this intro

  • superderpyduck

    we have a bait company where i live and it is called master bait

  • David P
    David P

    Puffer fish video is animal cruelty. Therefore you got a thumbs down for this video. Please don’t share animal cruelty videos on your channel.

    • David P
      David P

      All in the name of the algorithm. I liked yours as well. Thanks for the reply.

    • Cloudy

      You liked your own comment lol

  • Duggy and Bazza
    Duggy and Bazza

    People who drink goon are known as alcoholics

  • Digi Dudeler
    Digi Dudeler

    Jack: your the one who chose to click on this video! Me: Wait this isn’t mandatory?

  • Matt McKee
    Matt McKee

    Imagine what YOU could do, with the aid of AIDS

  • Hunter Tracy
    Hunter Tracy

    That song is called undercover Martyan by Two Door Cinema Club

  • River Dauven
    River Dauven

    Does Seán realize the hairigami only works with long hair? He's gonna have to have Evelien wear it

    • River Dauven
      River Dauven

      @Cloudy oh lol

    • Cloudy

      ....the sound of a joke flying right over your head....

    • River Dauven
      River Dauven

      @Cloudy what?

    • Cloudy

      ...woosh much?

  • Dragonboi

    Just master-bait your rod, and put it in the water and watch the white fluid leak out

  • Coffee Break
    Coffee Break

    Ayds was before aids

  • Coffee Break
    Coffee Break

    It's a snap/slap bracelet for the hair.

  • Yamas Pjamaz
    Yamas Pjamaz

    The puffer fish died the same day it became a meme

  • Yamas Pjamaz
    Yamas Pjamaz

    My guy turned into corpse when he said slumber

  • Amanda Fowler
    Amanda Fowler

    I saw the goon suit on Ifunny before this video XD

  • Darius Storms
    Darius Storms

    9:48 I'm sorry... WHAT?!

  • EpicRed1000

    During the wonder bonner i was eating.... was

  • DraggonDude 1
    DraggonDude 1

    Is that Evelin singing in the background?

  • Andrew Provost
    Andrew Provost


  • Cory Moore
    Cory Moore

    First aids case reported in 1981. So more accurate to say whoever named the disease screwed over this company...😬

  • Declan Handley-Byrne
    Declan Handley-Byrne

    FUN FACT: Ayds contained a chemical that was used to help dogs with bladder problems Weird

  • COTR CT-2765 Kicks
    COTR CT-2765 Kicks


  • LaggingLess ForDayz
    LaggingLess ForDayz

    9:01 im sorry, what on Earth did you just say?

  • TheAtonne

    This is one of the only intros where I cringe and giggle at the same time

  • Ashly Sorenson
    Ashly Sorenson

    I didn’t think I’d ever recognize one of these videos, but I absolutely remember the hairagami infomercials. The fact that it seemed somewhat normal then was a real sign of the times.

  • Lucas Vincent
    Lucas Vincent

    “God it turns your fish into a fucking scaly condom” - jacksepticeye January, 17 2020

  • Comrade Cola
    Comrade Cola


  • Matthew Milner
    Matthew Milner

    07:20 Me:Bless You

  • Caleb Sartain
    Caleb Sartain

    Actually ayds came out before the desease was common, my great grandmother used ayds for years in the 60's

  • Ju J8
    Ju J8

    0:07 Jack be corpsin on us

  • Call of the Beastlands
    Call of the Beastlands

    Ayds- look like a snack

  • Sloth Vlogs
    Sloth Vlogs

    COINS I hear that all the time