THIS PART IS SO SO SCARY | Little Nightmares 2 - Part 3
The doctor will see you now in Little Nightmares 2
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  • jacksepticeye

    The doc comin for dem toes

    • OctaviaYT


    • Marla Wettstein
      Marla Wettstein

      Not dem toes!!

    • ّ


    • Gamer Jamie
      Gamer Jamie


    • Malik Gayle
      Malik Gayle

      Six is a evil bean. He aint dumb >:[. (Sorry for this comment. I love and cherish you.)

  • a z e l
    a z e l

    i've just developed a phobia for mannequins

  • Tovy B
    Tovy B

    Ironic that the chapter with the doctor gives you a goddamned heart attack

  • Mugelbbub16

    **I hope Six is having a good time** She's probably breaking more limbs

  • BOT Gaming
    BOT Gaming

    30:14 u just dropped ur flashlight there jack

  • Ace King /Tord King
    Ace King /Tord King

    Me at 48:58 just kinda thinking "well at least he washes his hands!"

  • Jazmin

    Holy shit you were right Jack COFFEE MAKES YOU SHIT MORE WOW 2021 AMAZING!

  • Teresa Mathers
    Teresa Mathers

    This has to be the worse chapter

  • MoonWave

    That hand reminds me of the adams family

  • Timothy Strickler
    Timothy Strickler

    I’m watching Jack’s stream now, because I pretty much died from freight at the mannequins. Can’t bring myself to play it. I’ll deal with long necked teachers all day, but screw the dolls.

  • Timothy Strickler
    Timothy Strickler

    Most people: Oh NOO! Poor Teddy... Jacksepticeye: BURN BITCH 🔥

  • Kristina S
    Kristina S

    "Let's get back into in, me and my friend six" 😂 I love it when Seán randomly breaks into French, it makes me more motivated to do my assigments in college 😂😂

  • Osana Najimi
    Osana Najimi

    *Weeping Mannequins*

  • Noi-Chan Noi noi
    Noi-Chan Noi noi

    At 8:50 bro when I played it I was like nice then walked away but six was going to the hang and pulled it down me six no later she does it again me omfg

  • Zeep


  • No League No Life
    No League No Life

    Jacksepticeye: "I'm not even scared" Me: "MOMMY!"

  • Gacha Meany
    Gacha Meany

    “What’s the door way for” it’s the door to hell jack 😏

  • spencer the hero
    spencer the hero

    manikin, my worst fear.

  • The enigma system rawr :3
    The enigma system rawr :3

    God trying to eat during this was a mistake

  • Claudiu Danciu
    Claudiu Danciu

    CLIMB FOR F̶̼͑U̵̫̕C̸̭͐K̴̗͗ SAKE!

  • Maya Sanchez
    Maya Sanchez

    "You are tugging my testies" - ive never done a spittake before but of course i had to do it with a mouthful of chocolate right onto my laptop

  • David Cooper
    David Cooper

    3:16 I am the Globgogabgolab

  • Donja Marjetka Koler
    Donja Marjetka Koler

    31:36 Profesional Donald Duck Impression

  • Liora Enciel
    Liora Enciel

    I died laughing when he suddenly yelled "FUCK YEAH CORN!!!! YOU WANT CORN???"

  • Baby Quinn
    Baby Quinn

    I haven't watched all the game play yet but i feel like Six is gonna make it all alone. Obviously we all know she was all alone in the first game. I don't know what is gonna happen i can't wait !

  • Cadence H.
    Cadence H.

    Yoshikage Kira wants to know where that hospital is

  • JJanimation

    32:52, they can actually catch the ball.

  • STT Burgerjones
    STT Burgerjones

    If Jack is ever in a life or death situation he will 100% offer them cheese instead of his life

  • Mr12Relic

    33:33 Jack: compliments game design the game: 33:48

  • Armen Stevens
    Armen Stevens

    Sometimes, i wonder how did this guy succeeded on youtube... He literally cannot play the game.

  • Sofi -chan
    Sofi -chan

    When you notice six hasn't been hungry for the whole game

  • Merlin Grimes
    Merlin Grimes

    omgg i wish i play the game .-.

  • Some nerd with an albatross picture
    Some nerd with an albatross picture

    Those mannequins remind me of weeping Angels; they get faster every time you look away.

  • Mariah Harper
    Mariah Harper


  • Mariah Harper
    Mariah Harper

    Ja-FUCK! 😅😅😅

  • 돌리 칼리Dolly Kalli
    돌리 칼리Dolly Kalli

    That weird mannequin part when I first played the game I was so scared I almost quit the game and never played it again 😭🥺

  • TenzinC 151
    TenzinC 151

    “this music is giving me the heebies and i already had the jeebies, now i have a set!” is a phrase i will use to the end of time

  • Tucker

    I'm howling because Jack had such an easy time with the hands at around 36:00 Meanwhile, Charlie Slimecicle spends hours trying to get past it LMAO

  • Bastion Robin
    Bastion Robin

    What if instead of 6 pulling the thing it was him when you go into the box

  • kejokaya

    One of the hands does actually grab the ball in that electro chair room if thrown properly ...and then throws it back to you. Fun little detail.

  • Zuriel Kian
    Zuriel Kian

    Jack Why Did You Say THAT?! THAT'S BAD WORD

  • Jonathon King
    Jonathon King

    37:13 Speaking of faces

  • Guard #3
    Guard #3

    Wait that’s fuckin horrific. I feel so bad for the dude, he was just trynna play doctor and make some people 😭

  • Kyurem The frozen
    Kyurem The frozen

    Thanks Jack for the idea of nocturnal maniqueens as a horror movie

  • purplejam

    Dr.phil is that you?! -For legal reason this is a joke

  • Penne Board
    Penne Board

    I love trying to imagine Mono actually saying what Jack is and six is just constantly confused

  • Achilles B
    Achilles B

    25:13 JESUS CHRIST ON A BIKE Lmao i loved that

  • Dual LOL
    Dual LOL

    37:10 "noice, eheh DeBOUEJD eheh AUW"

  • blitzo

    I love how jack killed some dude by turning off his life support

  • Curly Q
    Curly Q

    Other Scary places: jails and carnivals....

  • Hazzawuzza

    Jack: Corn is the life giver Potatoes: Am I a joke to you :(

  • ThisAnimatedPhantom

    Why. Did it have to be. MANNEQUINS?! 😨

  • Aubrey

    Jack walked into that room with the body in the tub and said, "Oh it must smell like a summer picnic in here." That freakin killed me.

  • drahydra

    It's funny how the doc goes "uh oh" once you kill the patient with the lever.

  • Lemon Mafia
    Lemon Mafia

    When mono almost fell six went first to prevent him from getting hurt

  • Daniel Martin
    Daniel Martin

    It sequel

  • KaeK Sibayan
    KaeK Sibayan

    the little moving hands remind me of Thing from The Addams Family , yk if he were evil 😩😩😩

  • Clover_Leaf_

    Love how Six f'ed up the fuse placement right after he complimented the AI for being smart enough to grab the other fuse for him

  • Clover_Leaf_

    anybody else reminded of Coraline when the hand chases him around?

  • niyyy

    fresh hell sounds like a good place to be at actually 😭

  • Clover_Leaf_

    "pretty sure the key is inside mine and six is just a fucking idiot" favorite line XD

  • Ari L
    Ari L

    "OH it smells like a summer picnic in here" Me: A picnic for cannibals?👁👄👁

  • gavin LAFORGE
    gavin LAFORGE

    Never have I ever actually been scared while watching someone play a horror game. Until I saw weeping angels in your video. Scariest things alive

  • Gingey Boi
    Gingey Boi

    Top of the mornin to ya

  • P1K3L

    Oh the mannequins😰

  • 3mma

    I bought the game, just got out of the school but I heard that the hospital part is nasty stuff, so I'm here, watching Sean instead so I can be prepared 🥴

  • 3mma

    24:28 I loved this part, it was like a fun and relaxing break from a the horrors in this game🌿🌷🐦

  • dragonシシkawaii

    I waited a whole month... So i could get the game and play it while watching this 😂


    have you ever played very little nightmares

  • natasha

    jesus christ my anxiety level when he entered the area where the mannequins started moving- man i love watching his gameplays so much. his reactions, comments, and feedback are super great. one more thing, i noticed i always have the same reaction and facial expression as jack when we react to something lmaooo

  • Daniel Ajjax
    Daniel Ajjax

    Anyone else notice six after they fall out of the TV again scootch away from mono a bit before standing up 👀

  • Thomas Vandenberg
    Thomas Vandenberg


  • BVintage

    Dunno why he keeps questioning the fact that they're so small. That is exactly how all the other ones were lmao.

  • Incognito

    If you made a horror game that doesn’t rely on jump-scares to be scary, you know you made a good game.

  • kattastic9999

    24:21 Yeah this was the part where I actually had to stop playing for the day.

  • • nightmare toca
    • nightmare toca

    bruh im edicted to this and im 7

  • Brian Stapleton
    Brian Stapleton

    not gonna lie Sean, your coffee be fire. It's now my favorite

  • Koen Meeuwesen
    Koen Meeuwesen

    25:15 one of my favorite moments

  • Some nerd with an albatross picture
    Some nerd with an albatross picture

    25:16 “Yikes yikes *yikes YIKES*” Me: Yikes forever!

  • Jeremiah Diaz
    Jeremiah Diaz

    A fully evolved spider is just a hand that wants to kill you.

  • Doctor Sirus
    Doctor Sirus

    I never realized how cold blooded Six really was until she was warming herself in the furnace. Jesus, she's messed up.

    • ForTaxReasons

      Leave her alone shes just trying to get Warm 😭 hes burning anyway why waste the heat lol

  • Unknown Dev
    Unknown Dev

    Korn 🤘

  • yoonseokie

    Mannequins: **move** Sean: **The Walking Dead zombie noises**

  • yoonseokie

    31:34 Just me or does Jack sound like a zombie from the Walking Dead?

  • onyx !
    onyx !

    jack screaming at 17:45 is keeping me alive rn

  • Lotus Farrand
    Lotus Farrand

    Before this episode I thought that you were safe above ground but now I'm not to sure

  • Lotus Farrand
    Lotus Farrand

    Jack : Oh look a hammer Me scared as: SMASH THE FUCKING THING DAMN IT

  • Lotus Farrand
    Lotus Farrand

    Jack: *leaves six behind* Me: Go back to get her this is probs one of the reasons why she betrayed you-

  • advancedwarlord

    The X-ray showed there was something in the toy duck. For those of you that have played the game, what's in the toy duck?

  • Reyna Mayree
    Reyna Mayree

    Ive been trying for 2 weeks to get passed the part at 30 mins from all those people.....ive rage quit about 100 times and you just did it so smoothly!!!! ahhg

  • anty B
    anty B

    "Jusus Christ on a bike". I actually had to pause the video because I was laughing so hard!!

  • twiin armageddon2
    twiin armageddon2

    20:55 fuck yeah, korn

    • twiin armageddon2
      twiin armageddon2

      **insert that one part from freak on a leash**

  • Rin Izunia IV
    Rin Izunia IV

    Im actually the same way i absolutely love when people use Lighting artistically its just MMF! *Chefs kiss*

  • Aniverous

    I forever hate the Weeping Angel and everything it has inspired.

  • Aniverous

    22:05-32:04: NOPE

  • Slowed Soul
    Slowed Soul

    “Ew. Why does it look like you’re made out of jelly?” -Sean One of the most iconic quotes of 2021 so far.

  • gamer plush
    gamer plush

    who else is watching for advise and feels his pain

  • Sasha Sims
    Sasha Sims

    I just did 22:35 scared the @#$# out of me

  • brianna fraser
    brianna fraser

    the doctor

  • Sally Maryam Williams
    Sally Maryam Williams

    Six lighter would have been helpful at that lever along with the flashlight