Try Not To Get Anxious Challenge #4
More heights? Cool, that won't make me anxious.
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  • jacksepticeye

    well.... this went up at the wrong time lol enjoy the weird upload

    • Hanna Schoolwerk
      Hanna Schoolwerk

      I understand the Australia thing Where i live the only poisonous animal is a common adder

    • Derek K
      Derek K

      You should do a series where you go back and watch/react to your old gaming videos

    • Mark Pecha
      Mark Pecha

      Btw a guy fell off a snow cliff and it was 150 feet high and a girl fell 0.1 feet and started crying btw the guy broke 6 bones

    • Akompliss Akompliss
      Akompliss Akompliss

      If someone gets severely injured doing any of these things, the rule should be no medical treatment. No Search and Rescue. No help. Not a cent wasted trying to fix their stupidity. Just leave them where they land and clean up the mess once they're gone. None of these people deserve to be alive. A few thousand years ago they would've been eaten by something or starved to death and weeded out of the gene pool. Darwin and all that. They're only still around and reproducing because of people way more intelligent than them keep them alive. We should stop that, stop keeping these people alive.

    • Tanwa Richards
      Tanwa Richards

      the bug, just no, no


    When my Nana was younger she was with my aunt they were going to Yellowstone and I heard a bison just came up to them and one was just stopped in front of their car they were there for like 2 hours

  • Scoops Ahoy James
    Scoops Ahoy James

    We need scary videos #3

  • Darth Zayexeet
    Darth Zayexeet

    „flight or flight-reflex“ classic

  • Alan Ramos
    Alan Ramos

    Me getting stung one time by twelve

  • Madlad Gaming
    Madlad Gaming

    1:31 dude! Jacksepticeye, the same happened to me during that same time! I was probably 11 but wow. It does feel bad to get stung that many times. I got stung 10 times though and you got 19 times. Oof man.

  • Pr3dator

    As someone who's not afraid of heights i used to not know that the fear of heights is a thing, my guess is that if you get used to it from a young age it doesn't bother you anymore as you grow up

  • Ethan Baldwin
    Ethan Baldwin

    I'm not scared of heights


    All was scary asf

  • Ruan Geel
    Ruan Geel

    This is the first time since lockdown began that i watch jack again

  • Glitchious Devil Madness
    Glitchious Devil Madness

    The answer to your question of "is that a crocodile or an alligator?" can be answered rather easily. Both animals can be easily identified by the shape of their jaws. An alligator has a "u" shaped jaw and a crocodile has a "v" shaped jaw. I didn't get a good look at the shape of the jaw but I believe that is indeed a crocodile.

  • Zimke42

    I don't like heights either, but that backflip was insane... nope, nope, never!

  • Vanessa

    Does anyone know what kind of headphones Seàn has? I love the colour!

  • JaKHoLE

    My feeling of being so up high. Makes my feet just shiver and drop several temperature and my mind just goes in a panic and always warns me to never look down

  • Spartan300

    “You know how your testicles just go like wha hooop” man I hate it when that happens

  • Sarah Ames
    Sarah Ames

    idk why they would stand that close to a crocodile or a alligator they can run up to 24-35 km/h XD those things can probably catch up pretty well then you'll be croc food

  • TheIrrelevant

    Scientist: "fight-or-flight" Sean: "more like flight-or-flight because I'm going NOWHERE near that"

  • gho_zst

    13:42 POV: You have an elytra filming your build

  • demonboiii 0
    demonboiii 0

    heights gets me sometimes

  • Scorpion Jimmy
    Scorpion Jimmy

    2:22 “You know how your testicles just go Uhh U UOOOOAHHHHHHH-“ -Jacksepticeye

  • Lust 4 Chaos
    Lust 4 Chaos

    3:00 My only thoughts when seeing people swing on that: Cut the cord :D

  • The Coding Panda
    The Coding Panda

    i thought the fish was a small dog and the owner was getting it to run away

  • ZackLP

    Ah yes Tovarisch let me get the drone and sky dive in Moscow

  • Aidan Witnessjones
    Aidan Witnessjones

    i love hights

  • Crèu Cat クル猫
    Crèu Cat クル猫


  • Gourinandana J
    Gourinandana J

    That centipede thing was gonna sting me once when I was on a pilgrimage whith my father and grand pa and we were not supposed to have shoes on 😐i was so small I spotted that thing on the ground (as I am closer to the floor 🤣) and I cried out aloud , my grandpa took me in his arms before it could harm me that thing is hella poisonous the one I saw there was bigger than the one in the video

  • SweetBobaTea

    Jack: ohhh it’s sand! Me: that’s conk creat babey!!

  • Mirror Eclipsed
    Mirror Eclipsed

    Anything with more than eight legs is a big fat NO from me. Spiders are mildly scary. Centipedes are effing terrifying. That's the most anxiety inducing part of the video for me.

  • Gary Nelson
    Gary Nelson

    11:54 STAAAAP

  • Andy Andersson
    Andy Andersson

    I wish centepedes didint exist

  • Johnathan Berumen
    Johnathan Berumen

    I love climbing

  • RonaldRaygun

    the whole video I was fine, until I saw that Centipede... I can't- just NO!

  • john blaine
    john blaine

    who here likes spiders like this video if you do, and like it if you don't

  • Adachi Cabbage
    Adachi Cabbage

    I'm not afraid of heights because I'm tall so I get used to it.

  • Vian 76
    Vian 76

    the fucking bug was terrifying

  • Asriel cutie
    Asriel cutie

    Well I'm training to be a pilot, and I'm deathly afraid of hights

  • Honey PoolRpOcs
    Honey PoolRpOcs

    The real sweaty palms is for those snails under Shawns Foot. Rip all the snails

  • Koenigsegg Dubstep
    Koenigsegg Dubstep

    Me in bed in Australia: "Wait, what WHAT WHAT?!"

  • Chelsea Roberts
    Chelsea Roberts

    I feel just as anxious but I conquered it for a short while on the Conney Island swing ride when I was 12😭

  • Anonymous 001
    Anonymous 001

    i understand BEE-ing stung it does hurt i was at camp (before covid) i used my toy bow went to grab the arrow (again toy arrow) i had flipflops on and when i went to grab the toy arrow next thing i felt just pain nothing but pain in my right foot well most of my right foot i'm pretty sure anyways buh bye!-- oh so you want reality to be like a show kataow kataow stands for kipo and the age of wonderbeasts there are mutes and mega mute. Mutes are mutants mega mutes are mega mutants (i assume)

  • PixelizedGenocide

    I made it all the way to the end but the fucking THING FROM HELL got me

  • Nathaniel Reynolds
    Nathaniel Reynolds

    i agree with you jack

  • Daniel Brooker
    Daniel Brooker

    Yeah ive actually taken a hot air balloon ride before, and CRASHED. My mom also took a hot air balloon ride (separate time) and ALSO CRASHED. In mom's case, the balloon crashed in a pecan tree orchard when landing. In my case, the rope you pull to vent the balloon to descend during landing got accidentally wrapped around the fire extinguisher and stuck OPEN, which obviously cause the balloon to descend WAY too fast. We almost crashed into the side of a 12 story hotel but the pilot was able to feed enough hot air into the balloon to slow the descent enough to miss the hotel but we still hit the ground hard and bounced back up into the air over 30 feet according to ground crew.

  • Mellow Sans
    Mellow Sans

    Height will always be a problem for me. I only need to look over the edge and i already feel like i am falling forward any moment

  • Rekentier

    Jack: ARE THOSE BEES? Me: oh silly jack oh no those are not bees hehe THOSE ARE WASPS

  • Robert Sandoval
    Robert Sandoval

    4:20 Jack that would be cement... 🤦‍♂️

  • William Vonweller
    William Vonweller

    14:27 SPEDICY

  • bloons B
    bloons B

    Life is fun Go watch life is fun

  • Nova Dark
    Nova Dark

    when i was in 5th grade, we went to Chicago and the sears tower, one of the biggest skyscrapers, has glass rooms that hang off the side of the highest level. like to point out we were on like the 100th floor. well I'm not scared of heights at all. my friends convinced me to sit on the glass and take a picture with them. now again, I am not scared of heights in the slightest but for SOME REASON my legs would not work when it was time to get up and i had to CRAWL OUT OF THE GLASS ROOM. I guess my brain was like "oh hey the slightest shift of weight is going to shatter this 100% secure as hell glass floor. On a side note, if I'm on an upper floor of anything or when i just get out of an elevator, I feel like the floor is tilting so it was super weird to be up that high anyways.

  • Adrian Jeffers
    Adrian Jeffers

    I only get afraid of heights if theres nothing below me. If I'm on a cliff or ledge, its whatever, but if I'm on a zipline, ski lift, rock climbing, etc. that's when it freaks me out. I love heights, just not when it's combined with some other thrill type thing.

  • William Vonweller
    William Vonweller

    Co f f e e

  • sweet cupcakes
    sweet cupcakes


  • dannyo plays1010 Collins
    dannyo plays1010 Collins

    this is the funniest thing in the world jack when something makes him anxouis: bahhhh

  • Sarah Allen
    Sarah Allen

    0:00 Nothing would happen with me because I would never be in the situation because I wouldn't be caught dead being near a cliff like that.

  • Ava the Minecrafter
    Ava the Minecrafter

    hights r scary

  • Scout the Scavenger
    Scout the Scavenger

    The first few seconds if the video and I hear the question of "What would you do if someone pushed you while you were looking over the edge of a cliff?" My answer was then "Grab the person's arms and take them with me" before Sean even said anything else

  • Bub The Builder
    Bub The Builder

    Were back on the bullshit

  • The_funfunguy

    “You know how your testicals just go wooooop” -jacksepticeye

  • iris ortiz
    iris ortiz

    That's not sand that's concrete baby

  • hatmaster

    Check this idea out Groundscrapers. Heheheh

  • Shadw Fox
    Shadw Fox

    Ok but I’m curious about the gliders in the same way jack is You’re just stuck up there???

  • Angelstorm8387

    To be honest, I'm not afraid of heights, I'm afraid of falling. The swing... That's a no from me. No thanks...

  • KerriCraze helps
    KerriCraze helps

    The bug was a NO for me!

  • Tyrannous Stalin
    Tyrannous Stalin

    When an alligator or crocodile is chasing u should run in zig zags and scream like a wild man

  • Josh Davis
    Josh Davis

    I love how he says that he is loosed up and the heights are less scary. Famous last words.

  • Sasha E
    Sasha E

    The balloon one made my legs feel like they were floating away on me

  • TheGuySellingNoodles

    Brown bears are actually kinda chill it’s black bears you should worry about

  • Joseph Grier
    Joseph Grier

    Idk man I jump out of planes every other week, heights aren't a fear I have

  • the gaming prestiges prestige
    the gaming prestiges prestige

    The momant when ur teaticles go WHOOOOOP *balls go up*

  • Ava UwU
    Ava UwU

    *Jack saying the skiing guy sounds like goofy* *My brain thinking of the fact that goofy is a cow not a dog*

  • ThatDudeWithBoobs

    I started a new job at Home Depot recently, and I forgot how terrified of heights I got until I started using the regular step ladders to get inventory from high up...I completely understand what Seán's talking about in this. 😣

  • Jeffrey Will Bee
    Jeffrey Will Bee

    9:00 this must be Russia

  • Anxxitity Musics
    Anxxitity Musics

    Just to be clear.. is there a fear of being anxious? If there was you would experience a cycle of never ending fear

  • Jarrod Wesley
    Jarrod Wesley

    I do

  • Sam V
    Sam V

    13:00 Yeah, building structures underground sounds like a great idea until an earthquake happens and everybody gets crushed with no way out. Tons of people buried (sometimes alive)… but I do love the concept!!

  • Gamingweebnub Neo
    Gamingweebnub Neo

    Me: looks from a high point of view. Breathing intensifies*

  • Wesley Dixon
    Wesley Dixon

    You need to play the VR game called Richie's Plank Experience!

  • Jason Coffer
    Jason Coffer

    Hey the 3rd one u did the girl with the spider on her face thats my freind alex she goes to my school or used to

  • Eryn pedersen
    Eryn pedersen

    I like climbing but I'm afraid of hights and I hate me being afraid of hights and I get anxity so hard that my hart heated so fast (also this story kinda a story was in 2018)

  • Warren O'connor
    Warren O'connor


  • FH

    "Now we are just seeing wonders of nature. And that doesn't scare me" ... "nevermind, the stupid bastards are back..."

  • leon Rezaei
    leon Rezaei

    that looks like something from Star Wars 13:37

  • :/

    Our ice caves are not too interesting but they are cool

  • Granny T
    Granny T

    “I don’t know how people live in Australia.” Let me tell ya, it’s damn stressful

  • Blind devoy
    Blind devoy

    I've never been stung by anything. The fear and curiosity

  • Fenix Filmer
    Fenix Filmer

    Jacks like no snails aloud I’m like just put the funnel webs in the back 😂😂😂

  • Fnaf lover
    Fnaf lover

    Heights make me want to die

  • The Duck
    The Duck

    I was once going to bed and when I went to close the curtains a huntsman almost the size of a dinner plate was sitting on the wall right next to my bed. That bastard was just chillin on the curtain like it owned my room. I slept downstairs in the couch.

  • slp monkey
    slp monkey

    Me: at high places cool EVERYONE: aaaaaahhhhhhh Me: LOL

  • Lynx Gaming
    Lynx Gaming

    Flight with heights mate you gon jump off


    the only time im scared of hights is when its not high enough to kill me. for example. ich its high enough to kill someone im like ''if i fll down there ill atleast die a non painfull death'' but if the fall just injurs me then im scared cuz i dont wann ahave to deal with injuries

  • fauzza zahir
    fauzza zahir

    The guy who gave the bear a fish, there russian

  • Øgñjēñ Gøjkë
    Øgñjēñ Gøjkë

    Im scared to lay im my stomach cause i feel like im falling

  • dirtnite

    Bro I stepped on a centipede that was almost dead when I was like 6 and I was like " this is it

  • abbeysonic

    Jack: NOO!! Camera guy for the back flipper: YESS!!

  • Wesley Kant
    Wesley Kant

    a very big irrational fear i have is aquatic plants, just full fight or flight mode.

  • Mikeys bikes
    Mikeys bikes

    You should do a skydive for the channel try get pewds and others in

  • Max G3
    Max G3

    The bug made me react the most for sure but the backflip was my least favourite just because of how stupid that one was

  • izzyspyder

    Lmfao u can’t tell me that that dude feeding the bear wasn’t Russian or in Russia, YOU CANT-