WARNING: If You Can Hear THIS Sound, You Might Have Hearing Damage
WARNING: If you can hear this sound, you might have hearing damage
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  • jacksepticeye

    How good is your hearing?

    • Adir Chowdhury
      Adir Chowdhury


    • シbiBingka

      So i have this haha

    • Jinka7

      I have a hearing aid from the company you took the test from. 😂 Part of my middle ear is too big on the right. I can't hear high or low pitches, but my left ear is normal.

    • Dom The Cuz
      Dom The Cuz

      Is it good or bad to be able to hear it-

    • Everyhurdle 540
      Everyhurdle 540

      Pretty good

  • Mr Hotdog
    Mr Hotdog


  • master minder
    master minder

    I hear it

  • yoseph

    jack i got like that same thing it start when i was 10 and now im 12 and it stil hapaning

  • Justindobb1984

    Hell I have acid reflux and severe anemia and am 36 yrs old and just had to get a double scope (one from one end and then the other . . . ) ya that made me feel old, but I know I can hear better you you lol :P

  • Pempin 42
    Pempin 42

    we are tinnitus buddies!! is it bad that I've been dealing with this for a few years now and I'm only 15?

  • Bluwonderland

    I could hear the 15000 Hz

  • Harrison Workman
    Harrison Workman

    I had rining in my right ear for a week or 2 last month, which might have been because i had a blocked up ears from a supposed cold (though i personally didn't feel like i had one) but I believe the ringing happens for me because i got small ear tubes (which i had to have a few gromit operations as a kid to widen them) so maybe that is why it happens to me occaisonally. but man it freaked me out, and now I try to make sure i don't listen to anything with headphones to loud incase that is a cause of tinnitus. oh and i can't block out sound so I am very sensitve to all types of sound, so i have that going for me lol

  • Daniel Russell
    Daniel Russell

    my ears ring but I can't hear it

  • Daniel Russell
    Daniel Russell

    I cant hear it

  • Homo Slice
    Homo Slice

    I have tinnitus and honestly I’ve gotten used to the sound after multiple years. I have disks loose in my jaw, pressing on my ear drums which cause slight hearing loss and tinnitus. So *whip*

  • Sophie Nicol
    Sophie Nicol

    I’m hard of hearing and also suffer from tinnitus, I streamed this video through my hearing aids and couldn’t hear anything?? 😂 Maybe they’re toooo damaged! (I’ll watch again with earphones and see if there’s a difference)

  • Marx Izalias
    Marx Izalias

    Here's a fun thing for you to try, listen to your tinnitus and then open your jaw wide or clench your teeth and keep listening, it makes some forms of tinnitus clearer Really odd.

  • adam logi
    adam logi

    my dad has that

  • MiniNinja

    Yes my tinnitus also acted up when the white noise got progressively more intense

  • Vxw Dark Demon
    Vxw Dark Demon

    I think the really loud happy wheels victory noise made you get tinnitus

  • funtime love
    funtime love

    Hey Jack did you know something about me? Well that's where my phone comes in well my ears do the same thing your talking aboutbecause when everything is very very quiet I start to hear a very very high a loish and high pitch sound in both of my ears but I can hear everything still a little bit

  • Gabrielle Giovinazzo
    Gabrielle Giovinazzo

    Fun Fact! If you sing, or play an instrument, eventually, you will be unable to hear certain pitch ranges. What that range is kind of depends on how long you've been playing/singing, the type of instrument, etc. but most people who have this happen is in a range where people speak. So if you have someone who cant seem to hear you half the time, this may be why. I have to constantly remind my mom so she doesn't get mad when I literally didn't hear her XD.

  • James Hughes
    James Hughes

    Jack I didn’t even know that that why I hear this ring in my ears

  • Joseph Clarke
    Joseph Clarke

    That sound brings pain to my once happy ears

  • hurtful_nightmarion

    i can hear my heart beat every second of every day. i hate it

  • Julius Polaris
    Julius Polaris

    8:44 no its a B

  • Bob Richman
    Bob Richman

    Now I know why silence sounds loud

  • Garrett Haiser
    Garrett Haiser

    I can’t hear that one either

  • EggCaster

    oh god

  • George Jenkins
    George Jenkins

    Mines a little lower hum

  • The pvp MASTER
    The pvp MASTER

    The 12,700Hz was really loud, I dont even have my phone at max volume

  • Sorry lolol
    Sorry lolol

    I feel you jack I’m 11 and have tinnitus I got it at 7 it’s really annoying

  • Emory Maris
    Emory Maris

    I'm 21 and can't hear the 15000 Hz so don't feel bad Jack

  • Fr0sty Gamez
    Fr0sty Gamez


  • ysn huncho
    ysn huncho

    i hear it like in the back of my head jack 😭

  • A Dude
    A Dude

    My ears actually started bleeding help.

  • Chris Cof
    Chris Cof

    I can hear dog whistles

  • Ciaphas Cain
    Ciaphas Cain

    Yep. I've had tinnitus since Fallujah.

  • Melanin Queen
    Melanin Queen

    Mawp.Mawp. Mawp

  • The White Dawn
    The White Dawn

    hmm well that isn’t good, I might have it

  • Gifted


  • •Innocent Potato•
    •Innocent Potato•

    Jack: You hear that sound? Me: Yes jack- Yes I can- I probably damage my ears from listening to high metal music btw what's your favorite metal band!

  • Merrick Cholewinski
    Merrick Cholewinski

    I guess I have hearing damage because I have a ringing noise in my ear maybe it's because I have so much to wax in my ear and a ear infection

  • Kalma Clemens
    Kalma Clemens

    Ive never taken tests or anything but i have it at least some of the time. But having it literally every second of every day sounds entirely awful :-(

  • Lucas

    I actually turned down my volume for this one

  • Ryan Darby
    Ryan Darby

    mine is 12,000 :/

  • K-Animations

    It feels so weird being able to hear something jack can't.

  • Taja

    1500 HZ was the only one to cause ear pain for me. No wonder those misquote programs work so well and keeping young people away. (really who made those)

  • mirA

    Thanks jack my ears are ringing and i have a terrible headache :)

  • Ez Junies
    Ez Junies

    Im not weak I can handle this

  • Bugz Brown
    Bugz Brown


  • Imjustaweeb UwU
    Imjustaweeb UwU

    i can hear it when idk when im doing something with my jaw i dont know how to explain that

  • BlackPowderDan

    Sean, I love you, and this was my fault for clicking play, but you're a monster...

  • olivia seils
    olivia seils

    i love you so much jack but i can’t watch this whole video bc of my tinnitus & it causes extremely intense migraines so since i can’t watch it all the way through here is my comment to help out the al gore rhythm😌

  • lotus white
    lotus white

    12:23 is my tinnitus

  • itstotesmelirn

    i have hearing loss lmao so i don’t hear much

  • Drop Bear Legend
    Drop Bear Legend

    i feel the sounds of my heart beat

  • Sasha Bashnya
    Sasha Bashnya

    *Haha fuck*

  • RobertIDKIsBest

    So tenitis can happen after a flashbang or loud bang?

  • Daniel McLean
    Daniel McLean

    My ears feel like Freddy Kruger is scrapping my ear Edit: I mean Rapeing, my ear

  • Digital Gold
    Digital Gold

    im only 26 but can stil hear the 15,000hz so yay not a boomer yet lol

  • Struck By Lightning
    Struck By Lightning

    I liked only cuz of the sneeze

  • Maverick my comrade
    Maverick my comrade

    I have tinnitus, because my sister stuck a q tip in my ear without the cotton on it

  • Fandom Fanatic
    Fandom Fanatic

    Sean: *keeps playing and pausing the 15,000 k test Me: jack please stop.. it's loud..

  • Brandon Wilson
    Brandon Wilson

    I never knew that

  • EethT

    I think I got hearing damage from this

  • Angelica Rodriguez
    Angelica Rodriguez

    Bro now my ears are hurting I’m gonna leave before it hurts more ;-;

  • NuggetNutcracker

    When he plays the sound i can hear it but it keeps going then I pause it and realise he stopped playing it and my ears are ringing

  • Determined Catman
    Determined Catman

    oh god i have SPD and that *HURT*

  • AquaticBeaver14

    ive gotten that alot before

  • Sins of the Last Dawn
    Sins of the Last Dawn


  • *Cyan_Star *
    *Cyan_Star *

    When I think about it. I can hear it. When I don't think about it. I can't hear it.

  • RavenstarPlayz

    I hear it

  • IbraheemAhmedd ahmed
    IbraheemAhmedd ahmed

    Yes I hear it

  • n1Ce 69
    n1Ce 69

    I can hear that some times at night

  • anime boy
    anime boy

    This dude can hear better than me

  • wolfel elric
    wolfel elric

    My cat was laying on me and she ran away

  • It's Just Bree
    It's Just Bree

    Okay but why did the really high pitch make my eyes water?

  • Nicholas Moon
    Nicholas Moon

    This made me realise I had tinnitus-

  • Duck Poppy
    Duck Poppy

    All deaf people watching this video: 😐

  • Alexander Ivy
    Alexander Ivy

    Whelp this hurt a lot

  • Alexander Ivy
    Alexander Ivy

    Should I be concerned that I hear the frequency on both sides?

  • KakashiiX_

    i hear that when the cars stop moving

  • K time
    K time

    jesus the beginning made my mild tinnitus go into full tinnitus

    • Lol In the chat
      Lol In the chat

      How long have u had tinnitus for

  • Nico

    yeah jack we both have tinnitus, it's not fun AT ALL, i have pills and mediaction for it but still it really sucks,

  • Oh Angel
    Oh Angel

    Welp. This video triggered mine 😂

  • Matias Delgado
    Matias Delgado

    this is painful

  • kitty cat09
    kitty cat09

    When I'm in a really quiet place I can here that ringing but it's faint so I never thought about it hmmmmmm

  • FreeForm Puddle
    FreeForm Puddle

    i only hear it once in a while

  • Matias Delgado
    Matias Delgado

    oh he was playing the sound i think hopefully

  • Matias Delgado
    Matias Delgado

    i have tinitus then

  • Clasic Hex
    Clasic Hex

    I was born with it

  • XerxesTexasToast

    I don't have chronic tinnitus, thank fuck, but I get acute bouts of it sometimes. My ears start to feel clogged, and the ringing I hear is actually much lower in pitch than the irritating ultrahigh dogwhistle you showed us at the beginning of the video. Your example is like 15kHz, while my acute moments of it sound like 2.5-4kHz. And then it goes away and it feels like my ears open back up. Between you talking tinnitus and Ethan cleaning his ears with an endoscopic scrape, I'm thinking I should get my ears thoroughly and professionally cleaned. It should help my hearing, and if earwax has anything to do with the ear-closing sensation that comes with my 15-second tinnitus episodes, I'd like to get that fixed. Should also invest in some earplugs too, if I wanna protect my hearing and keep working on music and audio in my spare time.

    • XerxesTexasToast

      Holy fucking shit, you're telling me that neurological tinnitus is specifically you consciously hearing YOUR OWN SYNAPSES FIRING? This shit blows my mind, and also reminds me of how goddamn loud the processors are in my gaming laptop. Seriously, I can hear all the little clicks and whines of every goddamn piece of silicon in that thing!

    • XerxesTexasToast

      That sneeze edit was FUCKING INCREDIBLE

  • Abdul Nabezadah
    Abdul Nabezadah

    how come when pressed this video i got tinnitus

  • Joppers 26
    Joppers 26

    Oh no. I think I have tinnitus

  • Kira _
    Kira _

    My left ear hears sound too loud and if I play music with like half volume it hurts but with my right ear sometimes I cant hear anything out of it at all like I'm deaf in one ear or something

  • Zoe Ysha P. Caseres
    Zoe Ysha P. Caseres

    I dont know if i have tinnitus but I DO hear that ringing sound on my own ears sometimes, even tho there isnt any loud noise.

  • Jenny VanderPas
    Jenny VanderPas

    My husband has tinnitus and has problems sleeping at night. He's had some hearing loss as well (he can tell) but when he got tested they said it was fine. I think he needs to be tested again.

  • ThisIsRandom 98
    ThisIsRandom 98

    11:59 i felt my ears bleeding after that

  • Ragnarök ACR
    Ragnarök ACR

    Duuuude I am a New subscriber and I can totally relate to this! I'VE HAD TINNITUS SINCE 2009!!! Really cool to know that more people know about this. Try whitenoise and meditation it helps a lot!

  • I Am Nxva PR
    I Am Nxva PR

    Wait i can hear the b that he couldn't

  • darkvipergamin

    Btw don't worry too much tinnitus can make it so pitches higher then your tinnitus average will become hard near impossible to hear because the brain tunes the new higher pitch sound out thinking it is just the normal tinnitus sounds you hear

  • Smiley King
    Smiley King

    After a while i only hear ringing in my ear

  • Abby

    I can hear about to the 16500ish Hz range