We added so many mods to Among Us that it BROKE
We added so many mods to Among Us that we broke the game
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  • Kat Tindel
    Kat Tindel

    sykkuno needs to voice anime

  • NightWillow17

    The thumbnail for this video confused the heck out of me. I thought SVname swapped thumbnails again. Cuz the detective Kermit hat Jack used is a Yogscast made one for their member Zylus

  • Nyctodream Creations
    Nyctodream Creations

    Glad to see you still playing Among Us. Most people kinda forgot the game lol

  • M0nkeychannel2011


  • Psionic Butterfly
    Psionic Butterfly

    Gotta love the Yogscasts detective Zylus skin bleeding over

    • jamie meshach
      jamie meshach

      pretty sure they are using peds too.

  • Boba Tea
    Boba Tea

    I have big brain idea, attempt to vote yourself out as imposter, so people think your jester so people won’t vote me out. 😌😌😌

  • kkat

    14:27: If it's on a vent it means Myth (probably) got taken out of a vent, so John was for sure an impostor if Leslie wasn't lying but since Brooke reported on six (unless she's big braining it) says she saw a morphling, unless she's lying, after all Sykkuno's vouches it's got to be Syd and I know this is a run on sentence so try to make sense of it ;)

  • Bakugo Katsukii-_-
    Bakugo Katsukii-_-

    This is the best broken game I’ve ever seen in among is

  • JP Scott
    JP Scott




  • Kayden Hart
    Kayden Hart

    24:25 I'm alive but I'm dead

  • THElbhorsie

    Why didn't Jack die when his lover was dead?

  • Sally Trip
    Sally Trip


  • Marsupial Maniac
    Marsupial Maniac

    Ey it’s tbe Zylus skin

  • _Megatron1021

    2:47 me when i’m trying to get ready for work

  • Kathryn Martin
    Kathryn Martin


  • kae marie
    kae marie

    aww did jack not stream this??? I looked on his twitch and don’t see this playthrough

  • Roling Chung
    Roling Chung

    1:08 *”this is the thing u need.” 𝐮𝐬𝐦𝐨𝐝.𝐛𝐮𝐳𝐳 ”Am I right?” 垃圾。Lord*

  • Knuckle Sandwich
    Knuckle Sandwich


  • Finesoxx

    R.I.P whiteboard

  • I’m 18 If you don’t like it suck it
    I’m 18 If you don’t like it suck it

    Hey where did you get that room cause I’ve only played the three

  • just voices
    just voices

    Revisit deer simulator

  • James Rettig
    James Rettig

    You could have killed him in the vent


    Oh no he kermitted suicide 🐸🐸😂😂🤣🤣

  • Tstormer

    Why do people like this game it's so dry and full of lies I'd be so pissed playing this it's worse than mario party

  • Nehdjd Jdjdjd
    Nehdjd Jdjdjd

    Yo is it just me or does gigantic sykkuno Looks kind a good though

  • Liam Cushing
    Liam Cushing

    What an amazing video!

  • F Vanlook
    F Vanlook

    The last episode of jacks old house

  • Austin Square pants
    Austin Square pants

    Jack is slowly turning into a reaction channel

  • hai

    the trans flag top hat in the first round-

  • Vinzlinz2222

    sykkuno is such an agent of chaos i love it

  • Harrison Pearce
    Harrison Pearce

    Nice character duck character jack

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando

    Every time that scroll back thing happens all I can hear in my head is: KILLER QUEEN BITES ZA DUSTO

  • XxDuckyxX

    Sykkuno and Jack not playing among us: Best friends Sykkuno and Jack playing among us: I MUST MUNIPULATE HIM MUAHAHA 😂

  • Tcggamer Channel
    Tcggamer Channel

    What is this mod. This mod is so cool

    • Tcggamer Channel
      Tcggamer Channel

      And best Kermit impression

  • Seth pal
    Seth pal

    Jacksepticeye play hello puppet's

  • Zoe Thomson
    Zoe Thomson

    I would've loved to see them rip into each other

  • Tony Blank
    Tony Blank


  • Foxy- 101
    Foxy- 101

    Did jack split in two when tome reminded and he vented at the same time causing the copy to kill fusile PhD.

  • JOY Ibrahim
    JOY Ibrahim

    i watched this as soon as it came out and im commenting now because im curious lol. Whats the role of the lover???

  • 2005_124 Vlogs
    2005_124 Vlogs

    did any1 notice he was drinkin Malibu:) what a boss

  • bunny boo
    bunny boo

    Play fragile please!

  • Aesthet¿cally Gl¡tched
    Aesthet¿cally Gl¡tched

    His Kermit impression is so amazing

  • Nightfur y
    Nightfur y

    Plunging a toilet.... never seen someone so fast before.... weird cam footage..... kinda sus if you ask me

  • blurrymin9

    i like when they don't play with poki

  • TheGamingThief

    These mods make the game 10x better

  • nekogranma

    shhh, don't point out the media offline error

  • nadean coufal
    nadean coufal

    How come he did not die when he was lovers?

  • Colin Stahon
    Colin Stahon

    It’s just a sussy Baka and it cannot be that bad

  • Infinite Gamer
    Infinite Gamer

    Evelien>comes to get jack to bed Jack> im havin a moment here


    Boys and girls this mans be sad, tired, and big.

  • Python

    could i play amoung us with u ???

  • Tamagon Bagel
    Tamagon Bagel

    "I didn't go to college for four years just to be called Kermit"

  • Gabriel Reed
    Gabriel Reed

    He should've killed sykkuno when he was in the vent he could've

  • BluSire

    'Gigantic Sykkuno' Phrasing please

  • pickeleboi

    The returne of the devil

  • Gaia

    i think your editor had a little problem at the end XD "Media offline" lol

  • Diamond Red Fox
    Diamond Red Fox

    sykkuno is like dogs. we dont deserve him. too pure

  • Onyx2


  • EVNgelion

    Casual detective zylus

  • Midnight_kittys.

    when your name is leslie and there saying a name that sounds them same:...

  • kstormgeistgem

    .... what thell is going on ...??? i haven't a clue about any of this... lovers... jesters... Time Lords?!? wth, mate... among us just gets more n more kcufed up the more people play it, it seems.

  • Garrison Cardinell
    Garrison Cardinell

    I can’t believe jack lost his accent

  • Zachary Wilmot
    Zachary Wilmot

    Hi all

  • Ebrilliant Uwaahhh
    Ebrilliant Uwaahhh

    Jack! Jack! Play Metro Series! The Metro 2033 or any other one like Metor Exodus or something, they're awesome!

  • Chadx M
    Chadx M

    I very much liked the mods and changes added to the game since I last played it....

  • Mr. Mirage 2
    Mr. Mirage 2

    Airship is dumb. If You click the ladder, and once again, and again, and again, You can survive the round, You can't get killed on the ladder

  • Bees

    Jack talking with Kermit voice > literally anything

  • Maddox Breakdown
    Maddox Breakdown

    let's appreciate fuslie's hat with the trans flag. it's just cute :)

  • Gaming Mario Unbox
    Gaming Mario Unbox

    You should play Among Us hide and seek

  • ChimeraXYZ

    24:48 I felt that

  • Rebekah Letourneau
    Rebekah Letourneau

    I got an ad for among us in the middle of the video and I couldn’t tell that it was an ad for a lot longer than I’m willing to admit.

  • Payton Barnett
    Payton Barnett

    is jack drinking a malibu seltzer??

  • Bens fan club president
    Bens fan club president

    Why was Zylus’s detective Kermit skin used as the thumbnail?

  • Destro

    100% Kormit win rate!

  • Maxwell A. Gaming PS4
    Maxwell A. Gaming PS4

    The way Myth saved Jack from Leslie telling on him 🤣🤣🤣

  • Cat Matic
    Cat Matic

    This made me think of a new mod which may or may not be a good idea. So say something simalir happens like with the last round but it's like a trust test. Where if the remaining crew vote someone out (which is a crewmate) Imposters win. But if they just skip crewmates win. I know it sounds ridiculous but that's just what came to my head.


    Dude can we stop with the among us

  • SpedSamurai


  • Jennifer Melissa
    Jennifer Melissa

    I love you ❤️

  • Hunter Lynn Roth
    Hunter Lynn Roth

    Irish lad *Kermit* ing murders

  • Washcoon

    Didn't know Jack was a fan of Zylus ;)

  • Bicc Boi
    Bicc Boi

    Evelien has joined the game 😂

  • catelyn stone
    catelyn stone

    Have you heard that there's a siren head mod? where the killer is siren head?

    • catelyn stone
      catelyn stone

      I thought you might like it because you like siren head

  • Weeb Levi
    Weeb Levi

    Where is the old intro?

  • animatedlux

    how do you even get mods

  • The Only King
    The Only King

    The first map wasn't Giant-friendly

  • Tasty Beans
    Tasty Beans


  • 行きなさいピクルスリック

    Bruh how can you be out of breath sitting in your chair

  • ShyFoxFeather Here
    ShyFoxFeather Here

    Jack: You never vote me out Sykkuno: Oh that's true I'll skip Me: that worked?!

  • VoidGaming404

    Idk about anyone else, but man I really hate when people stack like that.

  • Nagito Komaeda
    Nagito Komaeda

    *i'm so large*

  • Hannah Welsh
    Hannah Welsh

    Myth saving Jack on the timewarp was sooo good. 🤩🤩

  • Mog Treleaven
    Mog Treleaven

    “Thank you, that’s usually how heads work”

  • I don’t know what brain cells are
    I don’t know what brain cells are

    “I didn’t go to college for 4 years just to be called kermit” -Jacky-boi 2021

    • I don’t know what brain cells are
      I don’t know what brain cells are

      For anyone who wants the time stamp it’s 16:52

  • Ryan Hannah
    Ryan Hannah

    I could listen to this mans voice for hours

  • GameFam

    I like the new mods. They're super funny! . "I AM LARGE MAN" haha

  • Odle Scaboodle
    Odle Scaboodle

    Evelien coming in randomly and then just standing there is both confusing and hilarious

  • regina powell
    regina powell

    Fuslie's wearing a trans flag hat *happy boi*

  • Doc2hot

    sussy baka