WHAT HAPPENED TO MY SISTER? | Subnautica Below Zero - Part 6
Marguerit knows something about my sister in Subnautica Below Zero
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  • Jack Knudsen
    Jack Knudsen

    It’s Margherit not martet

  • Danni McLean
    Danni McLean

    Hoot hoot

  • ninii

    "go east and you'll find me." jack: *proceeds to go every direction but east.*

  • I am ur Worst Nightmare
    I am ur Worst Nightmare

    Wheres Sally

  • miki Pearl
    miki Pearl

    I wander if he ever realised that there is a compass under the depth meter

  • Somrat Khan
    Somrat Khan

    Funny thing about hope, sometimes you gotta abandon the ship. A sinking Titanic can't float with only hope. Put that hope in life boats and wooden doors.

  • Luna X
    Luna X

    How in the fuck do you call yourself a huge subnautica fan but barely remember the degasi and that maida was part of it

  • Sean Bruckman
    Sean Bruckman


  • Laura Brown
    Laura Brown

    its great that u doing that i work for thr nhs

  • Cyrus Fox
    Cyrus Fox

    Sean: "You guys couldn't even dream about knowing about directions." Me with no sense of direction: "Damn, u ryt."

  • Potato Guy
    Potato Guy

    Chelicerates are the least aggressive aggressive leviathan.

  • andrew weathers
    andrew weathers

    Did anyone else laugh when you knew Margie was going to say 1km east? I knew it was coming and I was thinking Jackie-boy is kinda nailed before he said it.

  • Sgtlewis55

    15:00 jack made a compass to tell what direction we wanted to go

  • PizzaPastaGaming

    Funny thing is that I know someone called Emily Dickinson

  • J Hunt
    J Hunt

    Jack you get sit near the little lights so you don’t get hypothermia. It’s just really slow but will stop you from dying

  • Jaxcraft 28
    Jaxcraft 28

    Does anyone know why Jack keeps saying "Pogchamp" every time? 🤔

  • Jaxcraft 28
    Jaxcraft 28

    0:50: Dangit, Jack! The episode barely started. XD

  • Daniel Wrigley
    Daniel Wrigley

    Gangstas paradise

  • Jonas Waldhauer
    Jonas Waldhauer

    6:00 "WHAT IS THAT?" *proceeds to scan even though there is a insta killing levaithen*



  • Andrew Switzer
    Andrew Switzer

    Ahahaha I did the same thing Jack did, wandering on random, empty ice flows...

  • Belle van Schijndel
    Belle van Schijndel

    That one Dickinson poem got me through a painful childhood. Now, as an adult, I still love it.

  • SweetPeasAndIvy


  • Ninja Dragon177
    Ninja Dragon177

    40:03 jack accidently clicked his autotune button lol

  • Patriotic potato
    Patriotic potato

    Reverse al - an

  • Monique Cash
    Monique Cash

    I've never heard anyone pronounce sedative like he did.

  • RandomGirl12

    She was possessed by the devil?

  • Joseph Bird
    Joseph Bird

    He had led in the fourth locker I’m officially triggered

  • Alissa Manuela
    Alissa Manuela

    I love how Alan thinks hope is an animal from the poem

  • Nemesismoon2013

    Theres another part of the ship further down. It has the alien aquarium in there

  • TTG Buu
    TTG Buu

    Dying light also had good soundtracks

  • HaTeRsGoNnAhAtE GaNg
    HaTeRsGoNnAhAtE GaNg

    jokes on u Al-an is vision

  • GEARMAN 925
    GEARMAN 925

    I think what he’s trying to get out is the soundtrack from the original somatic game it was called “ crash site”

  • Mr. Geek
    Mr. Geek

    Yeah it's emily Dickenson

  • Mr. Geek
    Mr. Geek

    When you said you don't think your in the right place I got a mind space app ad and I went like now your in the right place

  • David Witkovksy
    David Witkovksy

    You don't have to be so paranoid about the cryptosuchuses (the big scary black and blue things you see all the time) when you're in the sea truck they don't aggro on it

  • Biscuit Animations
    Biscuit Animations

    Love how you can see Sean instantly regret his choice of words when he said “fursuit”

  • BakaBule

    makes compass, doesn't use it

  • Emmett Every
    Emmett Every

    “its east of where you are” goes north east from a completely different location

  • RockTheGolem Gaming
    RockTheGolem Gaming

    22:37 Jack: "Low on water, and food...and thermos" *runs through an entire cave of peppers that give him all 3 numerous times without picking them up*

  • Katherine Winship
    Katherine Winship

    I don't know why, but listening to Jack read the Hope poem was actually really nice, it was sweet. I really appreciated it. Like something I'd like to hear more from from time to time.

  • Omelete Du Fromage
    Omelete Du Fromage

    They should make beacons for land too

  • Spud Bro
    Spud Bro

    The ice worms are just graboids


    I swear to god if maida and sam arent a couple. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Biscuit Animations
    Biscuit Animations

    Sean has the Item Highlighter yet still missed nearly everything lol

  • Bree Hadi
    Bree Hadi

    Marguerit's voice kinda reminds me of Ming Na Wen

  • NomnomGabbity

    The legend of moon moon(pool)!!!

  • Max dunaway
    Max dunaway

    5:56 this is exactly my reaction the first time I met a reaper in the regular subnautica

  • endless_reform gaming
    endless_reform gaming


  • FilipekSuperYT

    Thank you very much. 5:58 Chelicerate location.

  • Alexander Aladin
    Alexander Aladin

    Whats so hard to understand about (1km) ???

  • Hazy Elk
    Hazy Elk

    “This isn’t a ice burg, it’s a ice shelf” Sean - 2021

  • macmac pawix
    macmac pawix

    I love that hole too 🤭😉

  • mike larry
    mike larry

    The rich question structurally snore because pleasure undesirably laugh worth a special euphonium. able, mean metal

    • Ben Kinsey
      Ben Kinsey

      You having a stroke?

  • Era Kline
    Era Kline

    4:14 Jack: Some of us do, lets face it Me: no Jack I dont *me at three AM* Me: I SWEAR TO F****** GOD IF I DONT GET SOME ICED COFFEE WITH MILK, CREAMER AND CARMEL SYRUP IMMA LOSE MY MIND (there is no point to this comment but my video was buffering lmao)

  • Westin Goldsmith
    Westin Goldsmith

    I feel like there isn’t just as many hood moments in this game as you have in subnatica. Like when you meet your first reaper, it was way more exciting than when you meet the other dangerous animals in this game.

  • mike larry
    mike larry

    The soggy transport baly judge because scene daily hate off a right sister-in-law. shaky, equable rectangle

  • Zackary Smith
    Zackary Smith

    Jack: *Has a thermos full of coffee and a flare.* Also Jack: *Dies of hypothermia*

  • Sinewy Popcorn7
    Sinewy Popcorn7

    Meda was in the first game I forgot

  • Trenton Staggs
    Trenton Staggs

    I loved both Jack's series, but honestly regret buying both games

  • Eksplosive

    Fun fact: The Chelicerate Leviathan does 75 damage p/bite. Jacksepticeye would have instantly died if he got bitten by the Chelicerate.

  • Nocookiesforu

    Hey Sean, after u read the poem you passed by a fragment of some sort u could scan!

  • charlie cook
    charlie cook

    Jack has flares and is dying of hypothermia lmaoo

  • ragemode101

    You may be my friend but I'm incredibly introverted

  • Christian Stott
    Christian Stott

    I was screaming you have your thermos for like 10 seconds when he dead to hypothermia

  • Austin Hicks
    Austin Hicks

    4:10 This just makes me think of that one Filthy Frank skit where Pink Guy goes to a McDonalds: "Haburger PLZ"

  • Tina Chiasson
    Tina Chiasson

    Try Shazam app?

  • Tina Chiasson
    Tina Chiasson

    Im a newbie Ty for letting me enjoy the experience!

  • Some Random Wisconsinite
    Some Random Wisconsinite

    I like the ideological "debate" between AL-AN and Robin. It's so interesting to hear each of their arguments for their beliefs and the other countering it.

  • Some Random Wisconsinite
    Some Random Wisconsinite

    "you can be my friends, but I'm incredibly introverted" That's literally me

  • Evan Slack
    Evan Slack

    oh wow I had to read that exact hope poem in english at school

  • Chubby_ Nugget
    Chubby_ Nugget

    So one ask if I liked the Xbox and my response was: 31:05

  • CasualTwist51

    Al-an logging "Hope": He a little confused, but he got the spirit.

  • Norman Landstruck
    Norman Landstruck

    46:00 The devs really need to make the gap this bridge has bigger, as it stands I can use the Prawn suit with the jump jet to clear this bridge easily. No hydraulic fluid needed.

  • Joe Bass
    Joe Bass

    Is nobody gonna talk about the autotuned jack at 40:06

    • Nocookiesforu

      Good to know I was just curious!

    • Joe Bass
      Joe Bass

      @Nocookiesforu yea but I'm not sure anymore I love jack, not a forever fan, he helped me get through outlast 2 lol been subbed and sponsor ever since

    • Nocookiesforu

      R u a member of the channel? Jist asking because of the channel pfp next to your name.

  • Ivica Slavevski
    Ivica Slavevski

    thank you for carrying my childhood

  • WingedFish117

    56:53 👀👀👀

  • Hybrid King
    Hybrid King

    I walked into my moms room and all she heard was “magic trick, Pussy!” And she has been laughing for 25 minutes

  • Barrett Jones
    Barrett Jones

    Would the flares that he had created heat?

  • jj Byrne
    jj Byrne

    Heloo jackaboiiii

  • Roadkill

    Jack: "I didn't know this was a SCHOOL CROSSING" Me: *glares and rolls eyes* Jack: *turns dad joke into dark humor joke* Me: *bursts out laughing* I'm a bad person...

  • Kono_Requiem

    it pains me that Jack plays this whole game without taking any real interest in the creatures ._.

  • enaisanais_ 97
    enaisanais_ 97

    The “NOOT NOOT” really got me 🤣

  • Tah 4
    Tah 4

    I’m surprised that to this day there is no angler fish-like alien fish or leviathan in subnautica

  • helium sunrise
    helium sunrise

    Wait isn't maida from the first game


    48:48 i thought that sea monkey wasa a warper

  • TF0207

    I didn’t realise that margarite was the person we hear in the degasi pda’s from the first game. I thought she died

  • Lexi Cherry
    Lexi Cherry

    I love the series but my inner organization part of me is losing its head how Jack just- stores and makes his base. You could have a storage unit. EVERYTHING COULD BE NICE-

  • SkyHighGuys

    I love this series

  • Man

    I take my prawn suit _anywhere_ because when I need to, i *beat the shit out of any fucking fish that scares me* like the fearful retard with to much power I am

  • Rocky_Aspen6021

    Jack: says something funny Me in my head but my face is just pure emptiness: hahaha haha so funny jack-o-lantey

  • Insert username here
    Insert username here

    "It's a noot fish..." "NoOt nOoT" 🥴

  • Sachi Conza
    Sachi Conza

    1:18 I can't remember...

  • Lboy165

    Game: gives Seán a map Seán: never uses it

  • Dylan Wright
    Dylan Wright


  • Princess Lovebug
    Princess Lovebug

    Wasn't Marguerit like kinda in the original subnautica? As a voice in a pda?

  • Nick Lopez
    Nick Lopez

    49:05 Because the game developers know that you play this game and are basically putting a symbol of you in the game

  • Nick Lopez
    Nick Lopez

    26:00 Why not it could be useful

  • Levi Meister
    Levi Meister

    I like the fact that I haven’t watched him for like a year and a half and I come back, realize he has made a ton more subnautica videos and he hasint changed much, it’s just how it was back in the good ol days, (atleast that’s my opinion)

  • Firestar 2525
    Firestar 2525

    Am I the only one that got excited when he found a Miracle of Sound song 😅