You Said We Could Be Friends... | 3 Scary Games
What's that? Behind you! Is it 3 scary games? They might jumpscare you or pull you into a nightmare full of creepypastas or even worse scare you until you can't even play videogames anymore! But you're strong, this let's play won't scare you.... unless

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  • jacksepticeye

    Don't look behind you....

    • Aldrich, Devourer of Gods
      Aldrich, Devourer of Gods


    • halroQ

      I only saw my cousin in the bed 😈

    • •Gacha-Maker•

      Umm I have a pillow behind me so I can’t...😂

    • Jekyll Nelligan
      Jekyll Nelligan

      People always look behind them, the real issue is they never look up.

    • Captain Canada
      Captain Canada

      I can’t I’m taking a shït

  • CupcakeHall

    0:19 *looks around* "God..?"

  • Mario Mangold
    Mario Mangold

    God is real

  • Koffee

    I used to love jacks videos but the more I matured, the more my taste in videos has changed. Now I love Sean’s videos. It was amazing growing up with you mr Sean

  • ihate

    jesus christ the intro is

  • zsteam gd
    zsteam gd

    This game takes then name put in to your pc and uses it in the game ro scare you

  • Ava Smith
    Ava Smith

    I'm scared not even a second after: TOP OF THE MORNIN TO YA

  • Joost Meijer
    Joost Meijer

    Love how Jack went full Stan at the end of the video

  • Mulder Higgins
    Mulder Higgins

    If Jackaboy screamed all 7 billion people and even Aliens on the moon would hear it. I mean, his scream is so loud it can travel through the void

  • Amos :]
    Amos :]

    I did the same thing that you did to Hogan to my goldfish named Kevin. His gills were exposed and he was dying slowly. So I chopped him in half to mercy kill him and speed up the process.

  • Mr. Penguin
    Mr. Penguin

    Hogan NOOOOOOO!

  • blooper Gaethje
    blooper Gaethje

    @jacksepticeye you choosed Fame over god.. Its sad

  • Baylee Austin
    Baylee Austin

    me: hates scary things, movies, games and mainly jump scares also me: let’s watch this at 2am

  • Delly Dunlap
    Delly Dunlap

    Game:You need the meat. Jack: Unzips pants

  • Delly Dunlap
    Delly Dunlap

    Game: If you screamed, would anybody hear? Jack : No Jack two seconds later: AAAAAAAAA

  • Cup Pen
    Cup Pen

    These videos always become a philosophy lesson

  • Mario Perez
    Mario Perez

    why dont u believe in god

  • Joy Emmitt
    Joy Emmitt

    Id go looking for you, if you went missing.

  • Caleb Wilson
    Caleb Wilson

    rest in piece hogan

  • Caleb Wilson
    Caleb Wilson

    dont turn around. you are very alone in your room at your house sitting in your gaming chair in front of your pc

  • jasmin cherkasov
    jasmin cherkasov


  • Jacobi McFarlane
    Jacobi McFarlane

    jacksepticeye: you relax you stupid computer Me: lol

  • AetherX_

    14:25 this scared the shit out of me

  • Lynn Direwolf
    Lynn Direwolf

    My man had some beef with John 😂

  • Gear Bonz
    Gear Bonz

    What would it benefit a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul?.

  • Warous Junior
    Warous Junior

    “How am I here?” Jack says. Well jack when a mommy and a daddy love eachother very much...

  • Randy langley
    Randy langley

    Jack u are my favorite SVnamer but how do u not believe in God but still say Jesus or God 🤣🤣

  • Maxiskully

    14:24 what the fuc- was that

    • alex rand
      alex rand


  • John Alfonso
    John Alfonso

    New phone who dis

  • Fore Hohman
    Fore Hohman

    Фалда ло шщгуцт ьт

  • Corecode Gaming Official
    Corecode Gaming Official

    That's a perfectly good ending

  • A.J

    jack let me tell you soemthing... if you went missing, over 27 Million people would look for you

  • Galactic Toad12
    Galactic Toad12

    jack is a atheist?

  • kaleb limp
    kaleb limp

    Jack please believe in game d please

  • Adam kleyman
    Adam kleyman

    At 8:50 its also superHOT shit you should also play that jack.

  • Adam kleyman
    Adam kleyman

    I fit that 7year discriptpon!!!

  • Pate

    do you reconize the dude behind you? Yes its my dad

  • A Filthy Casual
    A Filthy Casual

    every woman in a giga-chad's bedroom: 12:11

  • Fury XVanity
    Fury XVanity

    I love that maniacal laugh at 9:00. Its hilarious

  • Harley Johnston
    Harley Johnston

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Sadie Howard
    Sadie Howard

    I am literally crying lol Seán: "I don't believe in God" Me: "wait so that mean when we die I won't meet him😭😭😭😭😭 AND I WONT EVER MEET HIM BC HE IS SO FAR AWAY FROM ME BC HE MIGHT BE IN HELL. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOT JACK!!!! I WANT TO MEET HIM!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I literally had a mental melt down for like 3 weeks!

  • Brennan Ellis
    Brennan Ellis

    That final map looked like halo

  • Aaron Louis
    Aaron Louis

    the first game made me cry and it was not out of fear

  • LuxMoon

    Jack: I do not believe in god Jack at the beginning of the video: GOD?!

  • Victoria Gavin
    Victoria Gavin

    Why C C H Hnbbvv

  • Victoria Gavin
    Victoria Gavin

    Rgffgrfh Nzbxbx Nxnxn

  • Larry Billiot
    Larry Billiot


  • NewbieMcWoobie

    "Do you feel comfortable in your room?" me: *hears creaking noise at 2am* "NOT ANYMORE-"

  • Mysterious diamond sword
    Mysterious diamond sword

    A game with in a game with in a game with in a game with in a game this is the video in a nutshell

  • Jamal Syed
    Jamal Syed

    ya know i think the dog wated to live u shoulda just be at his side while he died

    • Jamal Syed
      Jamal Syed


  • Optimus BurrinkTea
    Optimus BurrinkTea

    14:24 that was an avid trip and a half

  • Katie Ramey
    Katie Ramey

    😭 holgan

  • Tracey Burke
    Tracey Burke

    Bitch that was a dogie

  • Josephina Cedio
    Josephina Cedio

    14:23. .OMG CONGRATS!! didnt know you and Evelyn decided to have a kid!

  • Gage linton
    Gage linton

    The internet needs to stop pretendkng that dog death is sad when the dog isnt developed, likewise if you cant develop an animal companian then dont have one to kill off, its bad writing

  • Benjamin Hunt
    Benjamin Hunt

    When hack asked how are we here my brain said well when a mummy and a daddy love each ithet

  • [ ~ NEON NOSTALGIA ~ ]
    [ ~ NEON NOSTALGIA ~ ]

    omg jack, i didnt know you where pregnant-

  • James Powers
    James Powers

    aaaaa weird thought baby!!!!!!!!

  • Venom Disease
    Venom Disease

    I think Sean would actually make a scary ass monster. When he came at the camera at the end , that's all I could think about lol

  • Aaron Cochran
    Aaron Cochran

    Life is just a simulation because we do the same thing every day and we dont know if we can take it anymore

  • Ja-Marion Wade
    Ja-Marion Wade

    14:22 the weirdest crap ive ever seen...

  • Taylor Gray
    Taylor Gray

    "oops dont know if i was supposed to do dat" jack: continues to do that

  • Taylor Gray
    Taylor Gray

    me while he grab the banana tryna protect himself thinking of the silly sound from spongebob

  • Taylor Gray
    Taylor Gray

    the way he said im jacksepticeye tho-

  • ukiyo_chip


  • Mr Donut
    Mr Donut

    Annie are you okay are you okay Annie

  • Jay

    That ending skit was genuinely good acting from Sean

  • Eleina Kelai
    Eleina Kelai


  • Charl Andrae Cabaluna
    Charl Andrae Cabaluna

    i got jumpscare by the banana

  • hello beautiful human
    hello beautiful human

    10:27 I understood that reference :D

  • MichealNotMichael

    Aw man, now that Sean moved. I can't visit his house anymore to see his amazing collection of potatoes on his desk.

  • HolyNootNoot

    Nobody: Jack: *T H E M E E E E A A A A T T T*

  • Energy Cancel
    Energy Cancel

    This game would be perfect in vr

  • Romanaku

    The stan reference *or at least I think with the whole dear John thing lol* from Eminem was beautiful!! Nice one Jack!

  • Toni Chum
    Toni Chum

    sean’s life lessons underway

  • Mireya lopez
    Mireya lopez

    12:13 can u pls say " I'll get you next time gadget"

  • Azuru Hogosha
    Azuru Hogosha

    My friend: why did you just scream? Me: because of that... 9:10

    • Azuru Hogosha
      Azuru Hogosha

      Yeeeah im not the bravest xD

  • Williedog

    Jack is a bit of a john stan

  • Kathryn Martin
    Kathryn Martin

    why does jack not believe in god? he said he was cathlic

  • Peach Crush
    Peach Crush

    jack be on crack there me: hey jack you ok there?.. you look a little uh on crack- 8:59

  • 林

    Watching the first game when it's raining outside is just confusing but also terrifying, cus when I take off my headphones I thought I was still hearing the game...

  • Dagger

    the dog one was heartbreaking

  • Aizawa Sensei
    Aizawa Sensei

    this exact game (the survey) is on roblox and i just played it and it like to scared me to death well its not exact but its like it

  • NickMortuus

    Dope Gameplay

  • Saarah Moosavi
    Saarah Moosavi

    14:24 yo WTF

  • Tayla

    do robots dream of electric sheep?

  • Shizuka (Black Flower)
    Shizuka (Black Flower)

    5:39 Im dying LMAO

  • Jack-a-boy

    Man the jumpscare at the end really got me

  • Trey Erwin
    Trey Erwin

    "My dad is a policeman and he'll be home soon policeman"

  • Voidless Core
    Voidless Core

    just learned that jacks an atheist smh

  • Kaliv Maryam
    Kaliv Maryam

    I can't find any jumpscare list..

  • Anomalocaria

    10:35 i just tried to wipe the reticle off my screen.

  • Nikaia Ashby
    Nikaia Ashby


  • davymations

    I'm an atheist too 🙂

  • Hayden Ross
    Hayden Ross


  • Ayden Ellis
    Ayden Ellis

    Just so everybody knows God is real

  • Jacob Ponce
    Jacob Ponce

    Do you believe in a God No *Holy music Stops*

  • UndergroundChair

    I have just found out Sean is an Atheist, you have gained my respect sir.

    • UndergroundChair

      Well more respect than before

  • Gabriela Hernandez
    Gabriela Hernandez


  • Kai Anims
    Kai Anims

    Jumpscare list: 5:28 A shadow going beneath the table 9:11 Not really a jumpscare,but just Jack appearing while holding a banana toy 10:30 A person-like dummy appearing when the lights go on 11:01 Jumpscare right after Jack turns around 11:56 Dog standing right behind the door (not really a jumpscare too) 13:22 Something or someone going down the window above the Dog 15:41 Another jumpscare when Jack turns behind 19:26 Figure walking/standing in the hallway next to Jack